Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, May 15, 2017

Last Letter Home: This Is It

Dear Mom,
We got to meet Elder Heimuli's 13th (and last) companion in Indiana, Elder Taylor Larson (from Highland, Utah) when we skyped on Mother's Day. They got 1 whole week together as companions, but Elder Heimuli loves him!
Well, this is it. I've had the experience of a lifetime, and I can honestly say I'm grateful for the opportunity of doing it. I'm not just grateful for the experience itself, but I'm very grateful for the blessings and for the opportunities I've had while trying to come closer to my Father in Heaven and my Savior Jesus Christ. I've had many companions that I learned some valuable lessons from as well. 

Freeman - I learned the basics of all great missionary work. He taught me how I was to behave and he also taught me how important it was to still be me while on a mission. He was not a cookie-cutter missionary. He was the best Elder Freeman in the world! Because he loved the people in Columbus so much, I developed a huge appreciation for families and cultivated relationships with them out here. I never guessed I would return to C-bus at the end of my mission and have an awesome baptism. I also got to become best friends with my trainer. It was truly an awesome experience. 

Briggs - I learned that scripture study can be a powerful tool, especially when you memorize them. That saying "The spirit can't draw from an empty well" was something I saw manifest by Elder Briggs time and time again. Have I memorized a lot of scripture? Not as much as he did, but I can bear witness of its powerful effects when he used them. 

Ballif - I learned that working harder doesn't necessarily mean we are working smarter. In fact, I learned that there are better ways to do missionary work than just tracting all day. 

Ellsworth - Here I learned to forget the baggage and get to work. I relied heavily on the Lord when I became his trainer and I realized the blessings that came from doing so. 

McCloud - He was an awesome zone leader who taught me that we need to be responsible for all that goes on under us and within our area of responsibility. I learned I could not just sit back and blame everything around me, I learned that I can change what I can change. But I'll never be good enough to do everything so that's why we rely on the Grace of God through Jesus Christ. 

Mortensen - I learned the essentials of being an AP from Morty and Clark. They taught me the value of being a good leader, not just another leader. I learned, too, that talents and abilities are given from God and that we need to use them and appreciate them. 

Clark - I learned the value of staying busy and using time wisely. Granted, I'm still working on that. Clark was also a great example of how I wanted to be as a missionary. He helped me out a lot. 

Wimmer - I learned the value of caring. Not just visiting people and preaching the gospel, but taking time out of every day, just to talk to people and visit them, goes a long way. He taught me a lot about missionary life and how to do things more effectively. He's also a stud who never runs out of steam. We had a ton of memories together. 

Redmond - I learned about faith. I learned that the power of faith can bring MIGHTY miracles. Faith can trump any bad situation for true faith goes right along with the Will of God. If we can do this, we can have power. He helped me to open my eyes and see past just the initial face of things. I learned to look with more of a spiritual eye instead of just man's view. Also, he is super ripped haha!

Gillman - I learned that when obedience stops being a chore and becomes a part of who we are that we gain power. He is an awesome missionary who I appreciate and I was lucky enough to serve with him for a transfer. I also learned that you can have fun while being obedient. Such a great guy. 

Shaw - I learned humility from Shaw. He was thrown into a tough spot at such a young age, but he didn't shy away from doing his best. He took criticism and improved himself. He didn't let the position he was in get to his head. Awesome guy!

Quick - I can't even tell you all the lessons I learned from him. I think the biggest thing I learned while serving with my best friend was that we are accountable to God for our actions here on earth. In the end, it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks or does. God is who I will give an account to at the end of the day, and I will face His judgments at the end. So I need to do my best here on earth. I loved serving with Quick. Being able to serve together just helped us become even better friends. 

Larson - I learned to love those around me. He is always happy and always positive about everyone around him. He never fails to compliment and to help. He is an awesome dude and I can't wait to chill with him, too, after he gets back. 

You can see I've learned a lot from these companions of mine. But I've learned a lot from ALL my experiences these past 2 years. My testimony has definitely grown stronger. I know without a doubt that God is our loving Heavenly Father. In His love, He gave us His Son Jesus Christ...the center of the Gospel, and the center of the Plan of Salvation which gives us hope in the hereafter, and the assurance of eternal bonds. I know this very same Jesus Christ suffered for our sins, died on the cross and was resurrected. I testify that we have that same opportunity to be resurrected. I testify that He has given us a prophet in our day to lead, guide and defend. I testify that Joseph Smith was the Prophet of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know this church is true. I know that Christ lives. And I know that we are never alone in our trials. Never. I know I have a lot to improve on. I know we can all improve ourselves and our testimonies. But for now, this is what I know to be true. I, again, testify of the divinity of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, of the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, and how it can guide us. I testify of modern day revelation and its guidance of the Church of Jesus Christ today. I know the Church, which houses the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, is true. I testify that these things are true through the confirmations of the Holy Ghost, and I know that we can ALL receive these same feelings, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Elder Heimuli - see you Thursday!

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