Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week 65 - Always Remember

Hi Mom..... and Harry haha!

Well Harry did a great job at reporting for tired mom this week :) What a little STUD. And good for him too for going out and doing Orchestra!!!! He will be great. Everyone else sounds like they are as busy as ever! As for Indiana it's busy as ever too haha!
Monday- Elder Wimmer and I gave a blessing to a member. We had a great chat with him. His family actually introduced us to him because they all came down to drop him off. He is from Washington DC. After giving him a blessing we went to a zone football pday... that was fun :) haha Then we went to a Branch activity and played wiffle ball. Sadly we couldn't get any of our investigators to come. 

Tuesday- Just loads of meetings. We also got some x-rays done on Wimmer's hand because his pinky has been swollen for about 3 weeks now. We found out he actually broke it!!!! Dang! And it didn't even really faze him that much. Then we went to a dinner with an awesome less active family and they brought some of their non member friends to dinner. We talked about the Book of Mormon. Let me just say that it's really amazing how much the spirit can work through someone. When we started talking about the Book of Mormon the member starting remembering things he used to know and I saw a little light shine in his eyes. It was definitely not anything that we said. It never is. But I know that when the spirit is present, people begin to understand and learn. So that was a cool experience. Afterwards we exchanged info with some of their friends and hopefully we get to meet with them this week :)
At dinner with Elder Wimmer, Elder Taka, me and Elder Fonohema, well-fed by a family in the Beech Grove ward
Wednesday- We were supposed to meet with H but she cancelled on us :/ it's disappointing and sad but it's okay. I know it's a choice. Life is full of choices that have eternal consequences. I've learned that it's important to always remember that our choices determine our destiny. So when H cancelled on us we chose to give service that day and ended up meeting a cool member in the Westfield ward named Brother Schwobell. He's amazing. He's from Germany and was raised a member so it was really cool to listen to him remember what it was like to grow up as an LDS member in Germany. He sounds alot like Pres. Uchtdorff. Brother Schwobell also has that glint in his eye that just makes you happy to be in his presence and talk with him :) So we did service then prepared for MLC the next day!

Thursday- MLC :) included alot of instruction from President. I'm thankful for the blessing of serving a mission. I hope I always remember what I'm learning here :) We discussed how special the Restoration really is, how glorious this message of the Restored Gospel really is. It's a message that brings Hope and Change. It's a message that provides clear direction, a clear and understandable truth. It's a message proclaiming that this is His true Church and the fullness of the gospel is right here on the earth today. For everyone who has been searching and couldn't find it, now they can. It's more than just a message we share. It is restored truth. MLC was awesome. We did a lot of role playing and practicing and ended the day. Afterwards Elder Wimmer and I went and visited people.

Friday- We took a missionary to the hospital and got him situated there. He's okay. He just has a broken ankle. It's our duty to care for the missionaries here and we try to help them in every way we can. After that we went and met with a sister who used to serve here in Indiana. We went to lunch with her and her dad and I found out that they are related to Robbie Bosco! Haha, I think they were surprised I even knew the name. Of course I remember that name so well because of all dad's highlights I watched while growing up! My dad, Robbie Bosco and so many other player names I remember from watching videos of that '84 national championship. It was just another funny reminder of how small the world is, especially within the church. After lunch we finished some more office stuff then went to dinner with the Tua family.
Dinner with Aunty Tua
None of them are members but they have family members who are LDS. We had a FANTASTIC dinner with them and we got to read the Book of Mormon with one of their kids who really seems interested. We are hoping he progresses and continues to learn. It was funny, when we opened the Book of Mormon we found out he has been reading this whole time!!!!!!!!! What an amazing guy. We are hoping to see him at church on Sunday :)

Saturday- Today we went to a baptism in the branch. The sisters in the branch are phenomenal! We are so lucky to work with them. And there's not a better feeling than to see just the change in countenance when someone enters the water and comes out clean, pure and happy! Ask Hema, Helam, Hevynn, Bo or anyone who has served a mission. Having the privilege and blessing of seeing the shining face of someone being baptized is something you will always remember. So now I am emailing you and we are about to go visit some more less actives. 

That's about it! This week has been amazing so far, and I pray I can keep it going this way. Do you know what will make it even better? If Helam wins today :) 

Love you mom (and Harry haha!). We gotta run but I hope you have a great week :)

Ofa Lahi Atu,

Elder Heimuli

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