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Monday, September 26, 2016

Letter from a Missionary Mom

[Note from Mom: Got an email from my dear friend Marsha Dunn whose son is a professor and graduate student at Purdue University. So thankful for the connections made as a result of our children's decisions to serve missions.]
Hi Pania,

I talked to Sam today and he told me all about his visit with Elder Heimuli! He said he could tell what a great and committed missionary he is, but he felt bad that he didn't think to take a picture of them together and send it so I could forward it to you. Sam said he stopped into the Institute building for a few minutes and he saw the missionaries in the distance. He remembered that he was to be on the lookout for Elder Heimuli, so he approached them and started talking. He introduced himself and asked if he had a brother who served a mission in Ecuador. Houston looked so amazed, and said, "Yes. How did you know?" 

Sam said, "Your Mom and mine are really good friends," and Houston looked even more amazed. But then Sam talked about the missionary mom thing and then Houston must have remembered that you had told him to also be on the lookout for Sam. They had a nice conversation that turned into football talk because Sam was actually there to meet a guy that he had a bet with about the outcome of the BYU/Utah game (Sam was the loser, incidentally.) This friend of Sam's and Houston really got into detailed football talk. Sam said he could offer a comment now and then so he didn't appear completely out of touch. Houston asked Sam if he had been a football player also, and Sam laughed and said, "No, look at me--how could I be a football player?" And Houston said that maybe he could have been a wide receiver! 

Anyway, they had a good time visiting with one another. I told Sam to be sure to take a picture if he ever runs into him again. So, they finally met and I'm glad to report that all is well with Elder Heimuli and that he is out doing the Lord's work with great enthusiasm. I'm sure he is a good influence and trainer to the missionaries there at Purdue, because Sam said they could be doing better. He said they got a little lazy during the summer when there aren't as many students there, and it has kind of continued into the Fall when the missionary work usually picks up. He said there are usually lots of investigators working with the missionaries, but not so much right now. So it's good that Elder Heimuli comes once in a while to get them motivated and trained, and set such a good example of a wonderful missionary.

Hope all is well with you and the rest of your family.
Lots of love,

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 66 - Did You Mormons Plan That?

Hi mom :)

Sorry for writing you late! But things seems to be going well and busy at home! Harry is working hard in football, and Helam is as well! And all the families are sooo cute :) Hendrix is looking adorable, Kiegan is looking adorable (and moody like her dad, haha) and I don't see Bo's face at all so I'm happy ;) Jk tell him I love him and I hope that all our families are doing well :)

But here is kind of what's going on here!

Sunday - So T didn't come :( but it was a good day nonetheless. We are still just working to get someone else to church, and it's been very difficult lately. But we won't give up :) After church we went and had our last dinner with our office couple, the Andersons :(  They have helped out this mission so much and they are going to be missed by everyone. They left to go home to Washington on Tuesday. That night we talked about the change and growth you develop as you go throughout your mission. They wanted to become better member missionaries and assist the missionaries where they live. They also shared how their testimony has deepened and they can feel the difference now. It reminded me of a scripture in Alma 5:26...

And now behold, I say unto you, my brethren, if ye have experienced a change of heart, and if ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?

I hope then when I feel that change, when I feel that love and that Spirit, I pray that I will never forget it. 

Monday - We had meetings pretty much all day. Oh and it was Elder Quick's bday!!! I didn' have time to run up to Elkhart (it's 2 hrs away) but I still wished him a happy bday. After all the meetings we went to FHE for the YSA and that was great, too. After FHE we had to go and run some supplies over to another set of missionaries in Downtown Indianapolis. There we spent some time with the elders. We talked about faith and repentance. Some people struggle with repenting. Not with confessing, but with forgiving. One missionary expressed to us how even though he has repented he felt like all the bad things that were happening around him were because he must not have repented enough. He's right in a way. He's not right in thinking that he hasn't repented enough. The reason he feels bad is because he hasn't forgiven himself, so he hasn't allowed the atonement to work for him. And he's no different than most of us. Really the only thing inhibiting our ability to feel the spirit and benefit from the atonement and its cleansing effects is us. If we aren't willing to forgive ourselves, we aren't truly changing. It was a cool learning experience for me, too, and it was a very spiritual night.

