Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Safe Arrival in Indiana

From: Indiana Indianapolis Mission
Sent: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 4:17 PM
To: HEIMULI elder Houston DAD; Heimuli, Pania - Salt Lake City, UT

Your son, Elder Heimuli, arrived safely in Indiana.  It was a pleasure to meet and welcome him to the mission.  He has a solid testimony of the gospel and is excited to be doing the Lord's work.  Sister Cleveland and I look forward to serving with your son during this special time in his life.

President Steve Cleveland, Elder Heimuli and Sister Kip Cleveland on Houston's first day in the mission field.
I know Elder Heimuli will appreciate letters from home, but I discourage phone calls or visits except for emergency situations, and with prior coordination with me.  I recommend that you send all mail and packages to the office.  We will forward items to your son's apartment address.  For your information, due to postal regulations, packages can only be forwarded when they are sent Priority or First Class mail.

Sister Cleveland and I will love, care for, and watch over Elder Heimuli as if he were our own son. Thank you for the love and support you have given, and will give him, on his mission.


Steven C. Cleveland
Mission President

Just 13 Days

Thirteen days.  Elder Heimuli had just 13 days in the Provo MTC to learn as much as he could learn there.  He loved his time at the MTC where he served as District Leader, met lots of new and old friends and relatives, and strengthened his testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ even more.  We dropped him off on Wednesday, June 17th, and now he was on his way to Indiana already!

This morning, he arrived at the Salt Lake City International Airport at 6 a.m. and his oldest brother, Hema, was there to see him off...of course.  Hema started a tradition with our family's missionaries.  He was at the gate when Helam arrived home from Atlanta in 2012.  Hema was at the airport when Hevynn left for Japan in 2013, and he was at the gate when she arrived home in January of this year.  Like the dependable brother he is, he arose early in the morning to meet another missionary sibling at the airport.  Those Delta perks though.

There's Elder Heimuli at the far right. 

Hema bought Houston something to eat, then let him use his phone to call us at home.  It was good to talk to Elder Heimuli for a couple of minutes.  He thanked us for all the packages and letters and asked how his pregnant sisters-in-law were feeling these days, especially Norma who is due any time now.  He said to give his love to Hevynn, who was at work when he called.  Elder Heimuli sounded very happy and excited to get out into the mission field!  Hema sent a couple of photos from the airport.
Missionaries arrive at the SLC Airport. The one in front is especially handsome.

Elder Heimuli, MTC companion Elder Taylor (from Highland) and Elder Cocker...not sure where he's from.

Bon voyage, Elder Heimuli.  We love you!

P.S. When Mom went to Dick's Market yesterday to send Elder Heimuli's last package to the MTC, she met a woman working there who recognized Houston's name.  She told Mom about a video of all the mission call openings from Bountiful High School's Class of 2015.  Check it out.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Week 1 - "Preach My Gospel" Covered My Butt


Haha sorry i havent been able to write its super crazy here. I never realized how much time i wouldnt have but its because its not my time, its the Lords time now. P Day is today so thats why i havent been able to write at all but ill make sure to write all you guys your own letters! (Can i get the bolens address?) But thank you so much for all the packages, i really do appreciate all the love (and food) you've been sending me! Mom i didnt receive that package yet from your friends but tell them thank you from me and that i am touched that theyd send me stuff too! Btw i cant send photos on these computers yet because the ones im using dont even have a port for it but i will get you all the photos i have taken here when i can :)

