Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 67 - Sound Familiar Mom?

Hi Mom!

I bet you were wondering where I went huh? haha Well I'm so sorry. Because of conference and some crazy things that happened I only had time to email today. But yeah I am still alive :)

You're one busy grandma! You are always babysitting the grandkids and I know you, Dad and Harry love it :) Lucky you. I wish I could babysit them haha!!! Hendrix is growing some nice looking curly hair tho! He looks so cute, but he also looks way too energetic ;) Kiegan is also looking pretty dang adorable. Haha I died at the picture of her moody face staring at Bo, just like her dad (always staring at Bo lol). But hopefully all the Heimuli fam are doing well. How are my sisters doing? I miss them all :) Congrats to Harry and his team finishing the season in the semis! He is a stud :) 

Thanks for the packages mom :)

This is what folks here call "making dumplings," but it's making wontons to me...and it's not even new year's :)
Things this week have been pretty crazy tho! Super super busy.

But I really just wanted to talk about a couple of talks that hit me pretty hard during General Conference. Elder Nattress's talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ was really good. He spoke about a time when he was a child and that he hated when his mom made him read the Book of Mormon together (Sound Familiar Mom?).  When he told his mom that he wouldn't listen, she told him why they read the Book of Mormon together as a family. She went to a talk given by Marion G Romney where he promised that if they read the Book of Mormon together as family that no one would be lost. She then looked straight at her son and said, "I will not lose you." 

Oh my goodness that made me and half the congregation cry. I thought about you. I thought about home. I thought back to whenever you would make us kids read. I didn't think it was fun at all. Neither did Hema, Helam or Hevynn I bet. Then one by one Hema left on a mission, then Helam, then Hevynn and it was just Harry and me. I thought about how much I would complain and murmur. Now it's just you, Dad and Harry, and I know when Dad has to work you still read with Harry. When I look back at it I know now that you just didn't want to lose us. And it's worked so far. Hema, Helam, Hevynn, all of them have served honorable missions and have also married great spouses. By their fruits you know if something is good and true. Well I see the fruits and I know that this is true. When we center our lives on His gospel, we have His promise of safety. The Book of Mormon is the evidence or fruit of the gospel. It outlines what we need to do to center our lives on Christ. So thank you mom :) Thank you for helping us keep our lives centered on Christ. 

I wanted to mention how happy I was to hear Bo went with Dad to Priesthood Session. I know Dad loves to go with his sons and it's a challenge with so much going on at work and in life. Another talk that hit me pretty hard was actually in Priesthood Session, the talk by Elder Holland on Home Teaching, but to me his talk was more about strengthening others and becoming true emissaries of Christ. He talked about living a higher law and not concentrating on the strictness of the law. As home teachers we think that our duty is to make our monthly visit, teach a gospel principle, and just check it off the checklist of different duties we have yet to do. No, a home teacher is an emissary of Christ. So is a ward missionary and stake young women president. We are ALL emissaries. As emissaries we need to have compassion and an unfeigned love towards those we serve. I liked Elder Holland's quote:

As for what “counts” as home teaching, every good thing you do “counts,” so report it all! Indeed, the report that matters most is how you have blessed and cared for those within your stewardship, which has virtually nothing to do with a specific calendar or a particular location. What matters is that you love your people and are fulfilling the commandment to “watch over the Church always.”

So are we "counting" or are we loving? Am I counting people who are baptized, or am I loving those who are baptized. Are we becoming those emissaries of Christ and lifting others up? These are questions we need to think about as we are going throughout our duties as home teachers, neighbors, family members and missionaries. 

There were soooooo many great talks I wish I could write about, but unfortunately I'm a little strapped for time. However I am so grateful for the direction we received at General Conference. May we all continue to seek revelation through the prophets for "surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets."

Have a great week!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

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