Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, April 3, 2017

Letter 7 - I'm Jr Companion

[For the past 21 months, I've had the privilege of writing two missionaries in the Indiana Indianapolis Mission -- Elder Heimuli and Elder Quick. If you've followed this blog, you know that they were best friends in high school, and are finally companions for Elder Heimuli's final transfer! So for the next 7 weeks, I will post both letters.]

Hi mom :)

It feels great to be in the field again!!! Things have been so good, mom, it's just amazing. 

So there was a get together for the Murray side? Are they still there? If so, give them all my love please. They probably don't remember me :)

Yeah on Wednesday I realized it was Hema's bday and I wanted to send him a happy bday wish. It was the only time during the week that I wish I was still in the office. But I'm not on the computers anymore so I couldn't send him one. I hope it was a good one! Sounds like Norms pulled off a great party. Hema deserves it. He is a great father and brother. But I will always be the best-looking Heimuli, so hope he knows that ;)

Well here is the rundown for the week. Coming towards the end, I'm starting to realize how important this time is. :)

Mon- We finished any last transfer things we needed to do at the office. It was weird knowing that this was the last one I'd ever plan, or really ever have, since it's my last transfer as well. Then we went to pick up all of the new missionaries from the airport. Oh and I do have the pic of the guy from Weber State's friend that Helam asked about. But I don't have my camera with me so I'll have to shoot it to Helam another time. These new missionaries who came out are good! Again, they just keep getting better and better. After that I went home and packed all of my stuff and then went to bed.

Tue- TRANSFERS. I was so happy to finish all of the transfer stuff because I know I'll never have to do it again haha! And that's where i got my companion....ELDER QUICK!!!!!!!! haha, I have been having a blast!! At transfers we said bye to another of the best missionaries I've ever known, Elder Pau'u. He's so awesome and I am looking forward to chilling with him after the mission. After transfers we drove down to Columbus. We were so excited we didn't even unpack. We decided to unpack later and just hit the ground running. We visited my recent convert, Michelle, then visited Todd and Loretta. After that we had dinner with the Allen family and discussed what we could do to help the ward since Brother Allen is the Young Men's President. He gave us names of a couple of people to visit and we are trying to contact them all. After that, we tracted for a bit then went home and started to unpack, haha. We still haven't completely unpacked. We have been go, go, go, since we hit Cbus.

Wed- We woke up and unpacked a bit more. We decided that we would not stay in the apartment AT ALL from 10 am till 9pm. So when it hit 10 o'clock, we hit the streets. We went out and tracted and found a little bit of success. We decided to hit potentials too and reconnect with people I used to teach here. We got back in contact with Tessa and she will be moving soon, but we are still going to try to assist her until she leaves. After that we tracted again for a long time until dinner, which by the way, mom, members are really good at feeding missionaries here! We have a dinner appointment every night, so I've been trying not to gain weight. But we have nothing but bad food in our apartment. And, because Quick and I decided we would only shop on Mondays, and because we are always out, we have just been snacking on that unhealthy food :( haha. We bought some healthy foods today so we are good now. After dinner we visited Kim and worked with people around that area. After that we came home and I just knocked out. It's nice feeling this really good kind of tired again :)

Thur- District Meeting! Elder Quick and Elder Taka are the District Leaders here in Cbus (I'm Jr Companion). They had a combined meeting. It was really good and it was just spiritually-packed, mom. They got me and the others so fired up, that after the meeting what did we do? We went out and tracted!! 
Quick & Heimuli in back
We decided to blitz Elder Taka's area for a bit then blitz ours. We also decided to Bike. While we were biking a huge storm rolled in and started to just downpour on us! It was crazy!! Then Elder Taka tried to take a turn on the slippery road and crashed haha! I was ahead of them then suddenly I just heard Elder Quick bust up laughing. I looked back and saw this huge 340 lbs Taka sprawled out on the ground! After laughing so hard, we then tracted and blitzed. We found some success but not a ton. After that we had dinner with another member then visited one of the people I used to teach. This was a miracle. So the first time I taught this family, they just disappeared and we couldn't find them. It was like they moved and they didn't tell us. Ballif and I stopped by multiple times but no luck. So we had to drop them. Then on Thursday the spirit prompted us to go and just knock on that same particular door. We did...and they opened up. They didn't have much time right then, but they said we could come back the next day and talk. We set up the appointment and headed back to our apartment. 

Fri- We biked ALL day haha! It was awesome. We contacted formers, potentials, less actives, and part members. It was A LOT of biking. But we went everywhere and visited as many people as we could. And here was the other big miracle. We got to a point that night where we had time to visit only one more investigator, but we had two people we needed to visit. After pondering on it, we decided to visit the family we visited the other day. It was about 5 miles away from where we were and was even farther away from our apartment. But we biked and biked and biked. When we got there, no one was home. We were low key mad because had we biked all that distance!!! We said a prayer in our hearts and knocked a couple more times. After 5 min we were about to leave when the family pulled up and walked towards us. They had all gone out for a second and came back. So we barely caught them. We were invited in. We shared the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. They had heard it before. And hearing it again brought just a wonderful spirit into the room. We put them on baptismal date for April 29th! So please, pray for them that they make their date. After that lesson we rode all the way back home and just knocked out! Elder Quick only made it halfway onto his bed, haha! 

