Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Last Christmas Message

Dear Heimuli and Murray Families :)

So as the family gathers together this time of year, this is a separate Christmas message I want to leave with you all. It's also my last Christmas message as a full-time missionary in Indiana, a place that I love. For years when I was younger I wondered how it felt for Hema, Helam and Hevynn on their last Christmas in the mission. Now I know.

I thought about what I want to say in my last Christmas message and it's just this. My testimony.

We all know what Christmas is all about (hint to the kids: it's not about the fat guy in the red suit), but I've come to a better understanding (better. Not great, but better) of the magnitude and significance of Christ's birth. My good friend Elder Quick sent me a couple scriptures to read this week. Luke 1 and Luke 2, which are the scriptures leading up to and including the birth of Jesus Christ. Read it, then read it again.

We know the angels rejoiced, but WHY? And why did prophets of old rejoice at the mere mention of Christ being born? Because that's what we had ALL been waiting for. For the day when the Plan of Salvation, the very core of it, actually comes to pass.

With the birth of Jesus Christ comes the assurance of peace, happiness and salvation.

Before this life, we felt peace and comfort from knowing Christ would be born. And now, as we reflect on the Savior's birth at Christmastime, we feel it again.

I know Jesus Christ lives and is the Mediator for all. He died and was resurrected, and fulfilled the plan our Father in Heaven created for us so that we could return to live in His presence eternally. May we all reflect gratefully this Christmas season on the ultimate gift God sent us, and continue to selflessly and lovingly emulate the very core of who Christ is.

Merry Christmas everyone! Love you. And Happy New Year!!!

Love, Elder Heimuli

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