Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Week 59 - Questions of the Soul

Hi mom!

Things are going good in the Land of Indiana! Haha, things are going good but busy. This week there weren't a lot of meetings so we were working a lot out of our area and we were on a lot of exchanges. It's been good. 
Elder Wimmer and I on exchanges with Elder Holle (left)
On exchanges with Elder Pau'u
So with the new Stake Mission Prep class are you designating the time and place? Because honestly, the time doesn't matter. The kids who are serious about preparing for their missions will come either way. But if you want lots of kids there, might I suggest food.... that always brings tons of guys to Mission Prep. It did for me anyways!! Haha jk jk, but really, bring food! And mom I don't think it's a problem at all that you didn't serve a mission. You raised a houseful of missionaries. Maybe you can tell them about your perspective in preparing your kids to become missionaries. How you raised us and knew what we needed to learn, then you can tell those kids how they can apply those things to their missions and lives. 

Sounds like the Heimuli house is full and fun, huh?! Must be nice to have your 2nd favorite children, and your favorite grandchildren, around you -- especially on Sundays. Obviously your favorite child is on a mission, even if he forgets to send pics haha!! But I'm finally sending some today! 

Speaking of children, poor Harry...had to listen to old people talk about old people things for soooooo long?!!!! Haha, but you and Dad sound like you had a blast meeting up with your old friends from the good old days in San Diego. That's awesome :)

This week I decided that I'd start reading the Book of Mormon again, but this time not only to finish it before November, but also I am trying to truly study it. I look up as many of the cross-references as I can and I constantly refer back to Preach My Gospel, any Bible references or any other resources to help me better understand the gospel. There are soooo many things I miss when I am not anxiously engaged in the Book of Mormon. In fact there is actually a section in PMG where it talks about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul. Not menial or trivial questions like, "What am I getting for my birthday?" or even "Where did I put my suit pants?" (Though, believe me, there are times that I wish it did haha!).
Got my birthday package including Sifa's newest Stanford hat, a can of Norma's cookies and a bunch of other gifts
Yup, those cookies didn't stand a chance
The Book of Mormon answers questions that pertain to our own personal progression. So questions like "Where do I go next? How can I fix my marriage? Why are all these things happening to me? These questions and many more are answered in the Book of Mormon. And if anyone says otherwise, they have never truly read the Book of Mormon. This is my testimony and my personal witness that the Book of Mormon WILL bring clarity and understanding to the dark issues plaguing our minds and our souls. It is truly an amazing book.

Other than that Elder Wimmer and I have just been working. The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy because of many conferences, meetings, transfers, and the rest of the general missionary stuff. But it will all be good because we have more help than anyone could ever have :) Right now we don't have anyone progressing. We pretty much get in contact then they never respond but we are still praying and hoping! 

Also, this past week we were privileged to witness 2 sealings! One was for Todd and Loretta. Do you remember them? So they were a recent convert family that we taught a lot back in Columbus. They finally had the opportunity to enter the temple to receive their endowment and be sealed for time and for all eternity! Lots of members from the Columbus ward were there. It was fun to catch up with all of them but it was especially great to see the workings of the gospel in the lives of Todd and Loretta! And then just the other day Elder Wimmer and I had the opportunity to witness the sealing of a young YSA couple who also went to the temple for the first time and they were sealed as well. So this week ended on a great note :)

Anyways these are the best highlights of my week (and last week's pics)  :) I pray and hope everything goes well at home!! Love ya mom!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

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