Tuesday - We said goodbye to the Andersons. We got to help them gather all their stuff and we got to have one final prayer offered by Elder Anderson. What a powerful prayer he said, in which he fervently prayed for all the missionaries out in the mission field. I could feel the power behind that prayer. And it made me think, that's just the power of one prayer that I witnessed. There are millions of prayers like that out there throughout the world praying for the missionaries! After the prayers and goodbyes they left and we got to work. We went and talked to lots of people but no one was really interested in our message. Then we went around the Indy West stake and dropped off various supplies and stuff. After running things around for hours we had dinner with a LA family and it was a great evening.

Wednesday - We went on exchanges to Purdue University. It was a blast. I got to go with an Elder Green for the exchange. Campus is a fun place because there is just nonstop teaching and talking. So that's what we did for 6 hrs. After that we had a couple lessons with some Recent Converts, which made it a pretty successful day. There was a cool miracle though. While we were PCing Elder Lords and Wimmer were talking to a girl by a water fountain. She was just hanging out, not doing anything at all. Elder Lords invited her to come check out the Institute building and go on a little tour. They had a tour, they taught her about the restoration and she wanted to get baptized! It was amazing!! So we all just grinded and talked to as many people as we could. It was a good day. Oh and I met Brother Dunn at Purdue. He said you and his mom were best friends haha! I finally got to meet him, he is a really cool guy too. [Note from mom: Ten years ago when Hema was serving his mission, I joined the Ecuador Missionary Mom group which included moms of missionaries serving in the Quito, Guayaquil North and Guayaquil South missions. Marsha Dunn's son Sam served in the South mission. We met on email, then Marsha hosted several MM dinners, and we've all supported one another at missionary homecomings, weddings, funerals, etc. Our group of missionary moms have been close friends for over 10 years now! Our children's choices to serve missions have brought such blessings and wonderful people into our lives, and the gospel of Jesus Christ makes this such a small world.]

I also saw Sister Coburn's [from Laie, Hawaii] daughter and got to catch up with some people from Columbus. One of them was a Shoaf and she's related to that BYU guy (all Shoafs from Columbus are related). So it was a fun, busy and miracle-filled day.

Thursday -  We had a meeting with President that morning and helped out Elder Taka and Elder Fonohema that day. After that we had a lesson with a RC in our branch and we had President come teach with us. He is a powerful teacher and we are blessed to have him as our mission president. After the lesson we tried to contact less actives and went back to the office to finish some paperwork. 

Friday - We attended the Indy West Zone Meeting. It was great. The zone leaders are Elders Pauu and Wood.
With Elder Pau'u
They taught about how we can become more effective with our time and how we can set goals to help increase our vision for our Zone. Technically, Wimmer and I are part of the Indy West Zone. After attending that meeting we did a Temple session with our branch. I will never get sick of going to the temple. What a great place to be! I think we take it for granted in Bountiful. We literally lived like 15 min away and I still didn't go to the temple regularly. But now it is one of the most enjoyable experiences. Then went back to the office and finished some more work.

Saturday - We had a service opportunity on Saturday to work at the Special Olympics. I LOVE it!!!!
WIth Elder Huntington

Elder Taka (in BYU shirt) and Elder Pau'u

With Elders Fonohema and Taka

A car full of misionaries leaving the Special Olympics
We got to run the awards table for softball and it's always amazing to see the beautiful smiles on the participants' faces when they come through :) The event took all day but it was worth it. I also got to announce the names of all the players and medals they won! It was pretty funny. There was one guy whose name was Joseph Smith.... We missionaries just went nuts cheering for him. Then a random guy walked up and said, "Did you Mormons plan that?" He smiled and laughed and we all had a good time. Because of the fun we had and the work we were doing everyone was asking what church we belonged to. And those who knew who we were really respected our beliefs. One coach was thanking us and talking to me when his friend came up and said, "Hey want to come and grab a bee---" He stopped because he saw my name tag. He looked and me, then looked at his friend, and said, "I mean, wanna come and grab a BEVERAGE?" Haha it made me laugh out loud and smile with gratitude because I knew he knew who I was and he respected my beliefs. So it was a fantastic day.

