Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, June 22, 2015

News from the MTC

Lakei received a Father's Day card and "Family" received a "letter" (using the term loosely) today from Elder Heimuli. The letter was dated the day Houston entered the MTC and the card was postmarked the day after, but they didn't arrive until today...darn Post Office.

The card was a thoughtful personal note to dad. The letter was one of those forms that every missionary has to complete right away, even though they're crazy busy, because their moms would freak out if they didn't hear from their missionaries within the first few days (believe me, it happens, LOL). I came home from work to find it sitting on the table --- that Houston handwriting was all too familiar. I read it out loud and Helam remarked, "You can actually read that?"  Well of course I can. I'm the mom.

His companion is Elder Will Taylor from Highland. Wonder if Uncle Hema knows him?  There are 8 elders and 4 sisters in his district. His P-day is Thursday. 

Let me translate the bottom part for you:

"The experience on just my first day is crazy!!  I hope everything's well!"  

Next, he wrote "Love you guys. Take care." But then he wisely crossed that out, knowing mom would be sad if that were the end of his letter. 

"I've met so many new people. My elders in my district are awesome. I'm the district leader now so I'm pretty busy. But I'm loving it. It's so spiritual that I never expected it to be this way. I'm excited for what's next. Love you guys!!"

And that's all, folks. Short and sweet. And I'll take it. Until next Thursday. 

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