Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, May 8, 2017

From Elder Quick - I Kept My Promise

Dear Mama Heimuli,

I wanted to send you your own email today. Sorry it's going to be short. I want you to know that I was so grateful for the short 6 weeks I got to serve with my Brother!! Ending it with LJ's baptism. A lot of people were looking at us two in the mission, seeing what we were going to do, or how we were going to perform, you could say. Not that it is a competition or anything. And not that we do work for any other reason than just to work hard, but I hope you know that I kept my promise to you. We worked hard! And I was so grateful we were able to help LJ along the way and that we were able to be part of his baptism day. Elder Heimuli and I will forever love LJ and we'll be able to chill with him someday. It was an honor to serve with your son. I learned many valuable lessons from waking up early, early, early to go running and work out, to gaining all the spiritual insights he has of the Gospel. I know he will do great things when he returns home to you next week. And I will see you in a couple of months. Thanks for raising us both great! We did our best to honor our families :)
Elder Quick

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