Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, May 22, 2017


It was a week full of challenges at home.  The highlight of the week was definitely Thursday, May 18th, when the family arrived at the airport to welcome Elder Heimuli home.

A nephew, Hendrix, and a niece, Kiegan, were born while Houston was on a mission.  We were excited to see how the babies would react to him.

One of our challenges was Dad's health, but there he was on crutches to give his son a hug

Hendrix likes Uncle Housty, but Kiegan is not quite sure about him!

A few of Houston's friends, his trainer Kyler Freeman, Grandpa Heimuli and some of his siblings (including siblings-in-law) came to the airport.

It was a tender reunion. Elder Heimuli gave Grandpa lots of kisses, fed him some applesauce and sang a song he wrote in the mission field.

We finally arrived home later that evening to meet with our Stake President for Elder Heimuli's release. On Saturday, there was a Welcome Home BBQ where Houston got to greet several friends from our current ward and our old wards, high school teammates and classmates, Indiana Indianapolis missionaries, relatives, and even the family of a current missionary (serving in Samoa) who is also going to play football at Stanford. Sunday, May 21st, he spoke in church with Luis Goodrich who departs on Tuesday for the El Salvador San Salvador Mission. Houston testified of the Doctrine of the Gospel and his sister Hevynn sang "This is the Christ." His first Mission President Steve Cleveland and his beautiful wife attended along with dozens of missionaries, family, friends, and a coach from Stanford. It was a wonderful day. Houston has grown into an incredible man with a solid testimony and we are SOOOO happy to have him home!

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