So I'm sorry for not emailing back yesterday. We were at the Special Olympics all day. But I do want to say congratulations to Tini boy and his family. It's great to hear about him giving a blessing to his baby. The power of the priesthood is amazing. That's just kind of my message to the family. Stay worthy of the priesthood. Exercise it worthily. And if you haven't received the priesthood yet, then prepare to receive it. I'm grateful for the priesthood and its influence in my life. From those priesthood holders like my dad, brothers, grandpas, uncles and cousins, to friends like our bishop, ward members, leaders, etc. All have played a pivotal role in getting me to where I am currently. The Priesthood has the power to shape futures -- the power to bind whatsoever is on earth to heaven. It is a gift of God's own power, given to us to wield for our families and fellowmen. I'm so grateful for the priesthood, and I'm so grateful for the chance I have to be with the family I love for ETERNITY. Please give my love to the family mom! Love you and I hope you all have a great week!

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

Waiting up here to ambush the elders with a Nerf gun

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 65 - Always Remember

Hi Mom..... and Harry haha!

Well Harry did a great job at reporting for tired mom this week :) What a little STUD. And good for him too for going out and doing Orchestra!!!! He will be great. Everyone else sounds like they are as busy as ever! As for Indiana it's busy as ever too haha!
Monday- Elder Wimmer and I gave a blessing to a member. We had a great chat with him. His family actually introduced us to him because they all came down to drop him off. He is from Washington DC. After giving him a blessing we went to a zone football pday... that was fun :) haha Then we went to a Branch activity and played wiffle ball. Sadly we couldn't get any of our investigators to come. 

Tuesday- Just loads of meetings. We also got some x-rays done on Wimmer's hand because his pinky has been swollen for about 3 weeks now. We found out he actually broke it!!!! Dang! And it didn't even really faze him that much. Then we went to a dinner with an awesome less active family and they brought some of their non member friends to dinner. We talked about the Book of Mormon. Let me just say that it's really amazing how much the spirit can work through someone. When we started talking about the Book of Mormon the member starting remembering things he used to know and I saw a little light shine in his eyes. It was definitely not anything that we said. It never is. But I know that when the spirit is present, people begin to understand and learn. So that was a cool experience. Afterwards we exchanged info with some of their friends and hopefully we get to meet with them this week :)
At dinner with Elder Wimmer, Elder Taka, me and Elder Fonohema, well-fed by a family in the Beech Grove ward
Wednesday- We were supposed to meet with H but she cancelled on us :/ it's disappointing and sad but it's okay. I know it's a choice. Life is full of choices that have eternal consequences. I've learned that it's important to always remember that our choices determine our destiny. So when H cancelled on us we chose to give service that day and ended up meeting a cool member in the Westfield ward named Brother Schwobell. He's amazing. He's from Germany and was raised a member so it was really cool to listen to him remember what it was like to grow up as an LDS member in Germany. He sounds alot like Pres. Uchtdorff. Brother Schwobell also has that glint in his eye that just makes you happy to be in his presence and talk with him :) So we did service then prepared for MLC the next day!

Thursday- MLC :) included alot of instruction from President. I'm thankful for the blessing of serving a mission. I hope I always remember what I'm learning here :) We discussed how special the Restoration really is, how glorious this message of the Restored Gospel really is. It's a message that brings Hope and Change. It's a message that provides clear direction, a clear and understandable truth. It's a message proclaiming that this is His true Church and the fullness of the gospel is right here on the earth today. For everyone who has been searching and couldn't find it, now they can. It's more than just a message we share. It is restored truth. MLC was awesome. We did a lot of role playing and practicing and ended the day. Afterwards Elder Wimmer and I went and visited people.

Friday- We took a missionary to the hospital and got him situated there. He's okay. He just has a broken ankle. It's our duty to care for the missionaries here and we try to help them in every way we can. After that we went and met with a sister who used to serve here in Indiana. We went to lunch with her and her dad and I found out that they are related to Robbie Bosco! Haha, I think they were surprised I even knew the name. Of course I remember that name so well because of all dad's highlights I watched while growing up! My dad, Robbie Bosco and so many other player names I remember from watching videos of that '84 national championship. It was just another funny reminder of how small the world is, especially within the church. After lunch we finished some more office stuff then went to dinner with the Tua family.
Dinner with Aunty Tua
None of them are members but they have family members who are LDS. We had a FANTASTIC dinner with them and we got to read the Book of Mormon with one of their kids who really seems interested. We are hoping he progresses and continues to learn. It was funny, when we opened the Book of Mormon we found out he has been reading this whole time!!!!!!!!! What an amazing guy. We are hoping to see him at church on Sunday :)

Saturday- Today we went to a baptism in the branch. The sisters in the branch are phenomenal! We are so lucky to work with them. And there's not a better feeling than to see just the change in countenance when someone enters the water and comes out clean, pure and happy! Ask Hema, Helam, Hevynn, Bo or anyone who has served a mission. Having the privilege and blessing of seeing the shining face of someone being baptized is something you will always remember. So now I am emailing you and we are about to go visit some more less actives. 

