Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Week 58 - No Other Place I'd Rather Turn 20

Hi Mom!!!!

Your 20-year old son here :)

Well, sounds like YW Camp was a great success! We can find peace and serenity alone sometimes, but when young women of the stake are "gathered together in [Christ's] name, there [His spirit will always be] in the midst of them." (Matt 18:20). So what a wonderful opportunity to go and do that!! Even if your feet got so jacked up you had to come straight home afterward and get a pedicure ;) haha! That's awesome! 

I was so happy to get those pictures of you and dad on Sunday with Kyler and the Clevelands. 

At President Steve Cleveland and Sister Kip Cleveland's homecoming in Provo
With Kyler Freeman, Houston's trainer (from Logan)
I know for sure that you gave the Clevelands my love and told Kyler hi from me! Thank you so much for doing that, mom and dad. Sounds like last Sunday was another busy one visiting Hevynn and Bo's ward and then the Clevelands' ward, too!'s a coach huh? Haha and Harry said he didn't say a bad word or make anyone cry!? THATS AMAZING!!! Just kidding, I know dad doesn't swear (at other kids, haha). No, but for reals I am happy those kids get to have the greatest coach and mentor that I ever had! And trust me, if my dad can put up with training all of us boys, he can handle training those kids! But can the kids handle him? That's the question ;) I hope Harry is loving it even though his feet hurt. What a trooper!

So after losing a great group of missionaries, we got our new group of missionaries including Elder Fonohema, the son of Aunty Lani's friend. He is a great guy! I actually went on exchanges with him this week! He is a very good missionary, is also very down to earth and nice. He thinks about things before he says them, and not enough people do that (including me) so I really respect that about him. His trainer is also awesome, it's Elder Taka!! I don't know how they got paired together, haha ;) They are both such hard workers. Great guys and great missionaries!!

I want to say thank you sooooo much for that Bday package. Oh my goodness it had the BEST things ever in it! First off, Norma's cookies didn't even make it out of the house. I wolfed those things down soooooo quick! Haha, but the letters and the photo album were my favorite!!!!! Oh my goodness, I love you all very much. But Kiegan's and Hendrix's pictures were adorable! Haha you know I'm about to brag to the whole mission about the best niece and nephew ever!! And Sifa's c4dzynz Stanford hat was so cool! Tell him thank you for me :) I'm honored to have this hat, and I'm wearing it every pday haha!
Birthday gift from Houston's cousin, Sifa Heimuli, CEO of C4DZYNZ
My bday was great though. I got 20 birthday cards in the mail and a bunch of emails from family and friends, please tell them all thank you from me. I have the best family! I also heard from Elder Pili and Sister Welling and they're both about ready to leave the MTC. It is a great place to be, but most missionaries are ready to get out to their missions. And I know why! 

Sister Anderson and the office staff made me a bday cake and it was delicious! What an awesome group I get to be with almost everyday! After that all I really wanted to do was just go out and work. So we went tracting near Butler University campus because all the college students live right by the campus. After that we went and contacted some people and we ran into the Indy North Zone leaders. Elder Redmond (from Ireland) and Elder Walton (who was in my district in the MTC). I love those 2 guys. We met up and then had dinner later that night with them at a Chinese place. Honestly it was a great, great bday! There's no other place I'd rather turn 20 than right here doing what I'm doing right now. Got to do some tracting, found some potentials, got some food (that's key, haha) and got a wonderful package. Not much more I could ask for :)

This week we went on 2 exchanges. One was with Fonohema and Taka in Beech Grove. During tracting with Elder Taka we had a really cool miracle. We knocked into a lady who had a baby and looked kind of annoyed we were knocking at her door. But we continued on and taught a little about our purpose here on earth, and how to find joy in life. It wasn't something we usually talk about at first contact, but we felt we needed to. Then she looked at Taka and said, "Wait, you were here yesterday talking to my step father!" Elder Taka stopped...then thought...then finally remembered! Haha he was like, "OH YEAH!!!! I REMEMBER NOW!!!" And it was cool because then she expressed to us that right before we knocked on the door she was praying because she was having a rough time. So now she will be coming to church this Sunday!!! What a miracle. What a great experience. 

