Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunday Surprise

While playing Act III with the family Sunday evening, I got a text from an unknown number:

"We got to host these wonderful elders for Sunday dinner today. They are with Sister Closser, a senior missionary serving in the mission office. We love our missionaries here in Indiana!!!!"

Elder Heimuli, Sister Closser, Elder Wimmer
Nice socks, Houston!
No idea who it was from but it sure made my day :)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Week 62 - Our Own Tornadoes

Hi Mom!

Haha, wow things are crazier for you than here! It's interesting how each of us have our own tornadoes to deal with (lol). I also was able to see Helam's injury, haha! Yup, it wouldn't be a normal football season without Helam getting something broken or pinched. He's a lot tougher than me! I can't imagine always having to play with an injury but still being that good. I guess that's his tornado. You know what though? That just means you get to spend more time with baby Kiegan :) She's adorable!

And so is Hendrix! Haha, so he's a carry on item now huh? That pic of him was so cute! He seems like such a happy boy. I can't even say "baby" anymore cuz he just looks like a little boy. Where are they headed off to? Either way I hope they make it safe and enjoy the trip :) I miss Hema's fun little family a lot!

When is that house going to be finished? Man, are they building a mansion or what? Haha that's probably Hevynn and Bo's tornado right now but again, it's great that you get to spend time with the Bolens! Love them! Tell them all hi from me when you get the chance :)

Harry's starting 6th grade already!? Holy crap!!! I swear he is just growing up way too fast. At least I'll get to catch the end of his 6th grade year! How'd his first two games go today? Man, I loved helping coach his team. I hope he does well and his feet don't bother him too much! His poor feet are a big tornado that's probably not going to go away anytime soon.

Speaking of big tornadoes, how's Aunty Lani feeling? Please give her my love, and tell her that she's still my favorite ;) 

Amongst all these crazy things swirling around you I hope that you are doing okay too mom. I know you love to serve others and help everyone out but please, you and dad need to wind down at least a little bit when you can. 

Anyways, yes there were 8 tornadoes here in Indiana!! Haha, so you can imagine the chaos that ensued. But it was funny, we were having a zone conference when in the middle of Elder Wimmer and my turn giving training, the tornado sirens went off!!! Everyone had to evacuate to the bathrooms in the building. 

Sometimes zone conferences are so far away that we have to stay in a hotel. Since Wimmer and I have moms who always ask for pics, here you go mom :)
So we all went into the bathrooms and naturally the Elders starting singing :) We sang all these hymns and fun primary songs while the sirens and warnings were going off. It was cool because you know music has a special way of bringing in the spirit. I could feel it as we sang our hearts out. I couldn't help but remember a scripture in Helaman (5:12) that seemed to be speaking to us:

"And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the shall have no power over you to drag you down...because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fail."

What a fun experience, then after everything died down we finished our training. The training, which should have only taken an hour, took about 3 hours because of the tornado sirens! Luckily it didn't come through Fishers, but it did show up 10 miles south and about 15 miles east of us. So we were sandwiched between 2 of them.  

Tornadoes did damage in central Indiana, but missed Fishers. All missionaries were safe.
I really wished it would've come through cuz I really wanted to see one. But honestly I was glad all our missionaries were safe. I told a couple of the sisters that I prayed for a tornado....they laughed. Then I saw them praying, probably to make sure the tornado didn't come this way, haha! Guess we know who has more pull with the big guy! Darn!

Other than that we have just been gearing up for transfers. Today is transfer call day, so we are making calls and getting people ready for Tuesday which is the day we make the transfer switches. 

Doesn't matter where we're at, we are always planning.
So the next few days until about Wednesday are packed and full of just running around and making sure missionaries are all in the right places, haha!

As for proselyting, we haven't had the chance to work on IUPUI because of all the zone conferences. We have been visiting members and RC's but we still haven't found a progressing investigator yet. It is hard sometimes because we are so busy doing all the other things to ensure all our missionaries are successful. I'm still praying and hoping! 

President and Sister Carlson are fantastic, the missionaries are great, and my companion is great too! Things are busy and hard sometimes but I am loving the mission!!!

