Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Week 58 - No Other Place I'd Rather Turn 20

Hi Mom!!!!

Your 20-year old son here :)

Well, sounds like YW Camp was a great success! We can find peace and serenity alone sometimes, but when young women of the stake are "gathered together in [Christ's] name, there [His spirit will always be] in the midst of them." (Matt 18:20). So what a wonderful opportunity to go and do that!! Even if your feet got so jacked up you had to come straight home afterward and get a pedicure ;) haha! That's awesome! 

I was so happy to get those pictures of you and dad on Sunday with Kyler and the Clevelands. 

At President Steve Cleveland and Sister Kip Cleveland's homecoming in Provo
With Kyler Freeman, Houston's trainer (from Logan)
I know for sure that you gave the Clevelands my love and told Kyler hi from me! Thank you so much for doing that, mom and dad. Sounds like last Sunday was another busy one visiting Hevynn and Bo's ward and then the Clevelands' ward, too!'s a coach huh? Haha and Harry said he didn't say a bad word or make anyone cry!? THATS AMAZING!!! Just kidding, I know dad doesn't swear (at other kids, haha). No, but for reals I am happy those kids get to have the greatest coach and mentor that I ever had! And trust me, if my dad can put up with training all of us boys, he can handle training those kids! But can the kids handle him? That's the question ;) I hope Harry is loving it even though his feet hurt. What a trooper!

So after losing a great group of missionaries, we got our new group of missionaries including Elder Fonohema, the son of Aunty Lani's friend. He is a great guy! I actually went on exchanges with him this week! He is a very good missionary, is also very down to earth and nice. He thinks about things before he says them, and not enough people do that (including me) so I really respect that about him. His trainer is also awesome, it's Elder Taka!! I don't know how they got paired together, haha ;) They are both such hard workers. Great guys and great missionaries!!

I want to say thank you sooooo much for that Bday package. Oh my goodness it had the BEST things ever in it! First off, Norma's cookies didn't even make it out of the house. I wolfed those things down soooooo quick! Haha, but the letters and the photo album were my favorite!!!!! Oh my goodness, I love you all very much. But Kiegan's and Hendrix's pictures were adorable! Haha you know I'm about to brag to the whole mission about the best niece and nephew ever!! And Sifa's c4dzynz Stanford hat was so cool! Tell him thank you for me :) I'm honored to have this hat, and I'm wearing it every pday haha!
Birthday gift from Houston's cousin, Sifa Heimuli, CEO of C4DZYNZ
My bday was great though. I got 20 birthday cards in the mail and a bunch of emails from family and friends, please tell them all thank you from me. I have the best family! I also heard from Elder Pili and Sister Welling and they're both about ready to leave the MTC. It is a great place to be, but most missionaries are ready to get out to their missions. And I know why! 

Sister Anderson and the office staff made me a bday cake and it was delicious! What an awesome group I get to be with almost everyday! After that all I really wanted to do was just go out and work. So we went tracting near Butler University campus because all the college students live right by the campus. After that we went and contacted some people and we ran into the Indy North Zone leaders. Elder Redmond (from Ireland) and Elder Walton (who was in my district in the MTC). I love those 2 guys. We met up and then had dinner later that night with them at a Chinese place. Honestly it was a great, great bday! There's no other place I'd rather turn 20 than right here doing what I'm doing right now. Got to do some tracting, found some potentials, got some food (that's key, haha) and got a wonderful package. Not much more I could ask for :)

This week we went on 2 exchanges. One was with Fonohema and Taka in Beech Grove. During tracting with Elder Taka we had a really cool miracle. We knocked into a lady who had a baby and looked kind of annoyed we were knocking at her door. But we continued on and taught a little about our purpose here on earth, and how to find joy in life. It wasn't something we usually talk about at first contact, but we felt we needed to. Then she looked at Taka and said, "Wait, you were here yesterday talking to my step father!" Elder Taka stopped...then thought...then finally remembered! Haha he was like, "OH YEAH!!!! I REMEMBER NOW!!!" And it was cool because then she expressed to us that right before we knocked on the door she was praying because she was having a rough time. So now she will be coming to church this Sunday!!! What a miracle. What a great experience. 

Then I went on an exchange with Elder Pau'u a couple days ago. We went to Eagle Creek and decided to contact referrals and formers. Well, we found no success. The areas we were in were fairly wealthy. We tried tracting and we decided that the best approach was to go to those who were humble enough. So we went to another area and tracted again with tons of energy. We found success and tracted into a guy who was 21 who was interested. So now we have a new potential investigator for me and Elder Wimmer! 

Our area is technically IUPUI, a combined campus in Indianapolis for Indiana University and Purdue University (and the last "i" stands for Indianapolis). But thanks to our car situation we are able to hit all the campuses within Indianapolis and there are tons! So we have a broad area, but unfortunately lots of new potentials or investigators kind of lose contact. It's like an ongoing story of catch and release :/ so now we are just working hard to balance both!

I have to tell you about Elder Wimmer. He is an awesome companion. He has had a lot of success here in Indiana, and he is a very caring person. I love the guy! And he is REALLY athletic. So it's always fun and interesting doing things with him :)

The Carlsons are so awesome too! They are really starting to get the hang of the mission so the transition is going pretty smooth I'd say.

Anyways, that's kind of what's been going on :) Thank you for everything mom and again for the package!!

Hope all is well with the FAMBAM!!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

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