Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, July 11, 2016

Letter from Elder Freeman "My son, Elder Heimuli!!!"

[Note from Mom: Got an email from Elder Freeman's mom today; it was Elder Freeman's final letter home before he left Indiana. Elder Freeman was Houston's trainer, and what an outstanding young man he must be. I look forward to meeting Elder Freeman at his homecoming!]

Well everyone I'm sure you are all sick of seeing my emails show up each week so don't worry... this is the last one! lol but no it has been a great 2 years I have spent dedicating my life to the Lord and I honestly cannot put in to words how grateful I am for the opportunity I had to be in Indiana. The time has been flying and I wish I had more time to do the work here.

I would say the highlight of my week was being able to be companions for the day with my son, Elder Heimuli!!! We were able to go visit some members and people we baptized when we were there. First we went and saw a couple that were recent converts when we were there but now they are going through the temple in a couple weeks and are getting sealed! it was so neat to see the light in them. Right as soon as we walked in their house they showed us their temple recommends! That was probably the most important thing they owned in their house to them. Sometimes i wonder how much we take the temple for granted but they were really excited to take that new step in their life! 

After that we went and saw Caitlin and Michelle! Me and Elder Heimuli were able to find, teach and baptize both of them and it was so neat to see how much the gospel has changed their lives! They are both the first members of their families, but they are sharing the gospel with their family! Caitlin even told us she got her mom to read the Book of Mormon which was neat! She is an Activity Day Leader and she is loving that calling right now. I can just see the change from the first day we met her and it's amazing. Michelle was telling us how she wants to serve a mission but because of some circumstances right now she can't. But she was really excited to tell us she's doing the next best thing. She is a ward missionary! So she goes teaching with the missionaries all the time. They are both very involved with the church and are doing a lot of YSA activities there and are actually going to a YSA conference in Illinois next week! They were even like quoting scriptures from the Book of Mormon and I was like what?!? I don't even know that! 

Needless to say it was a great way to end my mission. A year ago me and Elder Heimuli went into that area and it was dead. We had nobody to work with and started from ground zero. But we worked hard, and I was super blessed to be training my best friend. We did what the Lord wanted us to do and we were able to find His prepared children. 

I had an overwhelming confirmation that day as we were listening to them tell us stories and miracles from the gospel in the past year, that we had done what the Lord would have us do in that area. As a missionary that is probably the best feeling you can have. It was an answer to my prayers for sure! Because at the end of your mission you have a lot of time to reflect and so that was an answer to my prayer asking Heavenly Father how I had served Him as a missionary.
We were also able to see a family in Columbus that is exactly that to me and Elder The Hyden family! We were able to teach and get really close with Kim, Steve, and Reagan. They literally bent over backwards for us and would help us at any time of the day. There would be days where we tracted all day and needed a place to take a break or get some food or water and the door was always open for us...even when they weren't home! But I am grateful that they were able to be a part of our lives, and our family, as we were away from our family back at home. I have a deep love for them and I'll never forget the great experiences we had with them! 
It was needless to say a great Saturday and it was great because the whole ride down me and Heimuli just reminisced on the days when we were comps and I felt like I was training him again! We reflected on all the funny, crazy, and spiritual experiences we had together and it was amazing. I have been able to see him grow as a missionary and he has become a very powerful missionary and servant of the Lord. I know he will never believe me when I tell him this, but I look up to him and he has taught me so many things. Sadly he still has a year left on his mission but I know he will serve diligently 'til the day he ends!  

Anyways I guess I will see you all in Utah this week!! It's been a great ride and thank you for all the prayers that came my way for the past 2 years. I am going to miss Indiana dearly. Have a great week everyone!!

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