I'm loving the mission :)

Anyways I have to run but I hope everything at home is going well! Love ya mom!

Ofa Lahi Atu,

Elder Heimuli

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Week 61 - God's Probably Trying to Tell Me Something

Hi Mom!

Wow, first off way to go dad for following that prompting. Hard to know if there would have been a family barbecue without it. And yeah I wish it was that one guy at the pool...that would have been kinda funny, lol jk jk! Haha but it's funny because Elder Wimmer and I were talking about promptings the other day. We have both been thinking about how we can be better and how we can be more effective as missionaries. We decided that we will listen to the Holy Ghost more. So that's what we have been doing, and it's been working out very well for us. Still no new investigators yet, still praying.

Hevynn had some really good helpers ;) haha, those babies are so flipping cute :) I can wait to see them! But it sounds like the family meeting went off without a hitch! That's good that dad reserved the place and the other family was able to share it. You never know but that dad was prompted to reserve it so the Allreds could also have their birthday party. If someone else had reserved it, they may not have shared it with them. 

Kincaides farewell, YW activities, taking care of family...sounds like things are getting pretty hectic over there, too! But it will all be good. Things will always fall into place if you're doing the right things:)

Last week was MLC, and this week we had 3 different zone conferences! Wooh, it was like bam! bam! bam! all in a row. 

Zone Conferences are always stressful because Elder Wimmer and I always give training. We trained on Planning and Goals. We always throw a little twist into our training so it's not just some boring sit-there-and-listen thing. For this one, we did a Role Play in which Elder Wimmer and I were planning a musical number for the upcoming zone conference. We pretended we were planning one but just kept putting it off 'til the last second. 

During the role play we called out 2 random missionaries and had them come up. We gave them each a uke and ask them to accompany us. Of course with no goals or planning, all of us ended up doing different songs. We told the missionaries that it all would've sounded good IF we had just put aside some time and planned!!!! The training went over really well. In fact I learned something very valuable while doing this training:  everyone has ambitions or dreams, and the only way you're going to achieve them is by planning and setting goals :) It's a principle that I'm still learning. 

After the Zone Conferences this week we dropped off Elder Naiire and Elder Thayne at the Airport. Again, two more fantastic elders went home. This transfer we had a bunch a great elders and sisters leave. 

Saying goodbye to more great elders. My former comp in Niles, Elder McCloud is on the far left.

Today we have planned to go on exchanges to Terre Haute, so we are emailing then we are hitting the streets here in Indiana! Time just flew by this week. I thought it was Tuesday when I woke up haha. 

The most interesting thing that happened this week was probably the Recent Convert meeting. Elder Dudley (of the Seventy) came and spoke to all the recent converts in a meeting. 

This guy is Jordan Baker. He is an awesome recent convert. 
The two Elders I'm with are Elders Bigelow and Elder Smith. Smith is also a recent convert who has an amazing testimony of the gospel!
He talked about the temple, the significance of it, and the role it should play in our lives. Probably the most fun (and scariest) thing was Elder Wimmer and I had to play a duet on the piano haha! It's funny because we learned it in one day. And you already know I don't play the piano, but we stepped out of my comfort zone and it went over well. After doing that it was just great to hear from Elder Dudley.

Talking about temples, it seems like we can never get enough of it. We actually just had 2 lessons on temples with some members, and when Elder Dudley started talking about it I realized God's probably trying to tell me something. Temples are so important. 

Attending the temple with the departing missionaries
I've had 7 opportunities to go to the temple these last couple of weeks, a couple of spiritual lessons on the temple, and I've even had some studies which gravitated towards temples all on their own. Some might say coincidence but it makes perfect sense. When we were baptized we understand that it is not the end. We still need to strive to go to the temple. And when we receive those gifts and blessings (why do we think they're called ENDOWMENTS), we must continue to keep those covenants sacred and strive to honor them. I don't know why, but I feel I need to honor my covenants more. I'm sure we all do. It's one reason I'm glad Hevynn works in the temple, and the rest of our family need to go. Sure it helps others but I'm really sure it helps ourselves the most. I hope that as I keep attending the temple I'll come to understand what else I need to do to improve.

