Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 9 - The Power to Change Eternities

Hi mom!!!

Good to hear that Hema is still speaking Spanish and still feels the influences of his mission (I'm sure that never ends). Hows Hendrix? Is he ok? I hope and pray you all recover! It seems that old age (talking bout you and dad, not Hendrix lol) and life just hit all of us like that! But I know Hema and Norma and just all you guys' faith will make it ok. Lately we've been doing ALOT of blessings. The one thing I always remember is that they're based on faith and God's will. We must have faith in God that He will do what's best for us. It may not what we want but He knows us best. Hey tell the Robinson's that I said Hi :)  I hope they are all doing well. I miss having really cool Sunday School teachers!

I see that Hevynn and Bo still look good! Haha I think the 80's style really fits them ;) haha and yeah I remember Alex! He was a stud in school and soccer, I loved that guy! So no more polos and khakis for Harry huh? YAAAAAAYYYY haha now he won't grow up to be all weird and socially awkward like me :) I'm excited for him and there's nothing to be worried about. Tell him I know that he will have fun and make many friends. But there are 3 things he needs to do that I wished I did more. Be Nice, Be Smart, and Be YOURSELF. Harry was already good at those though so no need for me to be concerned. 
It's good to hear that you are healthy enough to go back to work! I'm always sad to hear about y'all aging and I'm not there to help. But Harry is there for you guys. It also sounds like a fun little family trip you guys are about to take haha. But good luck mom on everything from Young Womens to Work! 
So dads still limping around too? He's always been tough so I'm a little worried that he's limping still, he didn't really complain when he was in pain so hearing he's still limping must mean it's worse than I thought. I pray you all recover and feel better!
Just messing around showing off our hoodies. Go Cardinal!

Go Aggies!

Oh and thanks for the packages :) haha I really enjoyed the tuna and chicken! I especially was happy when I got my sweatshirts! See in the mornings and later at night it gets colder and Freeman likes things cooler (you know he's from Logan lol) so i finally got hoodies to keep warm :) Oh and thank you for the G's you sent me!! You are a life saver, but I guess you know exactly what to send when you've already done this 3 other times haha. 
This week has just been another busy missionary filled week. But we had Zone Conference and we had the Temple Dedication that just made the week that much better. So at ZC we just received training about black boxes that monitor our every movement while driving (ugh) and how to be more effective missionaries. But the best part was a quote that Elder Gubler shared which said, "Missionaries have the power to change ETERNITIES." Wow. That kinda slapped me in the face. I realized how critical this work is and how much harder I have to work so I can help others receive eternal happiness. 
On Sunday was the Temple Dedication. It was awesome. President Eyring and Elder Ballard both spoke about the temple and the blessings it brings. I always try to pull out 1 important quote or detail from every training and event and this one was SACRIFICE. Pres. Eyring said that going to the temple and feeling that awesome power shouldn't be a sacrifice. Those people who traveled thousands of miles and gave up homes and comfort didn't think that going to the temple was a sacrifice. All they thought about was the promised blessings and the joy they could feel only in the Lord's house. So are we dragging our feet to the Temple thinking of it as a burden or sacrifice? Are we going to church and sacrament only thinking that it is taking time out of our day and we are sacrificing our time for it? As a missionary am I thinking about the sacrifice I made to be out here and not about bringing those to salvation and changing eternities? NO. 
We ought to be thinking of the blessings and the promises that God has given us. So awake and do God's work, boldly go and do it, not with the attitude of it's a sacrifice. But that it is a blessing and it is exactly what God wants us to do. I testify that if we will do this, we will showered by God's blessings and His Love. So here's just a little scripture about temples D&C 109:13 -
13 And that all people who shall enter upon the threshold of the Lord’s house may feel thy power, and feel constrained to acknowledge that thou hast sanctified it, and that it is thy house, a place of thy holiness.
This scripture talks about the temple and the power that it holds.
Love you mom. I hope everything goes well with you and the family!
Ofa Lahi Atu!!
Elder Heimuli

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