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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 10 - How Powerful a Testimony


I love hearing how all the fam is doing:) Good luck in DC and I hope you dont get hurt anymore grandma er.. Mom lol!

I'm so excited for Heels. Alyssa is going to be a great mom! When's the date they are expecting again? I hope she's doing well. Oregon State also doesn't know what's gonna hit them. How's Helam doing? Is he ready? I wish I could watch the game but, when you can, send me some pics of him playing OSU :) 

Congrats to Bo that he has college still paid for! What a blessing and if anyone deserves that blessing its him. He's got the great life. First he gets my beautiful sister and then he gets a stipend. Haha. 

I can tell from the pics that Hema and Norma are still being great parents :) Hendrix is just too handsome. Like his uncle. No Helam the other uncle. No Harry. Haha. 

Harry is liking school I suppose? Not holding a grudge against you like I did the year you transferred me to LPA? Remember that haha. I bet he's making lots of friends! And Dad, he's still the hard working man I still revere, especially since being out here on a mission. I love you all!

So remember when I asked you last week about the coolest Sunday school teachers, the Robinsons? Haha so right after that email I got a call from the mission office. They said I had a package. And I'm thinking that's weird my mom just sent me two packages and no girls ever send me anything. So they fowarded it to me and it was from the Robinsons!! The last few weeks I was wondering about them haha!! So I opened the package and there were a ton of B.O.M's! Oh and really good treats :) But these Book of Mormons were very special.

They had a little testimony in each of them. So all the Elders in my district decided to read every single testimony. It was awesome and so uplifting and we were impressed with the testimonies in these books. 

Suddenly a thought occurred to Freeman and me. "Lets give one to C" (our investigator who's on date for baptism). So the next lesson we gave her one, and that testimony fit her perfectly. When I shared with her how old that girl was who wrote her testimony in that Book of Mormon she looked at me awestruck. It's amazing how powerful a testimony can be no matter how old (or young!) you are. C is now just burning through that book. We texted her one night and asked her to read certain chapters. She said, "Oh I already read those." Haha she is awesome! And thanks to the package the Robinsons sent me, and that little testimony, she is making progress in the gospel :) Her heart is set on Sep 19th for baptism so please keep praying for her that she will not be swayed and that she can keep making progress. You have no idea how grateful I am for the Robinsons. 

The work is still going great! Me and Freeman are leading the District right now and we work non stop. The Lord is always helping us, in fact, recently I've seen His hand in our work. Kim and Reagan are members but Kim's husband is not. He is such a good man who loves his wife. Also other members in Kim's family aren't members. When we first came in everyone was kind of stand-offish. But lately this wonderful family has opened up and we've had the privilege of seeing Steve at church every Sunday :) Kim's family love us and we love them. We are often with them either helping or teaching, and they take good care of us. Having Kim in Columbus is like having you here Mom, you would love her. The Lord has been softening many hearts and I am so grateful!! So we are just working, working, working but there is nothing else I'd rather be doing :)

I love you and I hope things are going well!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

More pics:

We work hard and play hard. Even at 5am. How cool is that my trainer's also a darn good quarterback?

I'll take that handoff. 


We nap hard too. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Surprise Email from Indiana

Elder Freeman's mom sent Elder Heimuli's mom these pictures today shared by Darrell Simmons, a former Mission President of the Indiana Mission.  Bro and Sis Simmons were there for the Temple Dedication and yesterday they kindly took the elders to lunch at Olive Garden.  Lucky Elder Heimuli...for being with the right trainer in the right place at the right time.


Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 9 - The Power to Change Eternities

Hi mom!!!

Good to hear that Hema is still speaking Spanish and still feels the influences of his mission (I'm sure that never ends). Hows Hendrix? Is he ok? I hope and pray you all recover! It seems that old age (talking bout you and dad, not Hendrix lol) and life just hit all of us like that! But I know Hema and Norma and just all you guys' faith will make it ok. Lately we've been doing ALOT of blessings. The one thing I always remember is that they're based on faith and God's will. We must have faith in God that He will do what's best for us. It may not what we want but He knows us best. Hey tell the Robinson's that I said Hi :)  I hope they are all doing well. I miss having really cool Sunday School teachers!

