Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 11 - A Pretty Miracle-Filled Week

Before transfers changes everything, here's a pic of all the elders in our apartment:  L to R - Rasmussen, Freeman, Naire
Hey sorry it's taken so long to email you back :/ It's Labor Day so we couldn't write until I got to a member's house. I hope Helam recovers and Alyssa and the baby are OK. I'm praying for him. That's good to hear that Uncle Tini and Aunt Lori are healthy and doing well. I know many prayers were said for them. I'm sure you and Hevynn were happy to be in their ward because you both love helping out. So a few weeks ago at the temple I ran into a Hawaiian-samoan lady who knew Uncle Tini! She said she'd email him a picture of us, but I don't remember her name so I'm sorry haha! It's funny. I thought I'd avoid football here in basketball country but I guess I can't. Since Dad played for BYU people in our ward think it's their responsibility to update me on BYU games...ok...haha. Brother Farmer, a member in our ward, played with Dad and Uncle Hema. He was a freshman when Dad was a senior. He kindly updates me on both BYU and Stanford. I told him now I just need him to update me on Weber State games and we are good to go!

Hema and Norma are such awesome parents, and Helam and Alyssa are going to be great parents too. Oh can you shoot me their photos so I can see how ugl.... I mean how beautiful they all look? ;)

This week has been pretty good. We've just been working hard doing as much as we can because Freeman leaves in a week and a half. He's such a great trainer so it's going to be weird not being his companion. Yeah I don't think anyone else can match him right now, he's awesome. 

Elder Heimuli's going to miss Elder Freeman. What a great trainer!
But we've had almost no luck tracting this week. I remember one day we went out for about 5 min and it started to pour on us.

Coming back in from the pouring rain

So we were stranded at a gas station and the other elders couldn't come pick us up for a bit. Then outta nowhere Steve and Kim saw us and we got a ride from them haha. I thought mom must still be praying for angels to watch over me because that's what Steve and Kim are. Miracles everyday. 
In fact last week we were knocking doors for hours and no one was answering. Literally no one, so we were pretty frustrated. We were complaining and we just thought, "All we need is one door to answer, one door." So the last door we decided to knock on opened!! They opened and it was a family who had missionaries over before. She said that she loved the missionaries because they were so kind. We talked to them for like an hour and now they want to know more. Later that night we were wondering when they met with the other missionaries and BAM! The first page we turned to in our book was a teaching record of that family. We got to know what they were taught and what they needed to know. Little miracles in everything everyday. 

C this past Sunday invited us over to dinner. She lives with her sister C and her family, and the crazy thing is Freeman used to teach them. They just got too busy so Freeman never got the chance to teach them again. We saw them a couple of weeks ago at the temple open house but we still could never find a good time to see them because they were so busy. But now we were having dinner with them and we got to spend time with their family! Another miracle. Their family has been through a lot and they were kinda mad at God, but C told us that they've been trying to get right with God and that's why she wanted us to teach her. So Freeman and I talked with them and we told them to watch the Mormon Message "Mountains to Climb." C just loved it and is now even more eager than ever to be baptized. Also her sister wants to see us again and she wants to know more. Looking back I can see that this has been a pretty miracle-filled week, and I am so grateful for the blessings God gives us. Thank you for the prayers, I know they help alot because I've seen the power that prayers bring into lives and the blessings God gives us if we will simply get on our knees and pray.

Sorry if this letter seems so short and jumbled. We only have a little bit of time to email! 

Love you guys!

Ofa Lahi Atu,
Elder Heimuli

PS. I got the cutest letter from my cousin Hannah!

PPS. I'm addicted to cotton candy grapes. You gotta try these!

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