Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 56 - Yes, a Bathroom

Hi Mom!

Did you think I forgot about you? Not a chance. 

But things have been VERY hectic here. Haha but before I get into that I want to thank you for the pics at Freeman’s homecoming! Hopefully he gave you a big hug from me?! Elder Freeman is the bomb, and I already miss him out here! But I’m doing good. Like I said it’s busy and, yes, the Carlsons are keeping us pretty dang busy. But my companion Elder Wimmer is a stud. He is awesome. We are pushing through all this work! This week we actually had sooooo many meetings and events. We had MLC, Specialized training, transfer planning (which takes 2 days to do) and meetings with President. So we are going on no sleep haha. 

Elder Wimmer and I enjoyed Elder Freeman & Elder Tafuna's last night in the mission
It was funny, when we dropped off Freeman at like 3 in the morning we stopped real quick and got some gas and stuff. 

I bought three 5-hour energy shots.....because later that morning we had MLC from 9am to 5pm and then some appointments afterwards. So I drank all 3 that day...and the next day was not a happy one for me haha!!

Tomorrow we actually have transfers. So Elder Hansen will be coming home Wednesday. A lot of the missionaries I looked up to are leaving now. It’s kind of sad. It’s even more depressing that I’m starting to be the older missionary now. Things happen fast. 

Holy BABIES!!!! We have sooo many children in the family now! Haha, Lachoneus is an awesome name!! He was Chief Judge during the time Christ was born! I emailed Grandpa and Grandma a bit, but still tell them I love them and I hope everything is going well!

Okay, Pokemon Go is ridiculous!! In fact, during MLC, me and Elder Wimmer decided to do a training on talking to people and finding investigators by other means. We used Pokemon Go players as one way. The next day we got texts from all the zone leaders saying, "It worked!! So many people play this game that we just talked to them and then we invited them all to church!!" Haha, oh and church attendance also went up for our mission this week....huh.

In fact, Elder Wimmer and I were at dinner and I saw a girl at the front desk on her phone. I casually turned to her and asked her if she was playing Pokemon Go. She said yes and it sparked a really good conversation. It eventually led to church and what church meant to her. So pray that she progresses. But yeah the gospel can be related to anything, even Pokemon Go! Apparently our churches here are gyms, or have special pokemon so we see people all the time around our chapels. So we talk to them :) haha! Pokemon Go is ridiculous, but does help us talk to people!

Oh and I was also able to email Dallin, hopefully he gets it before he leaves. I don’t know when their pdays are in the MTC. Tell Aunty Lani I love her, and I am still praying for her! 

Hey, you got to watch Kiegan!! Haha, what an awesome girl :) And then you got a visit from Hendrix!! You and dad are spoiled grandparents lol. I can tell how much you both love having your grandbabies around. I bet Harry loves being their favorite uncle (for now). Helam and Hema are great fathers. Alyssa and Norma are great mothers. Hevynn and Bo are Hevynn and Bo ;) jk jk they are all such great examples to me of fantastic families!!!! 

I know no matter what happens as eternal companions and forever families we will all get through our trials no matter what. I bet even the strongest, most loving and hard working man in the world (DAD) has doubts and trials sometimes. Even Christ, bearing under the weight of His divine responsibility asked His Father to take the bitter cup He was drinking. No one can escape disappointment, sickness and trials. They are an inevitable part of God’s Plan, but along with that, strength, growth and change are also inevitable. I do have faith in my God and in my family and I know our burdens will be lighter. As we work hard and keep the commandments things will get better and everyone will be able to get through their challenges.

This week other than all these meetings we have also focused a lot on prayer, and finding, whenever we have the opportunity. Lately I’ve asked for just little opportunities to teach someone each day. And even if it was at a resturant, on the street, in a bathroom (yes, a bathroom), or even just right outside our own church I’ve seen God answer my prayers. It’s been a testimony building experience for me this week. 

Things are just busy, busy, busy :) Anyways thank you for everything mom!!!

Love you!!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

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