Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Week 83 - We Talked About Football & What We Do As Missionaries

Hi Mom!

I just got hevynns video:) Tell her thank you, i sent one to her in return lol. Sounds like Bo is just trucking!!!!!!! That's so awesome, hope he does well and doesn't get run over by all the homework he is doing. I'm sure that using their time to serve grandpa and grams is time well spent. But anyways everyone seems just as busy as usual :) Hope you and dad (and the sick babies) get that gunk out of your systems!!!! Congrats to Harry on his winning science project :) That's so cool. Man I wish I was as smart as him. Looks like you finally have someone who is smart in the family haha, instead of just good looking ;) jk jk 

Oh yeah I got the NZ package!!! Thank you so much :) It was the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!! It was good to have those peanut slabs again haha! And thank dad for my all-blacks gear.
Well again here is the lowdown of this week. 

Mon- So we went to the office that morning and regulated indicators.On Mondays we try to hit campus a bit but the campus was closed for the holiday so we couldn't. After that we left to go to a member's house and she gave us haircuts :) YAY!!! My hair was getting way too long so it was good to finally have it cut. 

Following that we had our meeting with president (good timing on the haircut!) and we talked alot about the upcoming weeks. Because of interviews we didn't have a lot of meetings or conferences we had to go to so we had the week to hit the proselyting as hard as we could. In fact that night at FHE we invited E to come. He did!!! It was so good to have E come to an activity. He loved it. He even told us that night that he is trying really hard to get a job so he can come to church on Sundays!!! After that we went home and just prepped for the next day. 

Tue- We had a lot of time to proselyte. We had a lesson with M who is a Nigerian who is Muslim. She likes the message we teach and is genuinely interested, however she is not able to fully commit because of her background of being Muslim. But she said something interesting. We starting talking about fasting (for some reason) and she talked about Ramadan where Muslims fast for a month. They don't eat from sunrise till sunset. For a FULL MONTH!!!! Haha I would;ve passed out ;) We asked her why she did it. You know what? She said she didn't know. It made me think of tradition vs religion. There is a difference. Religion is one's devotion towards deity and willing to perform acts in its name. For us, we do things under Christ's name, in turn leading us to God. That's the purpose behind what we do. But tradition is doing something because that's what we are used to. There is no purpose. Now if there is no purpose behind what we do, it loses power and meaning. So for example, when I know what the purpose of sacrament is, then it means so much more to me when i take it on Sundays. But when I don't understand the purpose it's just a snack to me. Anyways we then correlated this to learning about her purpose and what her role is in life. So she listened and we will be meeting with her next week as well. That day we just spent PCing and talking to people . We ended the day by going back to the office and doing some office work. 

Wed- So there was a Less Active in Bloomington whom Elder Redmond and Elder Pauu helped to reactivate and receive her endowments. She wanted to take us out to lunch but she was in Bloomington so we decided to go down to Btown and spend time with her. She took us out to a pizza place called Mama Bear's which was super good :) That took a huge chunk of the day. So we traveled back to Indy and had a lesson with G :) We again talked about purpose and talked about getting on the right track. She understood that she needed to work on getting back into the groove of meeting with us and progressing in the gospel. It was great!!!! After the lesson we attended institute at the Indy YSA building and then we went home, 

Thur- Weekly Planning :) That took awhile. Weekly Planning is where we plan for all the lessons and activities we will be doing for the next week, After 3 hrs of planning we went straight to campus and had a lesson with C. C was the investigator who came to church last Sunday! We talked about the restoration. C has a catholic background so of course we were expecting a lot of questions. But she actually agreed with most of what we were saying, in fact one of the best things was when she asked if infants needed to be baptized. Because she was baptized as an infant, and was wondering if they weren't baptized what happens to those children? This is why the gospel is so beautiful. How lucky we are to have this gospel with so many answers!!!!! When we explained Moroni 8, and told her that children were already saved by the grace of heaven and that baptism is unnecessary until 8 yrs old, she loved it!!! We introduced to her the Book of Mormon and we are looking froward to working with her for the next couple of weeks. After the lesson we pc'd for 4 hrs. Unfortunately we didn't have any success PCing but hey not every day is filled with popping success. Otherwise it wouldn't be a mission. 

Fri- We had 3 lessons set up for Friday. First was our lesson with G. We taught her the gospel of 
Jesus Christ and stressed the importance of going to church. After the lesson we invited her to church and she told us that she attended another church BUT she just won't go to that one, to attend ours haha!! It was a great lesson, but following that we had another lesson with M another investigator we met awhile back. We talked about the Book of Mormon, we left him a copy the time before and this time we just read the Book of Mormon. We showed him how the Book of Mormon can be applied to our lives and it can truly help us find the strength to get through the day. Now after that lesson we were supposed to have a lesson with another guy named M but he texted us and said he had to run but wanted to meet next week. So we had some time to kill before we needed to go to meet up with Coach Taylor. We found 2 potential investigators and we are hoping to get some lessons set up with them. So after PCing for an hour we bolted right to the PFChangs in downtown Indy and met with Coach Taylor. 

Don't worry, I got permission from president. But unfortunately I didn't get president to meet coach, so we three (Coach Taylor, Elder Redmond and me) just met. We talked about football and what we do as missionaries. It's funny the opportunities we get to share a bit of the gospel. We talked about sports in general, how Stanford was doing and we also talked about the day I report to Stanford and what all is entailed in that. It was great to catch up. After that we went back to campus to try and contact a potential but he wasn't there so we pcd and then went to visit LA's and formers. 

Sat- We had service at the church in the morning:) just doing cleaning. Following the service we went to another service and was there almost ALL DAY!!!!! Haha that's why I didn't email you yesterday. It was a service at the park where we usually go to play sports and such. The weather was 65 degrees and sunny!!!!! So service went really well, but then we weren't able to email because as soon as service finished we had to head to Lafayette for a meeting.

Sun- 3 people came to church:) Michael, Benny Bo, and Grace!!! It was great! Coolest thing happened, Grace earlier that week had a question on sacrament and was wondering about its purpose and if she should even take it since she's not a member. We told her its an opportunity to always remember Christ and renew our promises we made at baptism. Well gues what all the talks were on today? Baptism!!!!!!!!! Haha so it was an awesome day. Grace loved church and Michael and Benny Bo had to leave early so they didn't get to stay the whole time. But they all seemed to enjoyu it:)

Well there's the rundown of this week:) Hope you have a great week mom!!! Love ya!!

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli 

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