The MTC is great. When i first got in i met many people and got to know my companion Elder (William) Taylor. Hes from Highland and went to American Fork and threw shot put for them, so hes willing to excercise with me haha. Hes very spiritual and hes a hard worker so im pretty lucky to have him as my companion. On that first day we met the other Elders in our dorm, Elder Walton and Elder Medlyn (we are all going to indiana). Elder Walton is from Cedar City and Elder Medlyn is from Lehi. They are hilarious and also spiritual so the dorm rooms are never lacking in entertaiment. After we got situated and settled in we went on to meet our district. Theres about 12 of us and they are all fantastic. Our district has grown very close to each other and i really do think that the gospel brings people closer together. FUnny thing though was that just about 3-4 days ago (I cant remember because all the days seem to blend together) I was walking up the stairs when i heard a rip. I didnt know what it was so i just walked into class with my cpmpanion. As i was talking to Elder Taylor, Elder Walton looks at me and just says straight out "Hey you ripped your pants." And sure enough there it was, the rip the size of the Grand Canyon. Our apartment is an eternity away from the classroom so i knew i had to get going as soon as i can if i wanted to make it back to class on time. But like i said my companion is awesome and covered my butt with his Preach My Gospel as we hurried to the dorms. I could imagine all the elders looking at us and just thinking, "Wow, those Elders are REALLY close." But thankfully i changed pants haha, good thing ive been working out and eating helathy because i dont want that to happen again.

But aside from all the jokes and friendship ive experienced its the spirit that ive felt the most. Now i know why Hema, Helam, Hevynn, and Bo have all told me that this would be hard but the best eperience ill ever have. Its true!! Ive never prayed or studied so much in my life, and im so thankful for that. But something really cool happened just a couple days ago. Im district leader so i had a little meeting with the Zone Leaders and we were just discussing about our district (They're in the same district as me). We were concerned about an Elder J because he seemed to be struggling, so we decided to try our best to just love him and pray for him. The next day we were studying in class when one of the teachers Brother Hansen pulled Elder J out of class. We didnt know what was going on but we continued to study. Then Elder J came back in with tears in his eyes. He sat down, turned to one of the ZL's Elder Child and started to hug him. Elder J is a really funny goofy kid, but he hugged Elder Child and started crying again. He then kept saying, "I love you Elders, I love you guys, I love this district." We all sat there and just looked to see what was going on. Elder j then stood up and told the class in the most powerful voice, "I KNOW GOD LOVES ME, he sent brother hansen to me, he sent me an angel." Then everyone stopped studying and we all just listened. Then he said, "I came out believing theres a god, i believed he loved me, i believed but i didnt know. But i know now that god loves me, i know that hes watching over us. I know now. I know now. Im so happy to be here and to serve, and i love everyone here and i just know that i can share gods love with everyone else! I KNOW GOD LIVES AND LOVES US." Mom the spirit in that room was amazing, ive never heard such a strong testimony but i also got a confirmation on Gods Love. God knew Elder J needed help and love, god prompted us to pray for him. God Lives and God Loves. I know now. My testimony is leaps and bounds ahead of  what it used to be just a week ago. 

Hevynn, i love you and im so sad ill miss the wedding but i love you so much and i am so blessed to have a sister like you! Bo i will kill you if you dont care for my sister, spiritually and physically. But thank you for being yet another brother that i can look up to. Hema and Norma i cant wait till i see pictures of Houston Jr !!!! I know he'll be a beautiful baby because of you Norma (Not Hema, i'll pray for you norma so its not like hema ;) ) I love you two and i wish you the best with your new family! Helam and Alyssa thank you for that HILARIOUS picture of you guys at the lake. I showed all my dorm mates and we just died. I hope you two and the baby are doing great and i love you two! Harry, keep being you. I really do miss you bud and i cant wait to see how much you grow! love you buddy. Mom and Dad i cant express how much i love you. thank you so much for having such a handsome and athletic child (and humble). I know this church is true, and i know this is the true gospel.

Love you Guys!!!!!

Elder Heimuli

Monday, June 22, 2015

News from the MTC

Lakei received a Father's Day card and "Family" received a "letter" (using the term loosely) today from Elder Heimuli. The letter was dated the day Houston entered the MTC and the card was postmarked the day after, but they didn't arrive until today...darn Post Office.

The card was a thoughtful personal note to dad. The letter was one of those forms that every missionary has to complete right away, even though they're crazy busy, because their moms would freak out if they didn't hear from their missionaries within the first few days (believe me, it happens, LOL). I came home from work to find it sitting on the table --- that Houston handwriting was all too familiar. I read it out loud and Helam remarked, "You can actually read that?"  Well of course I can. I'm the mom.

