Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 21 - I Am Pretty Sad...No, I'm REALLY Sad

Hello my dearest family:)

I’m still hanging here in INDIANA!! Haha! I got the thermals and the letters, thank you sooooo much! But I haven’t got the jacket yet so I’ll look out for it when it comes.
Tongan elders say goodbye to Elder Latu
 What a week for you back at home! You had a birthday! Harry went to the District speech competition! 

Harrison was a finalist in the MLK Jr Speech Competition for Davis School District
And it sounds like you had another awesome stake YW activity! Best of all, it’s great to hear that I became an uncle yet again :) haha Congratulations to Helam and Alyssa for bringing another great Heimuli into the family. I knew she would be pretty like her mom and dad haha. 
Just 3 hours old, Kiegan Hone Koula Heimuli meets Grandma Heimuli
Helam, I know you are also going to be a great dad. I mean you have our dad as an example, Hema as another one, and many other men figures in our extended family to model towards. Plus you and Hema I look up to a lot because you guys will do anything for your family. Alyssa, can’t wait to see the mother you will be. You and Norma were so sweet to me when Hevynn wasn’t (jk sis!). I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am for you both. Thanks for having the cutest babies ever. Keep being the great, funny, hardworking mothers that you are and I know that things will always work out when we put our faith in the Lord :)

Hevynn and Bo. I am pretty sad... no, I’m REALLY sad I missed the wedding. I thought about you all day. I wish I could’ve been there but like I’ve said before, I have work to do here. Hev, you look so beautiful in your dress and absolutely stunning. Definitely the prettiest girl I have ever seen. Lots of men’s hearts were broken on Saturday, but Bo you were the lucky one. 
Bo & Hevynn Bolen 11/14/2015
In fact Bo, Hevynn is not the only one lucky to have you, our family is lucky to have you and to have such a great connection with your whole family!!! Btw tell Dave and Faith that I said hi and I miss them:) But what’s saddest is that you’re now my bro-in-law for real... so I guess I have to start liking you ;) jk jk but again I just wanna say congratulations to you two and I wish y’all the best in everything! 
Elder Heimuli sent a video message for Hevynn & Bo's wedding
I can’t wait to hear about the adventures you two will have once Bo is back on two legs haha. I loved the pic of the 4 generations, that's a great idea I will have to remember to do that 10 years from now haha.
Four generations of handsome Heimuli guys: Peni, Lakei, Hema and Hendrix
However a word of caution is also in order. Mom and Dad, Hema and Norma, Helam and Alyssa, everyone can attest to how hard marriage is. (I know, it’s funny because I’m the least qualified to talk about this). But I’ve observed both at home and out here on the mission that marriage is a lot of hard work. Seeing the marriages out here which aren’t built on the foundation of Christ, I realize they crumble and fall as fast as they were built. Church, scripture study, prayer, etc., are all optional. At least that’s what people think. However, if we are to have a Christ-centered home, these things are ESSENTIAL. Hevynn and Bo I hope you two keep living your lives according to the will of the Lord. If you do I promise you will see the blessings unfold all around you!
This week was ok. The best part was seriously seeing the pictures you sent me of the family, my niece’s birth and the wedding. It’s kind of like a rollercoaster with me and my companion but it’s ok we are still working. In fact this week we saw a miracle. So when me and Elder Cocker were on exchanges about a month ago, we tracted into T. Her husband was pretty against us coming and would just ignore us and tell her not to meet with us. However this week me and Elder Ballif decided to stop over at her house because we've been in and out of contact with her. Suddenly the husband swings open the door. I just thought "Oh no, here he goes." But he just smiled and welcomed us in! We taught him and T again and then invited them to church. Me and Elder ballif were amazed but we knew the Lord opens doors when He’s ready to. Now fast forward to Sunday. We had not heard from T. Our other family couldn’t come to church because they were sick. So me and Elder Ballif were kinda sad because no one was going to be there. Then poof! In walked N (T's husband) and the whole family!! We were ecstatic!! In fact he loved church and said he'll come back next week! So keep praying for us please!

Now that the elders all have to share 1 vehicle, they've found creative ways to fit everyone in at once:  use the trunk
Also this week we went tracting and when were about to head back home when I heard "Elders?" I turned around and there was R!!! An investigator me and Freeman lost contact with!! It was crazy! We caught up and now we are meeting with him again:) That’s 2 miracles that happened this week!

Looks like Elder Heimuli is still roaming the halls at church
Anyways that sums up my week. I hope you all have a great week and love you all!!

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

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