Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 4 - It's His View that Matters

Hey fam,

Well that’s awesome y’all were able to go to Palo Alto and see the family there :)

I’m really sad about Dad and his old age problems haha. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to help out but I’m doing my best over here.

Tell Hevynn and Bo that I said good luck planning. It’s about time you took a break mom haha you need to rest from all these weddings, babies, and missionaries! And thank you again for the pix of Hendrix. He is so cute. He will be almost as handsome (and humble) as me when he grows up!! Again I’m sorry to hear that Harry’s feet might hinder him in certain sports but there’s always a purpose for everything and I think putting him in water sports is great. I could see him getting scholarships for swimming!! We just need to keep the faith and I know things will be okay.

So you asked if I'm in the ghettos. No not really, but if I had to describe parts of this town it would be older, maybe a little rundown here and there, but not all trashy. And none of that matters. There are many good places and good people here. The ward I am in is great! The faith of the members is great here because unlike Utah people they don’t grow up around other members so they have to be strong all on their own. It’s amazing to me to witness their faith and determination. The members here are awesome.

That doesn’t mean we don’t see the Antis everywhere. Lots were at the open house and I really do think God is always teaching us important life lessons because one came up to Freeman and me trying to get us to read anti literature and I patiently avoided punching him in the would have been proud of me mom...

As for the work, it’s going good! We picked up 3 new investigators and have been teaching 2 others. It may not seem like alot but every soul is great in the sight of God and it’s HIS view that matters. I’m not gonna lie, at times it’s discouraging the blindness people have, but I know that someday they will see what the gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer…everything!

Thank you for all the packages mom they are really uplifting! 

This week Freeman and I have just been working hard. A storm hit our area and a huge tornado went through the area next to us so we spent a lot of time helping people clean up! Our investigators are still doing well. Thanks for all the prayers! 

Ofa Lahi Atu!!

Your favorite Elder Heimuli

P.S Simi Fehoko made the right choice ;)

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