I see that Hevynn and Bo still look good! Haha I think the 80's style really fits them ;) haha and yeah I remember Alex! He was a stud in school and soccer, I loved that guy! So no more polos and khakis for Harry huh? YAAAAAAYYYY haha now he won't grow up to be all weird and socially awkward like me :) I'm excited for him and there's nothing to be worried about. Tell him I know that he will have fun and make many friends. But there are 3 things he needs to do that I wished I did more. Be Nice, Be Smart, and Be YOURSELF. Harry was already good at those though so no need for me to be concerned. 
It's good to hear that you are healthy enough to go back to work! I'm always sad to hear about y'all aging and I'm not there to help. But Harry is there for you guys. It also sounds like a fun little family trip you guys are about to take haha. But good luck mom on everything from Young Womens to Work! 
So dads still limping around too? He's always been tough so I'm a little worried that he's limping still, he didn't really complain when he was in pain so hearing he's still limping must mean it's worse than I thought. I pray you all recover and feel better!
Just messing around showing off our hoodies. Go Cardinal!

Go Aggies!

Oh and thanks for the packages :) haha I really enjoyed the tuna and chicken! I especially was happy when I got my sweatshirts! See in the mornings and later at night it gets colder and Freeman likes things cooler (you know he's from Logan lol) so i finally got hoodies to keep warm :) Oh and thank you for the G's you sent me!! You are a life saver, but I guess you know exactly what to send when you've already done this 3 other times haha. 
This week has just been another busy missionary filled week. But we had Zone Conference and we had the Temple Dedication that just made the week that much better. So at ZC we just received training about black boxes that monitor our every movement while driving (ugh) and how to be more effective missionaries. But the best part was a quote that Elder Gubler shared which said, "Missionaries have the power to change ETERNITIES." Wow. That kinda slapped me in the face. I realized how critical this work is and how much harder I have to work so I can help others receive eternal happiness. 
On Sunday was the Temple Dedication. It was awesome. President Eyring and Elder Ballard both spoke about the temple and the blessings it brings. I always try to pull out 1 important quote or detail from every training and event and this one was SACRIFICE. Pres. Eyring said that going to the temple and feeling that awesome power shouldn't be a sacrifice. Those people who traveled thousands of miles and gave up homes and comfort didn't think that going to the temple was a sacrifice. All they thought about was the promised blessings and the joy they could feel only in the Lord's house. So are we dragging our feet to the Temple thinking of it as a burden or sacrifice? Are we going to church and sacrament only thinking that it is taking time out of our day and we are sacrificing our time for it? As a missionary am I thinking about the sacrifice I made to be out here and not about bringing those to salvation and changing eternities? NO. 
We ought to be thinking of the blessings and the promises that God has given us. So awake and do God's work, boldly go and do it, not with the attitude of it's a sacrifice. But that it is a blessing and it is exactly what God wants us to do. I testify that if we will do this, we will showered by God's blessings and His Love. So here's just a little scripture about temples D&C 109:13 -
13 And that all people who shall enter upon the threshold of the Lord’s house may feel thy power, and feel constrained to acknowledge that thou hast sanctified it, and that it is thy house, a place of thy holiness.
This scripture talks about the temple and the power that it holds.
Love you mom. I hope everything goes well with you and the family!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!
Elder Heimuli

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 8 - Speaking of Blessings

Aww Hendrix is still looking super cute :) Thanks for sending all those pics of him. He's changed so much already. 

Mom don't over do it. You guys aren't quite as young as you think ;) your mind and soul may be 20 but your body is not quite as young haha! But that's awesome to hear Bruce is going to Hamilton NZ Tongan-speaking!!! Lucky guy haha he'll be over there with Brady! 
So hardly anyone came to help? Well that's the story of a Heimuli's life haha!! Over here me and Freeman have been in so many service opportunites where not even any of the Elder Quorum showed up and it's just us! Haha.

