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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 55 - Giant Blur...Except for Saturday

Hi Mom!

I know it's late, we just finished up a bunch of paperwork. But it's good to hear about Hendrix and Kiegan, and get their pics :) and their grandparents sound a little in love with them haha, by far the best nieces and nephews anyone could ask for (in my unbiased opinion). Hendrix is already one!!! Oh my goodness!!! He looks sooooo cute, it's crazy to think that a year has already gone by. And it sounds like Hema and Norma put on a great party! 

How was Dallin's farewell? I know he will be a fantastic missionary, 10X the missionary I am. I'm so happy for him, can't wait to see what he does out there!

Isaiah was there too?!? Wow, wish I could see him again! Tell him hi and give him my love mom! Hevynn and Bo still busy with their home? Hope things go well for them. Helam and Alyssa are good too, I assume? Getting ready for the season I'm sure and taking care of their awesome baby:) haha! I miss them too!

This week was hectic. 

It's been so hectic I just barely (finally) got the chance to burn my shirt in honor of hitting my one year mark
We had 3 welcoming conferences for President and Sister Carlson. It was good to finally go around the mission and let the missionaries feel first-hand the love President and Sister Carlson have for them! It's AMAZING how loving they are. I know they will be fantastic for this mission. I know it. 

Got to see former comps like Ballif (left) and my man Freeman (right)
With Elder Caulderwood, I love this guy.
I dunno what I'm doing but here ya go!
Saw my kid Elder Ellsworth at the Welcome Conference
But those three days took a toll on us haha! We will also be having a lot of meetings next week which is also going to be pretty dang crazy.

We just keep smiling through the busy days. It's all good!
So this whole week has been just a giant blur...except for Saturday.

Because Elder Freeman will be going home this week we went back to Columbus and visited the Hyden family and our recent converts in Cbus. It was awesome. Freeman and I had sooooo much fun haha! 

Eating VP cookies :) We used to eat these ALL the time when we tracted haha! It's why I didn't lose any weight in Cbus.
Driving down we just reminisced about everything that happened. It felt like we were companions again. And I felt like I had just gone out on my mission again! We loved all the families in Columbus, but we were only able to see a couple. 

The Hyden Family (Kim, Reagan & Steve)
The Hydens are one of the families that I just love. Elder Freeman and I would always teach and spend time with them, and they would always open their home to us. During the summer when we tracted for 4 hrs and we were dead tired, they were always willing to shelter us and feed us. They loved us just like our own families, pretty much a home away from home. So we got to hangout with them again and it was great. 

Afterwards we went to see the two investigators Elder Freeman and I taught and baptized. 

Me, Caitlin, Michelle, Freeman
They are so solid. Caitlin is now the Activity Days Leader (President?) whatever you call the top one haha! She is on fire, and she is currently teaching 3 other people about the gospel. She acts like she's been a member all her life! Elder Freeman and I were so blessed with the opportunity to teach her. Then Michelle, oh my goodness. She is still having a really hard life, she's torn both her ACL and MCL and can't afford surgery. So she just deals with the pain, and continues to do missionary work in the ward. Her calling is a Ward Missionary, isn't that just amazing? And she is touching sooo many peoples lives it's not even funny. She and Caitlin talk about all these different activities, lessons they're planning, and ways to help others come to church, right in front of us. After we left, Elder Freeman and I talked about their growth and conversion. They never let go of God. Though I'm sure their lives haven't been easy, nobody's life is, they have both been studying and going to church and we could just feel their spirit. It was crazy! It provided Elder Freeman and I another opportunity to reflect on how great this work is, and especially how good God is, and how loving He is. What a great experience! So we finished out the day, and I drove him back to his area. 

It was great to be able to be with my trainer one last time. He taught me a lot. He's a great example. 

Me and the best trainer, powerful missionary, awesome friend!
All that reminiscing took us back to the first time we met. There was one thing I don't think I ever mentioned about that first day.

When I first arrived in Indiana last summer, all of us trainees sat on the stand while President Cleveland announced who our trainers would be. After I got called to sit with Elder Freeman, we both sat in the back waiting to be instructed. I saw his planner and it had the Logan temple on it. Then I remembered a Freeman on Logan's football team. So I asked him, "You play for Logan?" 

He said, "Yeah."

I looked at him and I said, "Oh. I hate you." 

He must have remembered me too, because he said, "Oh, Heimuli. You played for Bountiful right?" 

When I said yes, his reply was "Oh, I hate you, too." Haha!!!! We laughed when we remembered that. It's all so different now. Elder Freeman is the BEST trainer anyone could have ever had and I love him. So this coming week he is leaving and I get to take him to the airport. Time just flies by!

Anyways that's pretty much the best thing that happened this week!!!

Love you mom!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

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