Then I went on an exchange with Elder Pau'u a couple days ago. We went to Eagle Creek and decided to contact referrals and formers. Well, we found no success. The areas we were in were fairly wealthy. We tried tracting and we decided that the best approach was to go to those who were humble enough. So we went to another area and tracted again with tons of energy. We found success and tracted into a guy who was 21 who was interested. So now we have a new potential investigator for me and Elder Wimmer! 

Our area is technically IUPUI, a combined campus in Indianapolis for Indiana University and Purdue University (and the last "i" stands for Indianapolis). But thanks to our car situation we are able to hit all the campuses within Indianapolis and there are tons! So we have a broad area, but unfortunately lots of new potentials or investigators kind of lose contact. It's like an ongoing story of catch and release :/ so now we are just working hard to balance both!

I have to tell you about Elder Wimmer. He is an awesome companion. He has had a lot of success here in Indiana, and he is a very caring person. I love the guy! And he is REALLY athletic. So it's always fun and interesting doing things with him :)

The Carlsons are so awesome too! They are really starting to get the hang of the mission so the transition is going pretty smooth I'd say.

Anyways, that's kind of what's been going on :) Thank you for everything mom and again for the package!!

Hope all is well with the FAMBAM!!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Week 57 - Very Sad and Blown Away

Hey Mom:)

Yes, things have been super crazy haha!! But now that transfers are done, things have kind of smoothed out. What a crazy experience transfers was. And yet it was also the best thing that happened this week. We always get to spend time with the departing missionaries the night before, and I was very sad and blown away with this transfer of GREAT missionaries that just went home.

Elder Freeman, Elder Hansen, Elder Lorsch, Elder Weitzel, Elder Hullinger, Elder Porter, Elder Blood, Elder Weese, Elder Tafuna, and Sister Capener. All of which were ZL's and STL's!! Really and truly great leaders. In fact, in addition to my awesome trainer, three of them were my former Zone Leaders and one was my STL in Niles. I knew them all very well and I looked up to all of these missionaries! They were the kind of missionaries everyone else aspired to become. Now it's kind of like, "Yikes, looks like WE have to try to be like those missionaries now." 

After transfers, Elder Wimmer and I finally rested a bit, then took off to work in our own area and to other parts of the mission to help out. 

Elder Wimmer is a great example. He is willing to talk to everyone. This day he spoke with a couple of Muslim guys who gave us a bean pie afterward.  
In our area we were PC-ing when I saw this girl hurrying to class. I stopped her for a second and she told me she didn't have time to talk. I asked her where she was going and she said she had a test she had to get to. I felt prompted to ask if I could pray for her. She looked kind of puzzled but agreed to a prayer. After the prayer I gave her a card with my number, asked her to tell me how her test went, and wished her the best. You would think that would be the last I'd hear from her. Well, she DID let me know!!! Haha, she actually texted and told me that she got a good grade! She also told me she felt really good after the prayer. So I invited her to church this week, and I am crossing my fingers that she comes :) 

That was probably the other best thing that happened this week. We have just been working hard to balance everything. I don't remember where I heard this, but I heard a quote that "Life is one great balancing act." And it truly is. A lot of times I feel when I get absorbed in or too focused on one thing, I lose sight of something else that's equally important. I'm really striving to become a good balancer, but I know I am FAR from it. Hopefully by the end of the mission I will be much better at that!

Even though we are busy, we still find time to get a good workout in :)
I hope Dad is proud that I'm still trying to get in shape, haha!
Great news about Tasha's wedding! And Tanner is already back!? Whoa....that's so crazy! I can't believe everybody is coming back already. I bet you can just see the change in all of them and how their testimony has been strengthened. Say hi to the Schefflers for me, please!! I do remember the Phippens, not a lot, but I do remember them. It must've been a really fun San Diego reunion for you oldies too ;) haha!