His companion is Elder Will Taylor from Highland. Wonder if Uncle Hema knows him?  There are 8 elders and 4 sisters in his district. His P-day is Thursday. 

Let me translate the bottom part for you:

"The experience on just my first day is crazy!!  I hope everything's well!"  

Next, he wrote "Love you guys. Take care." But then he wisely crossed that out, knowing mom would be sad if that were the end of his letter. 

"I've met so many new people. My elders in my district are awesome. I'm the district leader now so I'm pretty busy. But I'm loving it. It's so spiritual that I never expected it to be this way. I'm excited for what's next. Love you guys!!"

And that's all, folks. Short and sweet. And I'll take it. Until next Thursday. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

MTC Drop Off Day

As with Houston's three older siblings (Hema who served in Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission 2006-2008, Helam who served in Georgia Atlanta Spanish-speaking 2010-2012, and Hevynn who served in Japan Kobe Mission 2013-2015), MTC Drop Off Day got here sooner than expected.
Houston's buddies came to the house then came along with us to Provo (L to R: Kincaide, Fua, Elder Heimuli, Soakai and Mana). 

Harrison now gets to take over Elder Heimuli's long-held responsibility of escorting the mature women in the family -- what a little gentleman, just like his brother. 

Elder Heimuli bids a fond farewell to his bros at the Provo Temple grounds. They'll see each other in about 3 years!

Some family photos before we head down the hill to the MTC:

Then a few serious missionary poses...

And we're off to the MTC!

We've been in this familiar situation many times before and I must admit it doesn't get any easier. In fact, I think it's getting least it is for this missionary mom. 
The nice man at the front asks whether we are bringing an elder or a sister, tags our car accordingly, and directs us to the stop. 
Lucky #7 is our stop where a smiling Tongan elder from Oregon, Elder Kofe, becomes Elder Heimuli's Host to welcome him into the MTC.

Sixty quick seconds of pics, hugs and kisses, and Elder Heimuli walked away with a huge smile on his face. See you in two years, Elder!  We love you.

Officially Elder Heimuli

Houston and siblings (L to R: Alyssa, Hevynn, Helam, Hema, Norma, Harrison and Bo) have dinner and a lot of laughs before he gets set apart as a full-time missionary. 

Dad, Mom, Grandpa Murray and Grandma Murray join us for dinner and for Houston's setting apart. 

Walking into the Stake Center to be set apart, Grandma straightens Houston's collar as Grandpa walks in. 

Tuesday night, June 16, 2015, Houston was set apart. The whole family was there along with Bishop Croft. What a special and sacred time it was. The spirit was strong and so were the feelings of love expressed to Elder Heimuli in the meeting with President Woodruff. 
Grandpa Heimuli, Elder Heimuli and Grandma Heimuli

Grandma Murray, Elder Heimuli and Grandpa Murray

Mom, Elder Heimuli and Dad

Hevynns IG post...too cute. 

Monday, June 15, 2015


Another very busy weekend.  Houston's last weekend at home.

Friday night the Bolen family came into town and treated us all to an unforgettable night at The Roof Restaurant. It was Norma's 25th birthday, and of course Houston's final Friday night at home before he leaves on his mission. Bo made the awesome decision to propose to Hevynn before Houston left, and what a blessing it was for all of us to be together for such a special occasion. Although Elder Heimuli will miss the wedding, he was happy to be there for the proposal!

See how happy Elder Heimuli looks?!
Sunday was a warm, sunny Sabbath. Bishop said they counted 574 people in attendance to hear Houston speak in church. He did a great job. Hema, Helam, Hevynn and Harrison sang "I Have A Testimony" by Aunty Tina. We had a few hundred of Houston's friends and family over to the house afterward too. 

There was also quite a bit on Twitter and Facebook about Houston's farewell.

He is going to be a great missionary. And we are going to miss him.