Glad to know Grams and Gramps finally got their home built. I would have loved to have been there to help lay sod. Give them my love please.
Hevynn told me she went to Marshalls farewell! That's awesome, he was a stellar guy before the mish and I bet he's even more stellar after coming home. That's one of my goals :) 
How's Dad doing? How's Harry? Just wanna check up on those two haha!
So the temple dedication is in two weeks and I am so excited! The temple open house was a success. They projected 75000 to come through the open house, and over 92000 came! They said that over 60% were non members, so the work is going strong here. In fact me and Freeman had a solid week. Over 28 lessons, 4 new progressing investigators and 1 on date for baptism. 
Last week me and Freeman were just out teaching. We've been trying to be a bit more obedient and spiritual because every day we should always be trying to improve. Well after a long day of tracting we get a text. A girl asked if she could be taught. We looked at each other and we were shocked. Because let me tell ya, no one here really likes missionaries so it was so exciting to have someone reach out to us. We taught her and she said she would be willing to be baptized!! So we set her date for September 19th and we are just praying she pulls through! But blessings are promised to those who obey and follow the spirit.
Speaking of blessings, here is a funny story of obedience and honesty. I've noticed that I've spent lots of money on razors because we shave everyday. I told Freeman I needed to go and get an electric razor so I don't have to keep spending money on the small kine razors. We went to TJ Maxx and saw a good electric razor for $50. I asked Freeman if he thought I should get this one and he said we could find a cheaper one at WalMart. So we went to WalMart where I saw this really nice Razor/HairCutter for $32. It's a Wahl brand so it was nice and I was glad I listened to Freeman because it saved me $18! I decided to get this one, so I went to the register, and it rang up for $1! I was surprised and so was Freeman. We went to the customer service area and told them that the register was giving us the wrong price. They checked and it still kept ringing up for $1. They called the manager and he tried to figure it out, too. Finally he said, "Well they were honest. They can have it for a dollar." So I got a brand new Wahl Razor/HairCutter for $1!! Haha me and Freeman flipped out in the car. Honesty really is the best policy!!!! lol 
But the best part was seeing Brad! :) I was waiting for him at the chapel for transfers and I thought I could surprise him. Suddenly I'm lifted completely off oft feet by someone hugging me and it was him! We just laughed and it was almost like being back in high school only much better!! Haha sadly he is in a different area than me, but I had already written to President telling him about Brad and the kind of man he is. He told me right at transfers that we will be companions :) so I'm looking foward to that.
So the scripture I want to share is Alma 32:13 - "And now, because ye are compelled to be humble blessed are ye; for a man sometimes, if he is compelled to be humble, seeketh repentance; and now surely, whosoever repenteth shall find mercy; and he that findeth mercy and endureth to the end the same shall be saved."
This scripture pretty much outlines how we can be saved. First, we must learn humility, and in humility we seek Christ. In seeking Christ we build Faith, and through Faith in Christ we want to change or repent. To follow Christ and be saved we must be baptized, and after baptism we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Then we must strive to keep the commandments. After all that, we must endure, endure and endure. In doing this, we can receive eternal salvation. I testify that this is true. 
Love you and I hope things are going well :)
Ofa Lahi Atu
Elder Heimuli

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 7 - Follow the Plan

Hey mom, I know you're probably recuperating right now but I just wanted to tell you I love you. This week nothing new really happened. We found some investigators, then they dropped us. Haha but it's not bad because me and Freeman just keep working our bums off :)  We have been trying our hardest to be more obedient and more spiritual and I can really see the blessings coming from that! One of the best things was a fireside we went to and we saw other missionaries there. Always good to see the others working hard. 
Left: Elder Freeman (Houston's trainer) and Elder Heimuli at a fireside with other IIM missionaries.
Bro Hurley wanted a pic with the Polys. Elder Latu is hiding in back. Next to me is Elder Pau'u. Sister Tua is behind me standing next to Elder Moli. Elder Cocker is on the far left.
I wanted to share one of my favorite scriptures this week.

Ether 12:4 Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God. 
The word Hope is kinda hard to define sometimes. But I've learned that Hope is what comes after having the Faith to do something. We believe in Christ, therefore we keep His commandments and follow Him HOPING to be like Him. That Hope is what's gonna get us through these rocky and often hard times. 

Me and Hema just talked about the Plan of Salvation and how blessed we are to have that. He talked about how his perspective has deepened since becoming a husband to Norma and especially a father to little Hendrix. But he told me that his perspective really started changing on his mission. He told me that right now is the best time to make good and lasting changes for what I want to be for my future family. 

At the same time Hevynn told me to not let a moment pass by while I'm out here and not to think about home too much but to be present in what the Lord is putting in front of me now so I don't miss a thing. 

I'm so blessed to have the family I have and their examples. I know Helam and Alyssa are busy with school and football and moving but I'm so blessed by their examples too. I know it is all part of the plan God has for me to become the best me I can be. 

The faith I have in His plan for me is what gets me through some of these difficult trials. Because I have HOPE that as long as I follow the plan I can return to God and have Him be pleased with what I've done. I testify of this and I know that through our faith we can come to a better hope, a hope that'll fasten us to the rock that is our Redeemer. 

Love you mom. I know the Lord is watching out for you and dad and Harry. Keep looking for the blessings God's given us and you'll be surprised how blessed you really are. Hope you feel better soon. 
Elder The-Favorite-Son

Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 6 - No One On Earth

It's great to hear that some of the Pohahaus are there! I've been doing family history work but the problem is I can't find all our names haha!! But I've realized how great it is to keep in contact with family and to know where we came from and where we are all at. So keep it up and tell our Pohahau family that Elder Heimuli says hi.

What a blessing to have President Nelson there at church yesterday! Since I've been out here I've looked at apostles and prophets a lot differently. They're heroes to me. They are modern-day Captain Moroni's! I hope you enjoy your calling mom and just know that I love ya:)

Tell Evan congrats from me! Even though he makes a horrible dancer, he'll make a terrific husband! It was funny that you mentioned Brad entering the MTC because I've been thinking about him and I've been hoping that he gets sent here to my area first! 