Hopefully, dad feels better real soon :( poor guy, he can never catch a break! How are things going at work? It's good to hear Harry is working hard as well, mowing that lawn! Atta boy. Everyone sounds like they are working hard to provide for their little families! I pray they are all doing well. Please give my love to everyone for me, especially if you meet the Clevelands and any other Indiana missionaries tomorrow :)

Anyways, that's about it for this week! Hope things go well for you at YW Camp, too!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 56 - Yes, a Bathroom

Hi Mom!

Did you think I forgot about you? Not a chance. 

But things have been VERY hectic here. Haha but before I get into that I want to thank you for the pics at Freeman’s homecoming! Hopefully he gave you a big hug from me?! Elder Freeman is the bomb, and I already miss him out here! But I’m doing good. Like I said it’s busy and, yes, the Carlsons are keeping us pretty dang busy. But my companion Elder Wimmer is a stud. He is awesome. We are pushing through all this work! This week we actually had sooooo many meetings and events. We had MLC, Specialized training, transfer planning (which takes 2 days to do) and meetings with President. So we are going on no sleep haha. 

Elder Wimmer and I enjoyed Elder Freeman & Elder Tafuna's last night in the mission
It was funny, when we dropped off Freeman at like 3 in the morning we stopped real quick and got some gas and stuff. 

I bought three 5-hour energy shots.....because later that morning we had MLC from 9am to 5pm and then some appointments afterwards. So I drank all 3 that day...and the next day was not a happy one for me haha!!

Tomorrow we actually have transfers. So Elder Hansen will be coming home Wednesday. A lot of the missionaries I looked up to are leaving now. It’s kind of sad. It’s even more depressing that I’m starting to be the older missionary now. Things happen fast. 

Holy BABIES!!!! We have sooo many children in the family now! Haha, Lachoneus is an awesome name!! He was Chief Judge during the time Christ was born! I emailed Grandpa and Grandma a bit, but still tell them I love them and I hope everything is going well!

Okay, Pokemon Go is ridiculous!! In fact, during MLC, me and Elder Wimmer decided to do a training on talking to people and finding investigators by other means. We used Pokemon Go players as one way. The next day we got texts from all the zone leaders saying, "It worked!! So many people play this game that we just talked to them and then we invited them all to church!!" Haha, oh and church attendance also went up for our mission this week....huh.

In fact, Elder Wimmer and I were at dinner and I saw a girl at the front desk on her phone. I casually turned to her and asked her if she was playing Pokemon Go. She said yes and it sparked a really good conversation. It eventually led to church and what church meant to her. So pray that she progresses. But yeah the gospel can be related to anything, even Pokemon Go! Apparently our churches here are gyms, or have special pokemon so we see people all the time around our chapels. So we talk to them :) haha! Pokemon Go is ridiculous, but does help us talk to people!

Oh and I was also able to email Dallin, hopefully he gets it before he leaves. I don’t know when their pdays are in the MTC. Tell Aunty Lani I love her, and I am still praying for her! 

Hey, you got to watch Kiegan!! Haha, what an awesome girl :) And then you got a visit from Hendrix!! You and dad are spoiled grandparents lol. I can tell how much you both love having your grandbabies around. I bet Harry loves being their favorite uncle (for now). Helam and Hema are great fathers. Alyssa and Norma are great mothers. Hevynn and Bo are Hevynn and Bo ;) jk jk they are all such great examples to me of fantastic families!!!! 

I know no matter what happens as eternal companions and forever families we will all get through our trials no matter what. I bet even the strongest, most loving and hard working man in the world (DAD) has doubts and trials sometimes. Even Christ, bearing under the weight of His divine responsibility asked His Father to take the bitter cup He was drinking. No one can escape disappointment, sickness and trials. They are an inevitable part of God’s Plan, but along with that, strength, growth and change are also inevitable. I do have faith in my God and in my family and I know our burdens will be lighter. As we work hard and keep the commandments things will get better and everyone will be able to get through their challenges.

This week other than all these meetings we have also focused a lot on prayer, and finding, whenever we have the opportunity. Lately I’ve asked for just little opportunities to teach someone each day. And even if it was at a resturant, on the street, in a bathroom (yes, a bathroom), or even just right outside our own church I’ve seen God answer my prayers. It’s been a testimony building experience for me this week. 