Anyways things have just been plugging away here. We haven't had much chance at all to work in our area this week!!!! It's kind of frustrating, it's a weird balance we are trying to maintain. Life is just like one giant balancing act! 

I don't see Brad much because he is all the way up north. However, I still keep in touch with him. 

Anyways that's how my week went :) I'm doing great and I am so grateful for your prayers, your love, and your support!!

Ofa Lahi Atu,

Elder Heimuli

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 60 - My Name is Elder Perez

Hi mom!

So I logged into my account this morning and apparently I am now in the Brazil Rio de Janeiro Mission. And my name is Elder Perez.

A lot of people think I'm Hispanic. Including the Church haha. Speaking of Rio, how are the Olympics coming along? That's hilarious that you're all staying up late watching it, I remember watching it all the time and even going to the Olympics way back when the games came to Utah. Fun times. 

That is so awesome for Aunty Lani that she received her masters degree! What a great example and accomplishment while she's fighting cancer. I am so proud and happy for her! Tell her congratulations for me the next time you see her please. How's Dallin doing in Papua New Guinea?

How was the family BBQ? Was it good? 

Things in Indiana are good, too. This week has been crazy busy but what has been really great was we have had the opportunity to go to the temple again and again and witness some recent converts (Elder Wimmer taught) get sealed as a family. After the ceremony the husband looked into his wife's eyes and said, "We did it. It's done."

And they were crying. What an awesome experience for them and for me. It made me think about how great the Plan of Salvation is. And how much God loves His children that He gave us temples. I hope that people who are looking for joy and looking for happiness can find it because I know I find it in the temple.

This week we also had Mission Leadership Conference. So it was pretty busy. After MLC we played Kickball. Every once in awhile we do that so we can give the missionaries a little break. So that was loads of fun.

Me with Elder Pau'u at MLC
After MLC Elder Wimmer went with his old comp Elder Woolsey to go to the temple with his RC's, and me and Elder Woolsey's comp, Elder Clark went PCing and Tracting. It was pretty cool, we were downtown PCing when I went up to a woman who was eating ice cream. I thought, "Okay, she could use the gospel."

Just as I was about to speak I kind of got a little prompting not to immediately talk about the gospel and just ask how her day was. She was standoffish at first but then we started talking. She then started asking questions and I started answering as many of her questions as I could. Afterwards she told me that she was going to turn me away if I was just going to preach to her. Haha who me? Preach? But when I asked her about how her day was doing she was surprised and felt like I cared about her and her day. That's why she was willing to talk to me and was open about everything. So it was great. God always leaves little tender mercies all over the place. And it was good to be with Elder Clark. What a great guy and missionary. He just wants to go out and do the right thing. He works sooooo hard and we went hard until the exchange was over. Weird how good of friends you can become with someone when you're on your mission.

Luther from the YSA ward is a stud. He's headed back to Texas but he was awesome to have here. Gonna miss him!
After that we pretty much have just been busy with meetings, transfer plannings, and just overall work. But I am sooooo grateful to be a small part of it and here's a little thing I've been working on. 

At times I feel like we all hit a point when we just go through the motions. When we do that, things quickly lose meaning because there should be a purpose behind everything we do. For me, studies sometimes get that way. I get so caught up in looking for scriptures to memorize or I'm just trying to read through these chapters, I am not really making sincere efforts to build my testimony. And the saddest part is:  that's what the scriptures are for!!!!!!!!!!! The same thing happens with church and life in general. Things must be done with purpose. Though I'm far from doing this all the time, I am working on it. Putting a little more sincerity in everything I do right now is what I believe is the best way to accomplish this. So we will see how it goes :)  As far as our area goes, we are still working on it. God will provide. Just gotta leave it up to him. 

Haha yeah, oh my goodness it's Kincaide's farewell today! Tell him hi for me. That kid is a stud. I'm so happy to see him going. I need to write him back, but until then just tell him how proud I am to see him going. He is going to be such a great missionary. I bet his family is also happy to see him go, maybe not even realizing how much they will benefit by him going on his mission.

