Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Just 13 Days

Thirteen days.  Elder Heimuli had just 13 days in the Provo MTC to learn as much as he could learn there.  He loved his time at the MTC where he served as District Leader, met lots of new and old friends and relatives, and strengthened his testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ even more.  We dropped him off on Wednesday, June 17th, and now he was on his way to Indiana already!

This morning, he arrived at the Salt Lake City International Airport at 6 a.m. and his oldest brother, Hema, was there to see him off...of course.  Hema started a tradition with our family's missionaries.  He was at the gate when Helam arrived home from Atlanta in 2012.  Hema was at the airport when Hevynn left for Japan in 2013, and he was at the gate when she arrived home in January of this year.  Like the dependable brother he is, he arose early in the morning to meet another missionary sibling at the airport.  Those Delta perks though.

There's Elder Heimuli at the far right. 

Hema bought Houston something to eat, then let him use his phone to call us at home.  It was good to talk to Elder Heimuli for a couple of minutes.  He thanked us for all the packages and letters and asked how his pregnant sisters-in-law were feeling these days, especially Norma who is due any time now.  He said to give his love to Hevynn, who was at work when he called.  Elder Heimuli sounded very happy and excited to get out into the mission field!  Hema sent a couple of photos from the airport.
Missionaries arrive at the SLC Airport. The one in front is especially handsome.

Elder Heimuli, MTC companion Elder Taylor (from Highland) and Elder Cocker...not sure where he's from.

Bon voyage, Elder Heimuli.  We love you!

P.S. When Mom went to Dick's Market yesterday to send Elder Heimuli's last package to the MTC, she met a woman working there who recognized Houston's name.  She told Mom about a video of all the mission call openings from Bountiful High School's Class of 2015.  Check it out.

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