That's about it! This week has been amazing so far, and I pray I can keep it going this way. Do you know what will make it even better? If Helam wins today :) 

Love you mom (and Harry haha!). We gotta run but I hope you have a great week :)

Ofa Lahi Atu,

Elder Heimuli

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 64 - We Killed Chickens

Hi Mom!
I really don't know where this came from
Sorry for the late reply. Things have been pretty hectic here, almost as hectic as what's going on at home! So the Ogden house is slowly but surely being built and getting ready for the newbies to move in huh? Well, good thing Hevynn and Bo have awesome families and Helam and Alyssa to help haha! And I know I'm late but tell Bo happy bday from me. I know he misses me (probs not) but I miss him and love all the fam at home! Hope his bday party was awesome! 

Hema is also very thoughtful. That was so nice of him to bring you poke (and Hendrix!) to your work. I'm sure it did make you feel better. Weird how kids stress you out, but grand kids make your day better haha!!! But for reals Hema and Norma are awesome and always super thoughtful of other people.

CONGRATS TO AKA!!!!! HECK YEAH!!! Haha so I can visit her when I'm in California :) well only if her president allows it....hopefully. She will be a great missionary, I'm so excited for her. She's going to be the funny, cool, energetic sister missionary!

Speaking of missionaries, Dallin's letter was awesome. What a stud. I know he is just killing it out there and he is a strong servant of the Lord. 

So those investigators you asked about didn't come to church, BUT another one did!!!!! It was actually a friend of one of the members that we invited, and she came!!! It was awesome! After 6 months we finally have someone at church. She likes the church, but she is part of another religion. However, she says she likes to explore theology and is willing to listen and learn. I'm hoping that the spirit will touch her. We are meeting with her this Wednesday, so pray for us that things go well on this one. And thank you for all the prayers! We can feel the difference and we definitely need all the prayers we can get. But that was very exciting. Easily "the best thing that happened" to me this week.

This week was an interesting one! So Monday we had meetings with President for a while. But after we were done we went over to an awesome member's house in Beech Grove named Grandma Banks. What a sweet woman. We had a BBQ at her house for Labor Day. Yes, I over ate!

On Tuesday we did a ton of office work and then had dinner with a less active member and his son. The father has another son who is on a mission and that son asked us to visit his dad and his brother. We tried knocking on his door the week before. No luck. So Elder Wimmer left a card with his number on it which said, "Your son Noah told us to come by." A little back story: Noah and Elder Wimmer were good friends before Noah left on a mission. Wimmer wanted to visit Noah's father really bad because he had asked him to. The next day we got a call from Noah's dad who questioned why we left the card there. He acted like we were bothering him. But then when Wimmer told the man that his son had sent him, the guy was suddenly so happy. So happy that he invited us to dinner! When we came to dinner on Tuesday, he just let us right in and we all had a good time that night. We shared a message about drawing closer to Christ, accepting God's will and increasing our faith. It was a spiritual lesson and now we are going back to see them every Tuesday! Did I mention that he makes some AMAZING food? Well he does!!

On Wednesday was specialized training. During this time all the new missionaries come together and we train them on various subjects. Elder Wimmer and I did training on talking to people and FINDING. The core to missionary work is finding. In fact that's pretty much what missionary work consists of. There's no one to teach unless you go out and find, right? We shared some good examples and role plays, and the training went really well. After that Elder Wimmer and I had dinner with a YSA member at the Fishers chapel. It was nice that we didn't have to travel far for that one.
This returned sister missionary fed all of us at the Fishers chapel
After which we ran and dropped off various things to different areas and visited some members.
We had to drive this huge van and trailer which sucked to drive
Thursday we went on exchanges down in Bloomington on the IU campus. Elder Wimmer went with some elders in the area next to us, and I went on exchanges with the Bloomington zone leaders. We pretty much just personal contacted the whole day. While we were contacting I ran into a girl and starting asking her if she knew what I was. She said, "Of course I know. You're a missionary! I'm actually Mormon too." I found out she just moved to IU from Pennsylvania and has been pretty less active her whole life. So we got her info and the zone leaders are now working with her.