Oh and the Hydens are in Utah Mom:) so you should say hi to them when you can!!! Here's Kim's number.

Thank you for everything mom! Love you soooo much!!!!

Ofa Lahi Atu 

Elder Heimuli


A member gave me a bunch of taro and wanted to have a taro cookout. Haha that's why I asked you how to cook it. So they made taro pudding. It wasn't as gross as poi. ;)

So back story to this. Elder Wimmer and I saw a lot of wasps in at our apartment and decided it was time to get rid of them. So armed with cans of OFF spray and Shaving cream we fought the wasps.... We won and we actually got rid of some of them, but it wasn't without casualties..... lol it was fun:)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 59 - Questions of the Soul

Hi mom!

Things are going good in the Land of Indiana! Haha, things are going good but busy. This week there weren't a lot of meetings so we were working a lot out of our area and we were on a lot of exchanges. It's been good. 
Elder Wimmer and I on exchanges with Elder Holle (left)
On exchanges with Elder Pau'u
So with the new Stake Mission Prep class are you designating the time and place? Because honestly, the time doesn't matter. The kids who are serious about preparing for their missions will come either way. But if you want lots of kids there, might I suggest food.... that always brings tons of guys to Mission Prep. It did for me anyways!! Haha jk jk, but really, bring food! And mom I don't think it's a problem at all that you didn't serve a mission. You raised a houseful of missionaries. Maybe you can tell them about your perspective in preparing your kids to become missionaries. How you raised us and knew what we needed to learn, then you can tell those kids how they can apply those things to their missions and lives. 

Sounds like the Heimuli house is full and fun, huh?! Must be nice to have your 2nd favorite children, and your favorite grandchildren, around you -- especially on Sundays. Obviously your favorite child is on a mission, even if he forgets to send pics haha!! But I'm finally sending some today! 

Speaking of children, poor Harry...had to listen to old people talk about old people things for soooooo long?!!!! Haha, but you and Dad sound like you had a blast meeting up with your old friends from the good old days in San Diego. That's awesome :)

This week I decided that I'd start reading the Book of Mormon again, but this time not only to finish it before November, but also I am trying to truly study it. I look up as many of the cross-references as I can and I constantly refer back to Preach My Gospel, any Bible references or any other resources to help me better understand the gospel. There are soooo many things I miss when I am not anxiously engaged in the Book of Mormon. In fact there is actually a section in PMG where it talks about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul. Not menial or trivial questions like, "What am I getting for my birthday?" or even "Where did I put my suit pants?" (Though, believe me, there are times that I wish it did haha!).
Got my birthday package including Sifa's newest Stanford hat, a can of Norma's cookies and a bunch of other gifts
Yup, those cookies didn't stand a chance
The Book of Mormon answers questions that pertain to our own personal progression. So questions like "Where do I go next? How can I fix my marriage? Why are all these things happening to me? These questions and many more are answered in the Book of Mormon. And if anyone says otherwise, they have never truly read the Book of Mormon. This is my testimony and my personal witness that the Book of Mormon WILL bring clarity and understanding to the dark issues plaguing our minds and our souls. It is truly an amazing book.

Other than that Elder Wimmer and I have just been working. The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy because of many conferences, meetings, transfers, and the rest of the general missionary stuff. But it will all be good because we have more help than anyone could ever have :) Right now we don't have anyone progressing. We pretty much get in contact then they never respond but we are still praying and hoping! 

Also, this past week we were privileged to witness 2 sealings! One was for Todd and Loretta. Do you remember them? So they were a recent convert family that we taught a lot back in Columbus. They finally had the opportunity to enter the temple to receive their endowment and be sealed for time and for all eternity! Lots of members from the Columbus ward were there. It was fun to catch up with all of them but it was especially great to see the workings of the gospel in the lives of Todd and Loretta! And then just the other day Elder Wimmer and I had the opportunity to witness the sealing of a young YSA couple who also went to the temple for the first time and they were sealed as well. So this week ended on a great note :)

Anyways these are the best highlights of my week (and last week's pics)  :) I pray and hope everything goes well at home!! Love ya mom!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli