Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Officially Elder Heimuli

Houston and siblings (L to R: Alyssa, Hevynn, Helam, Hema, Norma, Harrison and Bo) have dinner and a lot of laughs before he gets set apart as a full-time missionary. 

Dad, Mom, Grandpa Murray and Grandma Murray join us for dinner and for Houston's setting apart. 

Walking into the Stake Center to be set apart, Grandma straightens Houston's collar as Grandpa walks in. 

Tuesday night, June 16, 2015, Houston was set apart. The whole family was there along with Bishop Croft. What a special and sacred time it was. The spirit was strong and so were the feelings of love expressed to Elder Heimuli in the meeting with President Woodruff. 
Grandpa Heimuli, Elder Heimuli and Grandma Heimuli

Grandma Murray, Elder Heimuli and Grandpa Murray

Mom, Elder Heimuli and Dad

Hevynns IG post...too cute. 

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