Things are just busy, busy, busy :) Anyways thank you for everything mom!!!

Love you!!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Letter from Elder Freeman "My son, Elder Heimuli!!!"

[Note from Mom: Got an email from Elder Freeman's mom today; it was Elder Freeman's final letter home before he left Indiana. Elder Freeman was Houston's trainer, and what an outstanding young man he must be. I look forward to meeting Elder Freeman at his homecoming!]

Well everyone I'm sure you are all sick of seeing my emails show up each week so don't worry... this is the last one! lol but no it has been a great 2 years I have spent dedicating my life to the Lord and I honestly cannot put in to words how grateful I am for the opportunity I had to be in Indiana. The time has been flying and I wish I had more time to do the work here.

I would say the highlight of my week was being able to be companions for the day with my son, Elder Heimuli!!! We were able to go visit some members and people we baptized when we were there. First we went and saw a couple that were recent converts when we were there but now they are going through the temple in a couple weeks and are getting sealed! it was so neat to see the light in them. Right as soon as we walked in their house they showed us their temple recommends! That was probably the most important thing they owned in their house to them. Sometimes i wonder how much we take the temple for granted but they were really excited to take that new step in their life! 

After that we went and saw Caitlin and Michelle! Me and Elder Heimuli were able to find, teach and baptize both of them and it was so neat to see how much the gospel has changed their lives! They are both the first members of their families, but they are sharing the gospel with their family! Caitlin even told us she got her mom to read the Book of Mormon which was neat! She is an Activity Day Leader and she is loving that calling right now. I can just see the change from the first day we met her and it's amazing. Michelle was telling us how she wants to serve a mission but because of some circumstances right now she can't. But she was really excited to tell us she's doing the next best thing. She is a ward missionary! So she goes teaching with the missionaries all the time. They are both very involved with the church and are doing a lot of YSA activities there and are actually going to a YSA conference in Illinois next week! They were even like quoting scriptures from the Book of Mormon and I was like what?!? I don't even know that! 

Needless to say it was a great way to end my mission. A year ago me and Elder Heimuli went into that area and it was dead. We had nobody to work with and started from ground zero. But we worked hard, and I was super blessed to be training my best friend. We did what the Lord wanted us to do and we were able to find His prepared children. 

I had an overwhelming confirmation that day as we were listening to them tell us stories and miracles from the gospel in the past year, that we had done what the Lord would have us do in that area. As a missionary that is probably the best feeling you can have. It was an answer to my prayers for sure! Because at the end of your mission you have a lot of time to reflect and so that was an answer to my prayer asking Heavenly Father how I had served Him as a missionary.
We were also able to see a family in Columbus that is exactly that to me and Elder The Hyden family! We were able to teach and get really close with Kim, Steve, and Reagan. They literally bent over backwards for us and would help us at any time of the day. There would be days where we tracted all day and needed a place to take a break or get some food or water and the door was always open for us...even when they weren't home! But I am grateful that they were able to be a part of our lives, and our family, as we were away from our family back at home. I have a deep love for them and I'll never forget the great experiences we had with them! 
It was needless to say a great Saturday and it was great because the whole ride down me and Heimuli just reminisced on the days when we were comps and I felt like I was training him again! We reflected on all the funny, crazy, and spiritual experiences we had together and it was amazing. I have been able to see him grow as a missionary and he has become a very powerful missionary and servant of the Lord. I know he will never believe me when I tell him this, but I look up to him and he has taught me so many things. Sadly he still has a year left on his mission but I know he will serve diligently 'til the day he ends!  

Anyways I guess I will see you all in Utah this week!! It's been a great ride and thank you for all the prayers that came my way for the past 2 years. I am going to miss Indiana dearly. Have a great week everyone!!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 55 - Giant Blur...Except for Saturday

Hi Mom!

