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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Letter from Sister Carlson

[Note from Mom: Came home from the temple early this morning, straight to running a ton of errands to get ready for Sunday, and was looking forward to resting for a bit, thinking nothing could be better. I was wrong.]

Dear Brother and Sister Heimuli:

This is Vallorie Carlson, wife of President Carlson from the Indiana Indianapolis Mission.  Oh my goodness do we love Elder Heimuli!  He is such a fine leader.  It's amazing that Heavenly Father put so many talents into one young person. Elder Heimuli is a great teacher, a really good people organizer, has good manners, is an awesome dishwasher (he was taught well at home), is happy and congenial all the time, and is nice to all the missionaries.  Everyone loves him because he is nice to everyone.  He has a calm and pleasant demeanor.  
Elder Heimuli speaking to one of many zones in the Indiana Indianapolis Mission
I especially love how he reaches out to the new arrivals each transfer and engages them in a conversation.  We love his laugh and the way he holds his hands up in the air and yells (nicely) "Elders and Sisters" when he tries to get the big groups in place.  He is also a good photographer! But I think you already know all of this......
Elder Heimuli with President & Sister Carlson when they arrived in July 2016
​I know we have worn him out - he is a hard worker and has been put through a lot of hard things.  He has been a big help to us over the last 6 months.  I do not know what we would have done without him.  He's got a big job ahead of him to train two new APs.
Elder Heimuli with Renetta Larkin Carlson
I know he has told you about our connection - my daughter in law (Renetta Larkin Carlson) is the daughter of Lyle Larkin, who baptized Elder Heimuli's grandfather in Tonga many years ago.  It was truly amazing to me to hear that story.  I have loved that so much.  We have used that story in each of our zone conferences this last round to emphasize the importance of true converts and multi-generational families.  I am so proud of your family.  Elder Heimuli told us there are at least 56 descendants from his grandfather who are active in the church and 20 great grandchildren who have served missions.  So wonderful!

My daughter in law, Renetta, asked if I could give her your contact information.  Her parents, Lyle and Maryann Larkin often visit relatives in Utah and they would love to come and meet you someday when they are there.  I thought I would ask you first if I can give them your information.  We have it listed on the mission data base.  With your permission, I will forward it to her parents.

Thank you for raising such a nice son.  We are so grateful we are serving with him. He is a special one.

Love, Sister Carlson

PS – I also sent this as a message on Facebook so sorry if you get it twice.

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