Later that day we also had a volleyball game. I remembered that Elder Wimmer and I knew a non member who lived in Bloomington and asked if she wanted to come play. She did, and she brought her friend!!! So before the game started Elder Wimmer and I actually took them to the chapel and had a lesson with them. It was a spiritual lesson, and by the end of it we committed them to read the Book of Mormon and meet with the missionaries down in Bloomington. They said they would and actually one of the girls said, "I've always wanted my own Book of Mormon." I was pretty happy when she said that. Not going to lie.

On Friday we drove back from Bloomington and PC'd (Personal Contacted) IUPUI. We actually enlisted the help of the Indy North Zone Leaders and we all blitzed our campus. We found a lot of potentials and hopefully we get to see 2 of them this week!!! I'm praying that they hold!!
Wimmer took this pic of me and another elder contacting on campus
After PCing all day we went back to the office and finished some more work. Then we went to dinner at the Christensens home. They are the family that texted you the picture of Elder Wimmer and I with 3 of their boys. They are a great family and we shared a lesson on sacrifice. 

What are we willing to sacrifice in order to be closer to God? How about 30 min of scripture reading vs time spent playing video games? How about a day of sleeping in vs a day to go out and serve someone? Or going to church vs hanging out with friends? What are going to give up to become better disciples of Christ? It was a good lesson and we had loads of fun as well.

On Saturday we were really busy. We had the mission temple day, a day set aside every month to have all the recent converts and returning less actives come to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. Elder Wimmer and I coordinate those and it is a very busy task. But the best thing about temple days are the faces of the people when they know they are doing such an important work for their loved ones. You really see how much it means to some people and how precious they view this ordinance. People who have not even been in the church longer than a month value the temple so much. It's truly an amazing experience.

After the temple day Elder Wimmer and I went down to Bloomington to do a service project on a farm owned by Grandma Banks. We killed chickens :)
It's over for this chicken

And these chickens too
Never did that before, so it was a fun experience. In fact we cooked the chickens later and it was delicious. 

So we cooked them...and ate them

But after the service project and cooking the chickens we ran back to Fishers to finish preparations for various meetings the next day, for Church, and for a "Why I Believe" fireside. "Why I Believe" is an amazing experience in which the recent converts come together and we have a little fireside to hear their testimonies and learn how they came to know the church was true. 

Wow, whenever you hear the testimony of a recent convert it just makes you shiver sometimes. It's so pure. They truly have changed their lives and they can feel that change. We can feel that change whenever they express it through their testimonies. It's always such an uplifting experience.

So the week was great. I've had a lot of experiences and I've done a lot of work. But it's so great and I am loving the mission I am on. 

I hope everything at home is going well mom! Give my love to all the family!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Week 63 - I Hate Transfers

Hi Mom!

Wow, time sure flies by! But it's good to hear how the family is doing. So the Bolens are all in town now!!! I love them. I hope they are doing well. Give my love to them and especially to Faith. I never had a pet (the gerbil was Helam's and the guinea pig was Hevynn's) but I imagine it's hard to lose one.

Helam got cleared to play!!! And it looks like Weber State held off better than they did last time! So that means that they are improving :) Speaking of Weber State, is Cameron playing next year then? He's looking really good in that pic with Hev and Bo! 

Wow, I was just thinking of Dallin today, and I had not even heard about the earthquake. Aunty has nothing to worry about, God will always protect His servants. I think there have been multiple times were I've seen missionaries who should've been hurt or killed but everything came out okay. It's a miracle. And miracles always happen. Especially out here on the mission. 

I didn't know Hema was working at Comic Con? That must be fun, but also pretty tiring. It sounds like you and Dad and Harry just loved having Hendrix there for a couple days. And Kiegan too for just a short time. Hema and Norma, and Helam and Alyssa are doing such a great job with their families. Hevynn and Bo are busy starting their life together too. I bet things get rough, especially when we don't get everything we think we need. But in the end God never forsakes, and sometimes we need to go through trials...loss of a loved one, disaster, physical, spiritual, financial, emotional, etc. 

That brings up a little connection to what's been happening this week. So transfers happened Tuesday, and man, how busy that was! Elder Wimmer and I were flying around trying to get everyone and everything situated for transfers.
Welcoming and picking up our newest missionaries
Farewell dinner at the mission home with departing missionaries
It was just chaotic and stressful (I hate transfers), and things were just going wrong left and right. The day after is the day we call TRANSFER FIRE DAY because we are putting out fires all day and pretty much resolve any concerns or anything that went wrong. First, we found out a set of missionaries left their car here and they live 144 miles away! So on Thursday we drove all the way there to take their car to them. On the way we dealt with a lot of other stuff that went wrong in the mission, and the only ones anyone can turn to is us. We felt pretty down and pretty tired at the end of the day. 