Btw I think I might be getting a bike from Elder Moli. I'll let you know. Church was good. The makeup of my ward is mostly palangis and they still struggle saying my last name. I've been called Elder Heimuley, Himili, Hem and Jabooty (no joke someone actually called me that)...but whatcha gonna do? 

I hope Dad doesn't go overboard, make sure to tell him I said remember he's not as young as he used to be! Speaking of Dad a man named Tim Guenther met me in church and saw my name and asked me if I was related to Dad. I think I mentioned him before, but he literally bear hugged me right there. When he was young he was way into BYU and he told me that he had some troubles as a kid. He went to BYU games when he could and one time he said he snuck into the locker room and saw Dad in there. He told me that Dad -- the super cool and the #1 player there -- autographed one of his hand pads just for him and gave it to him. Dad probably didn't even think twice about it but Tim cherished that pad. He told me he never washed it from that day and he kept it in a case. 

When he heard I was Dad's son he decided to give it to me because he said his kids didn't appreciate it as much he knew I would. So last night around 8 pm there he was, running up the steps to our apartment to give me the pad and talk about Dad and Uncle Hema (again). He told me he went to Provo HS and admired Uncle Hema, and because of the autographed arm pad he also admired Dad. Those 2 OG's are legendary let me tell ya.

But let me tell you why that's so significant to this week for me. So me and Freeman (my freakin' awesome trainer) went to the temple a lot with investigators who weren't really investigators we found but really just part-member families or friends of members. It was exciting to see so much interest in the temple. However, during the week, when we tried to follow up, most of the investigators were pretty much too busy to talk to us. It was way discouraging because we thought they were interested, but then they couldn't even find the time to talk with us anymore. Then on Sunday lots of things went wrong and me and Freeman were just super frustrated and annoyed. 

So when Tim came and talked to me about Dad and Uncle, I felt happier because I knew he wasn't just there by chance. I needed to know that someone cared about how I was feeling at that moment, and that someone sent Tim. He told me how cool Dad and Uncle Hema were, and yet how nice and how hard working they were, too. It really did pick me up. I could just imagine Dad or Uncle Hema sitting in my situation. They wouldn't mope around or feel sorry for themselves like I was feeling sorry for myself. They would get up and go and work. 

Dad and Uncle Hema were examples to Tim and they're examples to me, too. It may sound kinda dumb but the example Dad and Uncle Hema were to Tim and the way they treated him 30 years ago came around full circle and helped me out yesterday. No one on earth could've guessed that Dad and Uncle Hema's interactions with Tim would've impacted him so much. No one on earth could've predicted Tim would end up in Indiana and that I would be serving in his ward 30 years later. And no one on earth would've known that yesterday was kind of a low point for me. 

Notice I said "no one on earth"...but God knows. That's the message I want you to share with the family at the next meeting:  that being an example really does have an astronomical effect. That being examples to others on how to be loving, hard working, humble etc., are so crucial. That God loves us and knows our situations exactly. 

You never know the lives you will bless or the people you are going to reach through your example. Look at Jesus' example He set for us. He continues to touch the lives of every single person who ever lived, lives or will live. Look at Dad and Uncle Hema. Two examples who reached Tim 30 years ago and who yesterday reached me. Crazy how God works. What a blessing it is to serve Him and to witness miracles. I'm loving the work and I love you guys! 

Ofa Lahi Atu,

Elder Heimuli


Some days are longer and hotter than others.
Elder Heimuli and Elder Moli making spam musubi.
Elder Freeman chowing down on musubi
Elder Heimuli, Moli, Freeman, Shoenman (from Cottonwood HS) and Weese (from Mt Crest) at Sports Night.

An Unrecognized Number

We just received a text from an unrecognized number:

Here is a picture of your son with an arm pad from the 1984 National Championship team, which you gave to me as a boy. Just taken today. Hope you have a nice day!  Tim Guenther


We replied:

Thank you so much Bro Guenther! That is an OLD pad. Lol. Please give Elder Heimuli our love.


Bro. Guenther replied:

I let him read your message. He smiled and I hugged him for you. He is a fine young man! I'd like to share with you the story behind the hand pad...I was about 11-12 years old. BYU football was everything to me. I went to many games and practices and I'd hang around hoping for a wave or something from a player. Usually they ran right past us. One day when I was at the Smith Fieldhouse, #35 noticed me, stopped and took off your arm pad. You even signed it for me. I never washed it and it was a prized possession for many years. 

When I spoke with Houston, I felt I should give it to him as it was special to me from his dad. Sorry for the long text, but please know that it was an awesome gift to me, and I still love you for doing that.