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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, May 1, 2017

Letter 3 - Yup, That Was a Highlight

Hi Mom!

Yes we got the package and Thank You so much for it:) We really enjoyed it. Elder Quick is doing great (as far as I know...wait, did he tell you something different?) haha! It's been a blast being with him, and I am so lucky that I am able to serve with my best friend. Things have been going great here in Columbus though! Here are a few highlights of the week!

Zone Conferences!!! I know I hardly ever called it a highlight before but yup, that was a highlight! 
It was one of the best zone conferences I've been to in a long time because I got to sit back and not do anything for the conference haha. I was like a proud dad. Elder Shaw and Elder Gillman did a great job of helping President and Sister Carlson and making sure that conference ran smoothly. 
L to R: Elder Shaw, Quick, Heimuli, Woolsey, Gillman & Taka
We learned a lot of good things and I think a big takeaway for me was Character. There was a cool quote by Hyrum Smith where he said, "Character is the ability to carry out a righteous decision AFTER the emotion of making the decision has passed." 

That hit me hard. I think about all the times where I made a decision in the heat of the moment and then backed out when the smoke cleared. I think about the decisions investigators make when they get hyped up about baptism and certain things and then, when the emotion of that decision has passed, to see where they actually land. Character is more than just having integrity or being a good person. It's having the will and drive to carry out what you decided to do. After we discussed that we learned a lot about the Book of Mormon and how to help investigators read it. It was great!
Elder Heimuli at his last zone conference
Afterwards I was asked to bear my departing testimony. It was weird, after watching countless missionaries give their final testimonies, all of a sudden it was my turn. I had actually thought about what I was going to say for a long time, and when the time actually came....I went blank, haha! Nothing. But it's all good. I really think things are more heartfelt when they aren't written or memorized. Following the zone conference I had my departing interview with President. He is a great man and I've learned a lot from him. We talked a lot about what the plan was for home...and I told him I might be struggling in that area when I get back...because of school and football and stuff. 

This week a tornado hit part of Columbus and a windstorm blew through as well. Our power was out for about a day and then when the storm passed and stuff, we hit the streets and did service. All the Columbus elders were at a different service one day. It took us ALL DAY to finish those projects, some of us cut down a giant tree which destroyed a house, some of us helped move someone out of a run down house, and another set helped a new family move into the ward. So there were a lot of service opportunities this week because of the storm and because of people moving around. 

Sunday was also a fantastic day. So first of all, LJ was there and is excited for his baptism! This week we are focusing on helping him get ready for his baptism. So on Sunday during sacrament meeting we were sitting by LJ when I saw his mom there! Rewind a bit to the day before. I was buying some stuff to teach Sharing Time when I ran into LJ's mom. We talked about his baptism and how we know the gospel will bring her wonderful family together. She was baptized years ago but hasn't really been to church for a while. And none of that matters. Once we understand that God is our Father who just wants us to choose to return to Him because He loves us and wants us to be happy. As we were leaving the store she said she was probably going to come to church in the morning. AND SHE DID! When I saw her I was REALLY happy! 

But it didn't just end there. During sacrament I got a handwritten note from Kim. She shared her thoughts on church that day and said, "I used to hate Fast Sundays, but now that I have been coming back they are my favorite!" She also talked about how she wished testimonies weren't about telling about problems or things happening to people, but more of their testimonies and what they truly believe in! I couldn't agree more. That note made me and Quick happy and we kept it, too. After that note Linda (LJs Grandma) went up to the pulpit and bore her testimony. She hadn't born her testimony in years, and it was an amazing testimony. And again, because she didn't write it out beforehand or talk about her problems, but simply bore testimony of her beliefs and the things she was grateful for, in a nutshell sacrament meeting was amazing. 

After sacrament Elder Quick and I taught Sharing Time for Primary! We cut out little footprints and got a picture of Jesus and taught about the steps we can take to grow closer to Christ. It was fun and it was so cool because I think Primary is where you find the purest testimonies. I was happy we got to teach those kids. 

So that's what's been going on this week. We are continuing to work and we are excited for LJ's baptism. Love you mom! Give the family my love as well! As for the bbq plan, that sounds great. I would post it on my facebook since I don't really have a way to reach my fellow missionaries, except for Freeman and Pau'u. :)

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

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