I know it's late, we just finished up a bunch of paperwork. But it's good to hear about Hendrix and Kiegan, and get their pics :) and their grandparents sound a little in love with them haha, by far the best nieces and nephews anyone could ask for (in my unbiased opinion). Hendrix is already one!!! Oh my goodness!!! He looks sooooo cute, it's crazy to think that a year has already gone by. And it sounds like Hema and Norma put on a great party! 

How was Dallin's farewell? I know he will be a fantastic missionary, 10X the missionary I am. I'm so happy for him, can't wait to see what he does out there!

Isaiah was there too?!? Wow, wish I could see him again! Tell him hi and give him my love mom! Hevynn and Bo still busy with their home? Hope things go well for them. Helam and Alyssa are good too, I assume? Getting ready for the season I'm sure and taking care of their awesome baby:) haha! I miss them too!

This week was hectic. 

It's been so hectic I just barely (finally) got the chance to burn my shirt in honor of hitting my one year mark
We had 3 welcoming conferences for President and Sister Carlson. It was good to finally go around the mission and let the missionaries feel first-hand the love President and Sister Carlson have for them! It's AMAZING how loving they are. I know they will be fantastic for this mission. I know it. 

Got to see former comps like Ballif (left) and my man Freeman (right)
With Elder Caulderwood, I love this guy.
I dunno what I'm doing but here ya go!
Saw my kid Elder Ellsworth at the Welcome Conference
But those three days took a toll on us haha! We will also be having a lot of meetings next week which is also going to be pretty dang crazy.

We just keep smiling through the busy days. It's all good!
So this whole week has been just a giant blur...except for Saturday.

Because Elder Freeman will be going home this week we went back to Columbus and visited the Hyden family and our recent converts in Cbus. It was awesome. Freeman and I had sooooo much fun haha! 

Eating VP cookies :) We used to eat these ALL the time when we tracted haha! It's why I didn't lose any weight in Cbus.
Driving down we just reminisced about everything that happened. It felt like we were companions again. And I felt like I had just gone out on my mission again! We loved all the families in Columbus, but we were only able to see a couple. 

The Hyden Family (Kim, Reagan & Steve)
The Hydens are one of the families that I just love. Elder Freeman and I would always teach and spend time with them, and they would always open their home to us. During the summer when we tracted for 4 hrs and we were dead tired, they were always willing to shelter us and feed us. They loved us just like our own families, pretty much a home away from home. So we got to hangout with them again and it was great. 

Afterwards we went to see the two investigators Elder Freeman and I taught and baptized. 

Me, Caitlin, Michelle, Freeman
They are so solid. Caitlin is now the Activity Days Leader (President?) whatever you call the top one haha! She is on fire, and she is currently teaching 3 other people about the gospel. She acts like she's been a member all her life! Elder Freeman and I were so blessed with the opportunity to teach her. Then Michelle, oh my goodness. She is still having a really hard life, she's torn both her ACL and MCL and can't afford surgery. So she just deals with the pain, and continues to do missionary work in the ward. Her calling is a Ward Missionary, isn't that just amazing? And she is touching sooo many peoples lives it's not even funny. She and Caitlin talk about all these different activities, lessons they're planning, and ways to help others come to church, right in front of us. After we left, Elder Freeman and I talked about their growth and conversion. They never let go of God. Though I'm sure their lives haven't been easy, nobody's life is, they have both been studying and going to church and we could just feel their spirit. It was crazy! It provided Elder Freeman and I another opportunity to reflect on how great this work is, and especially how good God is, and how loving He is. What a great experience! So we finished out the day, and I drove him back to his area. 

It was great to be able to be with my trainer one last time. He taught me a lot. He's a great example. 

Me and the best trainer, powerful missionary, awesome friend!
All that reminiscing took us back to the first time we met. There was one thing I don't think I ever mentioned about that first day.

When I first arrived in Indiana last summer, all of us trainees sat on the stand while President Cleveland announced who our trainers would be. After I got called to sit with Elder Freeman, we both sat in the back waiting to be instructed. I saw his planner and it had the Logan temple on it. Then I remembered a Freeman on Logan's football team. So I asked him, "You play for Logan?" 

He said, "Yeah."