On Transfer Fire Day I always run around too much and get real sweaty. You're welcome mom! haha
Then we remembered we had to run to a dinner appointment with a Poly family who aren't members. They live right next to Fishers. Elder Wimmer and I were pretty exhausted with everything going on and we just thought, "Well, maybe things will get better."

So we arrived at their house and they had dinner all ready for us. Oh my goodness, I thought I was at home. Chop Suey, Chicken Curry, Musubi, Kumala, everything!!! We were soooo happy haha. Weird how food can do that to ya! To me, haha. After dinner we got to know their family a little more. Then one of the kids who is about 20 asked us a bunch of questions about our beliefs. We answered every one of his questions, then proceeded to give our dinner message. Suddenly, this kid decided he'd Facetime his cousin, who was at IU, so he could also hear our message. Apparently they both have been wondering about our beliefs and they both wanted to learn more about our church. We shared a message on miracles and faith out of Hebrew chapter 11. And here's where the trials and tribulation part comes in. I noticed on the next chapter a cool scripture. Hebrews 12:6-13, 

"For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not?

But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.

Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? For they verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness.

Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.

Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed."

The greatest miracles are the ones that follow a trial, a tribulation or challenge. As we read this scripture, we could feel the Spirit help these two young adults realize why challenges happened in their lives, and how if they just remained faithful, they would see miracles as well. 

It was a great lesson. We are actually going back next week for dinner again :) :) yes! So that was great.

On the drive home we opened up that scripture again and read it together out loud. We both gained added faith and a stronger testimony in the wisdom of God. We talked about how crappy some things went this week, but how it was swallowed up in the joy of another blessing from God.

And it didn't end there. The next day we were blessed with an open schedule. We decided we'd go proselyte for as long as we could that day. We went and PC'd (personal contacted) for 7-8 hours!!!!!!!!!! It felt good -- and weird -- to get back into the groove of things. It was great. We saw soooooo many miracles. There was one while we were on Campus. We were just walking and saying hi to people when a girl passed by us. She looked timid so we just smiled and said hi. She shyly said hi back and kept walking. We were impressed to turn around and talk to her some more. So we did! And she was the humblest, nicest girl. We taught her about the restoration and committed her to coming to church. She said YES!!! So we are praying she comes to church tomorrow

Then as we were PC-ing downtown, Elder Wimmer had a prompting to talk to this dude eating a pizza. This guy was awesome. He expressed to us how he just got out of jail and was committing himself to get closer to God. He said he hasn't been inside a church in a long time and wanted to check ours out. So we invited him as well!!! We are hoping we can see 2 people at church tomorrow :) Throughout that day we saw so many miracles and little graces God gave us. It kept us motivated to keep going. And it made us grateful for our challenges this week. Now I know for myself that after a great trial, the blessing always follows IF we are faithful. 

So let's be faithful. Things will always be rough, and I'm not the most experienced person in life, but I can definitely testify that God always has something in store for the faithful. He is constantly watching over us and is always aware of our circumstances. 

That was one of the greatest things that happened this week. 

Also this week I dropped off Elder McCloud. What a stud. I'm going to miss that guy. 

He helped me a lot up in Niles and he will always be one of my good friends. His talk is not for another couple weeks, so I will make sure to keep you updated when and where so you can hopefully meet him! What an awesome guy. 

Anyways that's kind of just what's been happening with me. I'm truly loving the mission and I am working as hard as I can to get this little bit of work done that the Lord has for me to do. Elder Wimmer is awesome. He is a great missionary and a great person. 

Tell Grandpa and Grandma I miss them! And tell Grandpa that his Buddy Boy is working hard and hopefully making him proud :) And I also know you are coming up on your Anniversary soon right? I hope that you can reflect on those 31 years and know that you and dad have accomplished something that most people don't. A relationship that has lasted throughout many trials and tribulations. A relationship that God has blessed. A relationship that is eternal, and a beacon to all of us kids striving to do the same :) 

Love you mom, Give my love to the family!

Ofa Lahi Atu,

Elder Heimuli