Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 3 - An Awesome Name

First things first, I’m a little disappointed in what they named the baby....JK its an awesome name, Hendrix is alot better than Houston, haha!! I’m so happy for Hema and Norma and when I got the pics I just started showing them to everyone haha! I hope the baby and Norma recover. I love them and I am always praying for you guys out here. There is no doubt either that Hema would make a great dad. He’s always been an outstanding older brother so it just makes sense.

Elder Heimuli became a first-time uncle on July 8th
And I’m so happy for Brad!! Glad you were able to go hear him speak. All I’ve talked about since I’ve been here is how lucky we are to have my boi Brad coming out here. haha I think everyone’s tired of me bragging about him. Tell him also that Christian Cox's aunt and uncle are out here too so he'll have tons of friends around! Tell him Ofa Atu from me because I don’t have his email.

Tell Reed congrats from me! Its crazy to see everyone growing up but I know him and his wife are lucky people to have each other. Speaking of people getting married how are Hev and Bo holding up? I hope things are going well for them! And tell Helam and Alyssa I love them and I know their baby is also going to be beautiful (as long as it doesn’t resemble Helam at all).

So you got a new calling, huh? That’s awesome! What a blessing to have such a wonderful woman like you mom. BTW, thank you for how you raised me. I’ve seen so many kids here who didn’t have the blessing I did to grow up in such a loving home with such great parents. I know you'll do great and as long as you adhere to the spirit nothing can go wrong.

As I said before people in general don’t like to listen, but once in awhile we come across the ones the Lord has prepared. Elder Freeman and I tracted ALOT this week and last week and we found 3 new investigators. The first one was just chilling outside. We thought well let’s just say hi to him. So we said hi and started to talk about storms. He mentioned his daughter and we immediately started a conversation about his family. He told us he was a drug addict and did many bad things and had been in jail. But he told us that when he had a daughter, she made him want to change. He told us he didn’t want to raise a kid in that kind of environment. So we began teaching him about the plan of salvation. The second one is a teenager who just opened up while we tracted and was pretty interested. The third investigator was because of Elder Freeman. We were tracting around apartment complexes (again no one wanted to listen) and we were pretty tired. Around the last few doors we saw a woman just sitting on the doorstep. Freeman told me we should talk to her. Honestly, I went along with it because he’s my trainer and because I was just too tired to say otherwise! But as soon as we talked to her we found out that she lost her husband a year ago and has 3 kids and no job. However, she is so kind. She doesn’t judge people because she believes everyone has their own trials. She does believe in Christ but she doesn’t attend a church. I’m so grateful for my companion who works hard and listens to the Spirit. Mom, will you please have the family pray for our investigators that they may be able to understand what the gospel has to offer them and their loved ones.

This week we got to tour the Indiana Temple!!!! It is gorgeous, and people have waited for so long for one to be built here. 

The 3 cool missionaries...and that greenie on the right. 

At the Indianapolis Indiana Temple special tour
With Elder Hansen from Taylorsville
Tongan elders:  Latu, Heimuli, Tafuna, Moli

L to R: Elder Freeman, Elder Naire, you'd better recognize the big guy in the middle, Elder Moli and yours truly

There were so many investigators and members at the temple. We went through with a couple of investigators that Freeman knew. One of the investigators is married to a Hawaiian! They are so funny and so good to us. You don’t meet many people like them. Anyways, the temple was an awesome experience and we are going to go again with other investigators and hopefully with the ones we just found!

Oh and thank you sooooooo much for the package! haha we're currently having rice, spam and corn beef for our meals now. 

Elder Moli - District Leader and Hair Dresser Extraordinaire

But I avoided the candy and junk food cuz I’m getting fed alot here. So, will you please have the family also pray that I don’t get fat? Lol

Love you Mom and tell the fam I love them too!

Elder Heimuli

P.S.  Oh, can you send me my gray suit? And I think I’m buying a bike this weekend because we found some for cheap. Thanks Mom. Love ya!

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