I looked at him and I said, "Oh. I hate you." 

He must have remembered me too, because he said, "Oh, Heimuli. You played for Bountiful right?" 

When I said yes, his reply was "Oh, I hate you, too." Haha!!!! We laughed when we remembered that. It's all so different now. Elder Freeman is the BEST trainer anyone could have ever had and I love him. So this coming week he is leaving and I get to take him to the airport. Time just flies by!

Anyways that's pretty much the best thing that happened this week!!!

Love you mom!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Week 54 - Crazy Week

Well, from the header you can see it has been a crazy week haha! I'm doing great. Thank you again for mailing out my shoes. I sorely needed them, and we get a little bit of time to workout, but not much anymore, Elder Freeman and his group don't leave till the 15th I believe. Such an awesome missionary and example. I was chatting with him the other day and when I brought up him going home, he just pretended he didn't know what I was talking about, haha. I guess I'll know what that feels like next year.

So the best and saddest thing this week was saying goodbye to President and Sister Cleveland, then welcoming President and Sister Carlson. The only thing President told us was to work hard and help out President Carlson. If i learned anything from the Clevelands, it's 1) Enjoy the work; it's not a burden to be in the service of God and others, but rather, it's a blessing. 2) Touch all the lines; don't skip or shortcut any steps, but be persistent and diligent in finishing the task at hand. And 3) Love, Love, Love. As you know, I actually found it difficult to love EVERYONE. I still do. But having the privilege to be around the Clevelands, I saw how much they cared for everyone. 

Saying 'bye to the Clevelands
My companion is the same. He loves everyone and is always so willing to serve others. I want to be just like them. These are life lessons I know I will still use after my mission. 

I still pick up the guitar when I can, even if that means I'm just serenading my comp, haha
President and Sister Carlson are so great, happy, energetic, and really willing to do whatever it takes to serve others. A theme President wants to initiate is "Full Purpose of Heart." That goes along with one of my favorite scriptures I've been memorizing which is Mosiah 7:33 --

"But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage."

With President & Sister Carlson. The Polys made candy leis. Awesome!
Full purpose of heart, to me, means am I physically, mentally, and spiritually involved? At times, I feel I've exerted every muscle in my body that day to serving God, and I was obedient. But was I serving with a good attitude or was I drifting in my thoughts while I was busy doing the physical things? Or, am I thinking about the Savior, but not being obedient and doing everything He asks me to do? Am I a hearer of the word only, and not a doer? There is so much to think about with this theme that it just boggles my mind haha. 

But President and Sister Cleveland did so, and President and Sister Carlson do so now. They all served and serve with full purpose of heart.

But aside from that this week was great as well! Elder Wimmer and I have just been busy setting things up for the Carlsons and working our buns off. 

We got a bunch of food from the Clevelands because they were leaving. But we were not about to take multiple trips back to the truck, soooooo we carried it all in at once :)

So apparently, I scooted myself under the bed during the night. And my comp decided to take a picture once he saw what happened haha! 
In fact we got to PC the other day and we picked up a new investigator! Please pray that she continues to learn and progress. Also this week we have been visiting less actives and we actually ran into a Samoan guy named William Fruean. It was a great conversation and he told us a lot of stories. His wife is Catholic and a very nice woman who just doesn't want any of her kids to be baptized. But they are an awesome family! I love the fact that there are Polys here haha!!! Bro. Fruean is older and served a mission way back in the day. He also worked at PCC and he knew Grandpa Murray! Maybe Grandpa remembers him. 

Sounds like the family is doing well. Are Helam and Alyssa moving in with y'all? How's the progress on the new house going for Bo and Hevynn? How are Hema and Norma doing? They must be excited for Hendrix's 1st bday!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!! July Bdays are the Best! Remeber when you and dad didn't actually tell me when my birthday was and I found out when they sang to me in Primary? Lol ;) Anyways give everyone my love and I pray everything goes well for you all this week!

Ofa Lahi Atu!!
Elder Heimuli

P.S. We decided to buy this weird spiked melon thingy and as you can see it was delicious... well, Elder Wimmer thought so.