Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 22 - Dignity, Diligence, Charity

Hi mom :)

Wow, things are getting hectic over there! I hope everything in Denver goes well!! Tell Aunty Laukau I love her. That's crazy that that has happened, however, it's a good thing Dad and Uncle Tini were able to administer a blessing. Funny thing is we are allowed to watch Ephraim's Rescue here (what a great movie). There's a part where he gives blessings to many of the sick people in the handcart company. He tells the elders that in order to administer and bless we need to stay worthy. Staying worthy is not just talking about law of chastity stuff. It's also talking about preparing ourselves spiritually constantly so when the time arises for us to give a blessing, we will be ready and worthy. How are we worthy? Well first is in how we talk and how we carry ourselves or our DIGNITY. We are representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ and we must act like it. Since we are His representatives we must also be DILIGENT. Diligent in our church calling, diligent in our prayers, diligent in scripture study, diligent in family affairs, diligence diligence diligence. And last but not least we must show CHARITY to others. Be loving when ministering, care for others and truly put your heart and soul into helping and blessing others because that's what the priesthood is for. All in all it is those Christlike attributes which qualify us to have the spirit to be with us when needed. We won't always be perfect but we should always strive for it perfectly! I will be praying for Aunty and the family!

YAYAYAYAYAY!!! Helam is awesome :) haha but I'm pretty ticked off he had to start scoring touchdowns when I'm gone not there! You should send me some of his highlights ;) haha But that's cool. Congrats to him and the WSU football team! They deserve every win that they get! 

I love the pictures you sent. Hendrix and
Kiegan are getting so big. I'm so happy! Haha Hendrix has really put on the weight! He's a true Heimuli ;) I hope Norma and Hema are hanging in there! Same with Helam and Alyssa! All these old folks and their kids haha. And Hevynn and Bo well I hope that they are doing well also, can't wait to see how tiny their babies will be lol! Oh and yay Stanford!! haha things are looking pretty good for our family so far :)

Well this week was okay. We had Zone Conference and I ran into a certain elder who was there for some business with the President :) Let's just say we chilled for a good 2 hrs haha!

However, Ballif and I have been a bit ill, so it was kinda hard to go out and see people but we pushed through it and saw our families. None of them came to church because they all had family emergencies. But we learned a valuable lesson, Diligence. We thought because we were sick we could sleep in till 7... Well because we slept in we missed studies, and because studies were off we were late getting out the door. All in All we must be diligent no matter what. We learned that being diligent is not a way to inhibit us but really it's a way to bless us. Because of our laziness we weren't worthy to have those blessings we could've had, we weren't ready. But this week we are going to hit the ground running no matter how sick we are or cold it is :)

I finally got the jacket (THANK YOU) and it was perfect timing because that day it snowed haha!!

Our investigators are doing well so just please keep praying for us! We are also gonna be spending Thanksgiving at the Shoafs which is like the biggest Mormon family in Indiana haha! Grandma Shoaf has 14 kids and each of them have like 6 kids so it's about to be crazy lol!

Well here's a scripture I wanted to share. It's Alma 5:28

28 Behold, are ye stripped of pride? I say unto you, if ye are not ye are not prepared to meet God. Behold ye must prepare quickly; for the kingdom of heaven is soon at hand, and such an one hath not eternal life.

Pride is dangerous, we all have this issue and as missionaries we see it everywhere, even amongst ourselves. The second coming is coming closer and are we ready for it? Are we stripped of this pride and willing to do the Lords will? If not, we will not be promised eternal life. And the best way to breakdown pride is being grateful. What an appropriate time for this scripture. During Thanksgiving let's thank the Lord for His sacrifice. Thank God for miracles and we are able to see His hand in our everyday lives. When we do we slowly strip away that pride and we become even more perfect disciples of Christ. 

Love you mom! Tell the family I love almost all of them (They can figure who I do and don't love ;)) jk love you all!

Ofa Lahi Atu
Elder Heimuli

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