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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Week 81 - Finally She Can...Go Inside

Hi Mom! Hope things are going well in NZ haha! Bet it's tons of fun! But anyways here is the low down of what happened this week :)

Mon- So we picked up the new missionaries :) It was funny though. We left to pick up the greenie when we got a call that the new missionaries weren't going to come until 11pm. At that time it was only 3pm so we were not excited to have to come back to the airport at 11!!!! Well we decided to head back to the office in Fishers and finish everything for transfers.  After about 3 hrs we get a call from Sister Carlson saying the missionaries actually called her and told her they are there!!! So then we had to dart over back to the airport and pick them up, but thank goodness we didn't have to go back at 11 :)
APs get to pick up every new missionary at the airport
APs also cook breakfast for every new arrival on their morning in the mission
So it was interesting. After spending time with them in the mission home we left and finished any last transfer preparations. 

Tue- Transfer Day!!!! Oh and great news, Elder Quick and Elder Clark are Zone Leaders now so we will be seeing them a lot :) In fact Elder Quick is the zone leader right by our house and Elder Clark is technically my zone leader too so it's pretty cool. But transfers went really smooth and it went well.

Wed- Well we dropped off the departing missionaries. After that we did transfer fires untill around 4 because then we had a meeting with President Carlson. We discussed our agenda for MLC which would take place Friday! so literally we had 1 day to prepare for MLC. After that Elder Redmond and I finished up the transfer fires and then headed home.

Thur- We had another meeting just to finalize the final bits and pieces for MLC and for the oncoming weeks. Following that we had short exchanges with IN because Elder Redmond taught a couple of people from that area and he wanted to help teach them. I went with Elder Quick to visit one of our investigators and Elder Redmond went with Elder Walton. None of the people answered so we were pretty frustrated haha! But it was good to be with Elder Quick as companions for a day. After that we decided to go to back to the mission office and gather supplies and finish our training for MLC.

Friday- MLC. It was great as usual, we had a lot of training on obedience and on the Restoration. Elder Redmond and I trained on the Restoration and did a Role Play in front of everyone. It was funny because we had Sister Carlson be our investigator, however she decided to pull out some unique questions... Let's just say a 10 min role play turned into a half hour role play haha! However it went well and people really were fired up after the role play.
MLC photos are usually taken outside but with snow covering the ground, it had to take place indoors. That's new ZL Elder Quick in the top row at far right!
Following MLC we went and visited members and LA's for the night. 

Saturday- Elder Redmond and Elder Quick both served in an area called Martinsville and they both taught one girl who finally was being baptized. We made a road trip down to Martinsville for her baptism.

This girl has such a strong testimony, she is 13 but as soon as she was baptized she told us that FINALLY she can go to the temple and go inside. She recounted a story of how she would go to the temple with the young women but because she wasn't a member she would just sit outside. She told us she could feel the spirit strongly even just by sitting outside. Now she could experience it full fold. It makes me happy to understand the strength and depth of testimonies like this young woman. I'm glad she had good examples in young women's. And it was a good reminder for me not to take the temple for granted. Anyways that day we just spent in Mville for the baptism and visited former investigators, Less Actives, and other people. 

That's about it for this week. Today we are going to a different ward to witness the confirmation of some investigators that Redmond taught. We are excited. Hope all is well! Give my love to all the family in New Zealand!

Ofa Lahi Atu!!

Elder Heimuli

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