Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week 85 - Quality of Missionaries

Hi mom:)

Aww Kiegan is adorable, and Hendrix is definitely a boy ;) Haha those cute babies! That's cool you are feeding the missionaries today! Have fun with that, I hope they're doing some great work in the wards there! Our investigators are good, we have 4 we are working with. Because of conferences and transfers for the next few weeks we will be only able to meet with like 1 of them a day! Haha so we are trying our very best to fit everyone in. Also Elie is good, we didn't get to meet with him this week but we have been in contact. Thank you for your prayers. We will need it if we are going to help him reach his date. 

Elder Redmond is awesome, I love this guy. He is going home to Ireland in a couple weeks so it's gonna be sad to see him leave :( Yeah he is the 4th AP to leave me haha! It's weird seeing so many of my companions go home, especially since I spend time with all departing missionaries the night before they leave and drop them off at the airport the day of. It's going to be exciting training two new AP's. Right now it looks like I'll be getting released my last transfer (finally!) so I'm really excited for that as well.

Here is the low down for the week :) It's pretty boring because we literally were at Zone Conferences all week....

Mon- We had a meeting to discuss Zone conferences for Tue, Wed, Thur then we had MLC on Friday so we were VERY busy!!! 

After the meeting we went to FHE and Elie came again. We were talking about service for our little spiritual thought. Another missionary said something interesting about service, "Why does the celestial room feel so good after a session? I mean granted it's the celestial room, but it's because we just performed a service for someone on the other side."

I never thought of it that way before, but it really does help solidify the fact that happiness really only comes through service. After that we played human foosball and Elie loved it! We went home afterwards and just got everything ready for the zone conferences.

Tue- We had zone conference in Bloomington.

It went really well, the trainings were all fantastic and the spirit was definitely in the meeting. Elder Redmond and I trained on teaching the message of the restoration. The restoration is the unique message that we teach, and it's the answer to questions people never knew that they had. It's amazing seeing the missionaries practice teaching this lesson! It makes me think a lot about the days where it would take me forever just to grasp the concept of the restoration. I really wished I would've studied more when I was at home about the gospel because I look at these new missionaries coming out and I can just see the preparation they have made and they are amazing teachers. I can really say the quality of missionaries just gets better and better. After the zone conference we had a lesson with Grace. We had to drive an hour and a half just to get back. But we made it, and we met with Grace on campus. We discussed about the plan of salvation and the progress we can make in this life. After the lesson we asked her again about things she read and she said, "Yeah I was reading the scripture you gave me and it answered a question I didn't think I had." Redmond and I just looked at each other and smiled. It's precisely the purpose of the Book of Mormon, to answer questions plainly and clear up confusion, even questions and confusion we didn't even know we had. It was a little testament to me of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. 

Wed- Zone Conference in Indianapolis.

Again it was great and powerful. After that conference we drove back to campus for another lesson with Cicilia but she cancelled and wanted to meet the next day. So we just PC'd until we had to return back home. Pretty boring, but when zone conferences are going on, sometimes it's like this. 

Thur- Zone Conference in Lafayette.

The trainings went well and we got to hear some departing testimonies from missionaries leaving with Redmonds group. One was Elder Gonzaga, the elder I went on exchanges with in Elkhart but now he was the ZL of Purdue. He bore a very powerful testimony. Again, you can definitely sense the conviction of someone's testimony especially one that's full of experience. After the conference we again zipped back to IUPUI for a lesson with Cicilia. We taught her the plan of salvation and because she was so smart we taught her the whole thing. She is amazing because of her religious background. She knows a lot about God and also accepted a lot of what we taught. To her it made sense.  She believed a lot of this before but her Catholic ideals didn't exactly match up. So she accepts a lot of it, but she is hesitant about being baptized. We invited her to pray about it and continue to learn. So please continue to keep her and Grace in your prayers that they will receive a witness that it's true and that they will be willing to be baptized soon. After that we went home because we had to prepare for MLC.

Fri- MLC. All the Zone Leaders and STLs came from everywhere to hear instruction from President.

We trained on leadership skills and what it means to be a leader. But the main focus on helping the mission to teach repentance and baptize converts. We want to help raise the vision of the mission and baptize more, but here's what it comes down to: everyone's own faith and work ethic. Honestly as APs we don't influence the culture of the mission, the Zone Leaders do. We help instruct and facilitate change but in all honesty we don't do anything regarding the culture. So as I watch this MLC, especially after all the MLCs I've been through, I can see the change and the effort these new leaders are making. I hope and pray they continue to strive to work and help this mission. After the MLC we had to wait to clean up all the mess, then we went back to the church and finished all the paperwork we had for the week. We finally went home. Exhausted. Haha Zone Conferences and MLCs go from 9-5, and we also have to set up everything before that, and take down everything after that. So when we went home on Friday we hit the beds hard and had some well deserved rest. 

Sat- Well typically we like to go out and do something exciting for P-day but we just cleaned, studied, and we also got a good nap in so it's been sort of a relaxed today. But tomorrow is about to be crazy with all the appointments we have and we are trying to get 3 at church again! We will see:)

Well love you mom, I know it's short. And a warning it will probably be short next week too haha! But once zone conferences and transfers are over, things will be a little more exciting! Love you 

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

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