Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Week 88 - A Little Lazy Faith

Hi mom!

Things have been very busy. And we have been grinding!!! We are so tired everyday haha, and it's a good thing:) 

Yeah, I know Elder Peterson! He is a great missionary! He is currently serving in Clearcreek in Bloomington. I will have to say what's up from Elsie Anderson for him (Brent and Elsie are awesome)! Man I wish i could have some lupulu... and otai.... And man, you and dad are just busy busy busy!!! 

I am really loving my companions. They are hard workers, very happy and we all get along great. Here is the scoop of the week!

Mon- We PC'd campus for a long time! A really cool miracle happened. So we were teaching a new investigator we found the other week named Conner. As we were teaching him two random guys came out of nowhere and asked if they could join in our conversation! It was amazing. I think young people are just naturally curious to know what we teach. One of them wasn't very receptive but the other one named Aaron was. He was willing to learn more so we are going to meet with him next week! 
Following that we PC'd until we had FHE because President was way up in South Bend so we didn't have meetings with him that day. FHE was great! 

Tue- We went with Elder Breck to move houses from Columbus and Crossroads. Those two areas are about 2 hours apart. Needless to say, that took ALL DAY. We were so worn out by the end of the way. Elder Breck is the mission secretary and housing coordinator. He and his wife are sooooooooooooo awesome. I love them A LOT so it didn't even matter that we were tired. It was just great to spend the day with them.

Wed- We went to the office and finished up a lot of paperwork. Haha it's crazy that even though we have cut down a lot on our paperwork duties there is still so much to do!!!! But it all went well, then Gillman, Shaw and I went straight to campus to PC :) It was awesome! 

So we were grinding for a solid couple of hours before we took a break. We sat down for a second when all the sudden some people came up to us and wanted to take a picture with us. After the picture we sat there and we thought, "Hey, let's pray to have someone come here to talk to us...because we are dead tired." 
Do you believe prayers are answered? Cuz that's honestly what happened. We prayed and had faith. Two minutes later a member walked by and said hi as she was going to her next class with a friend. Well, needless to say, we called her right over, and her friend was interested!!! She's Japanese and is from Nagoya I believe. Isn't that where Kastle and Evan went? And she took a BOM and wants to meet with us this Friday :)
Faith worked. Maybe a little lazy faith...but it worked!!!! We were pumped again to work! After PCing for a bit more we went to a lesson with Grace. The lesson went well but she is struggling, and actually texted us the other day and dropped us :( but we will keep trying. After that we went to dinner at the chapel with a member from the YSA ward. We also started a meal calendar because Redmond and Wimmer really worked on getting rid of a lot of administrative stuff so we can be more involved in the ward. They are awesome. We were supposed to have a lesson with a potential but they bailed on us :( I guess that's just how it goes!!! So we went back home and got ready for the next day.

Thur- We had some office work to do then we headed to campus. After grinding for awhile we found some success in potentials. There was a guy that came up to me and said, "Remember me?" I didn't exactly but he did look familiar so I asked him, "Uh yes, but remind me of your name again?" He was a guy that Redmond and I gave a card to a while back. He asked me if I was Samoan... Haha, I laughed and told them Tongans are better, then he told me how he loved rugby! And that's how he knows Polys. He is from the Congo so I didn't think he knew anything about Polys. Anyways we talked and he said he would be willing to come to church on Sunday, so I just need to get in contact with him. After that I looked at the time. We had a lesson with a girl who didn't leave us with a number or anything, but she said she would meet us at the campus center at 2pm. Honestly when someone says something like that they usually don't show up. So typically we would briefly check to see but they're usually not there. However, for some reason this time we felt like we needed to run. So we sprinted! We were coming up the escalators when pop!!!! There she was going down the escalators. She told us she thought we weren't coming so she was leaving. We had barely caught her in time! Yet another miracle that happened. We taught her the restoration and she wants to meet with us Monday. After that we had a lesson with C who is Ricky's girlfriend. She is so solid when it comes to learning and wanting to know for herself. She is still waiting for the feeling of overwhelming confirmation that it's true before she is baptized. We talked to her a little about that but she is continuing to pray and seek understanding. After that lesson we had dinner with a member in Fishers and we had to dart back up during rush hour to make it. We met up with the member and as soon as we started to walk in a guy yelled out, "Are you Mormons?" We turned around and thought "Wow, people really like to talk to us lately," haha! He told us how much he respects us and is willing to check out one of our services! So we are just seeing if he wants to come tomorrow! After dinner we went back home and finished some more office work.

Fri- So Saturday we have some things planned in the morning so we decided to take the time on Friday (since campus is dead) to clean our apartment. After organizing everything and finishing some office work we headed to campus and tried to PC. No one was there, It's hard to PC when no one is there. We decided to go visit Grandma Banks and check up on her. She is still doing good and she is awesome. We are going to be doing some service for her next Saturday. We did have a lesson with a potential i found after Grandma's, and it went well. He is a fitness major and he was atheist but now has been looking for a religion. He has met with other religious missionaries but he likes what we share. So we taught him the restoration. After the lesson we set up another time and we headed home. 

Sat- Today there was a baptism for someone Gillman and Shaw taught. We also went with a member and got some stuff at a store and then we had to give a training to some youth on teaching the restoration!  So we are emaling right now but we have dinner in 20 minutes with a member it's kinda busy today. 

That's it for the week mom:) we are headed out but just wanted to shoot you the email and say i love you!!!!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

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