Sat- In the morning, we had breakfast with Bro Guenther from the 1st Ward. He's the one who loves dad and gave me his old football pad. He was happy to see me and I was glad to see him, too. Breakfast was too good. I had 8 pancakes and a bunch of bacon (Not Good). Conference was awesome! Elder Brough's talk was really good. He talked about an experience where he wanted to take his dog with him to the mission that his parents were called to preside over. His dad told him to ask God about whether or not he should bring it. Now the talk was based on having people who love you help you develop. But I took something else from his talk. After praying, Elder Brough got his answer which was NOT TO BE A BURDEN. He realized he needed to follow God's will, the will that we find through prayer and in the scriptures, which was to go with his parents and not to be a burden. 

It made me wonder how I can follow God's will more closely. His talk about having people around you who love you and help you develop. But his talk also reminded me of all the great ward leaders and family members who have influenced me and taught me by word and by example. I am truly blessed and thankful for everyone back at home. Following conference, we had lunch with the bishop. Then we attended the other sessions and had dinner with a member. It was a great great day, in which I was physically and spiritually fed! We also got a little tracting in, so that was good, too :)

Sun- We decided to watch a conference session with Kim and Steve :) It was great. President Monson's talk about the Book of Mormon and growing our personal testimony was powerful. If we want to keep and grow our testimonies we need to CONSTANTLY be in the scriptures and in prayer. We have to. Even though his talk was brief, it was powerful. Many of the talks were fantastic that day. I wish I could write what I learned from all of them in this email. After that we had a ward pitch in. Our investigators were supposed to come but they couldn't make it :( However, we had lunch for about 30 min then went out and visited some less actives and did some tracting before the next session started. After conference we went to dinner with a member and then we went back out and tracted for a bit more. Whenever we don't have appointments or aren't stopping by part members' homes, or less actives, we are constantly finding. So it's been a great week for me. 

Being with Elder Quick is just awesome. He is a diligent missionary...a lot more so than me. He is very knowledgeable about the scriptures and is very concerned with being in tune with the Spirit. He doesn't care what anyone thinks about him because he knows that he is accountable to the Lord. That's just a little bit about what I admire about him. We are working our tails off and we are going to baptize this transfer. So if you'll just keep praying for us, mom, we will put in the work for it. 

Thank you, mom, for everything! Give my love to the fam!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli


Hi Mama,

Week one. So the very first day we get in, we just decide to spend a little bit of time organizing then we just decided to hit the streets, and get out and visit some old potential investigators of Elder Heimuli's. We found a few of them, but mostly just trying to get in contact with them, set stuff up.

Brittany and Billy, they are a family that Elder Heimuli worked with quite some time ago, and they ended up disappearing.. like in the middle of the night, they just dipped out and moved. No idea where they went. But he had an impression to go stop by their old address. So we went after saying a prayer that they would be in the same apartment. We knocked and they answered! She told us that she asked the other day why the "guys" hadn't been by in some time. Then her son looked at the Book of Mormon in my hand and asked me what it was. I told him it was scripture. He disappeared after that..then he ran and found the Book of Mormon. Brittany was like, How did you find that? I didn't even know where I had left that. We set a return forward a couple of days, we were on bikes riding around. We had the choice between riding about 4 miles to Brittany and Billy's, or to another potential who was only like 1 mile away...we had to choose. We chose to ride to Brittany's. The whole time we were riding the wind was so strong against us, and even more so the closer we got. I thought for sure they were going to be there. We knocked on the door. Nothing. We knocked 3 times, and I was like wow...we chose the wrong one. Then all of the sudden Billy walked around the corner and was like, Hey, I just pulled up. What a tender mercy we had. We went in and had a great discussion with him about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He accepted a baptismal date of April 29th!

Funny story...Elder Taka, Elder Heimuli and I were riding our bikes through the pouring rain. It pours like sheets of rain here so we were all soaking wet from head to toe, riding to get to the area we were going to track. We stopped some people on the road, offering them soggy pass-along cards...and we were on a busy street. Elder Heimuli was leading the pack, Elder Taka was in the middle and I was in the rear. Elder Taka is 6 foot 4 in and weighs 330 pounds. We rode through a puddle. Taka rode into a pot hole and it threw him sideways! Somehow he managed to like run with his right foot. I swerved into traffic to try to cut off the car in case he flew into the road, but then he bailed off onto the grass. I couldn't help it. I was dying laughing at this point. So was Elder Heimuli. Taka jumped right up, got back on the bike, had grass stains all up on his shirt, and ripped his pants open.

We did a lot of knocking on doors this week, doing our best to gain member trust and visiting people, asking for referrals and information on what has been going on and how we can help the ward. Met a couple of interesting people.. nothing like good ole x roads, but serving with your best friend you'll find success anywhere in the world!! Trust me there. We've seen so many miracles. We serve God every day. We are out the door early and we don't come home 'til late at night.

Found a family. We talked to the wife who told us her and her husband were open and we came back. So we came back and her husband was outside on the lawn and immediately was like NOT interested. So we talked to him for a second, telling him we were there to talk to him and his wife, that his wife invited us back to talk about the Gospel, but he just wasn't having it. That is okay though because time will soften his heart.

General Conference was such a blessing especially to hear the words of the Prophet of God. I loved his invitation he left with us to study the Book of Mormon every day. Not a few times a week or just once, but every single day! I also loved his talk in the Priesthood session where he talked about kindness and how Jesus Christ was the best example of kindness. During General Conference I focused on looking for "armor" and how to wear the Armor of God better, how to be more effective and how to strengthen our testimonies.

Have a good one, love,

Elder Quick!

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