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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 23 - Don't Hold Anything Back

Hi Mom :)

So before you kill me for not emailing yesterday, I have a good reason. We had a mission conference with Elder Nash of the Seventy. And let me tell you that I received so much revelation and it was so uplifting!
With Elder Gubler (AP from Bountiful), Elder Quick (high school buddy) and Elder Clark (from Woods Cross) at the Mission Conference.

Thanksgiving sounds like it was still great! I hope Grandpa and Grandma Murray and Grandpa and Grandma Heimuli are doing well. It’s great to hear that everyone’s busy going to other family functions because it shows how big our family is getting and it will just continue to grow :)

Football season is winding down, which is good for Helam. Haha because he has alot on his plate now!!! And Hema, Alyssa, and Bo are all graduating! YAYAYAYAYAYAY haha im so happy for them:)

Speaking of football, this Thanksgiving was pretty awesome. Why? TURKEY BOWL :)  Haha I was so pumped when I was able to put cleats on again and I just went hard lol. Then we spent Thanksgiving at the Shoafs and it was delicious. It was pretty funny because unknowingly I downed a whole pecan pie by myself.... and half the rolls. Yeah I’m fat haha so don’t send me fatty foods ;) jk you know me, I’ll eat whatever!
Dinner at the Shoafs.

Going back to what happened on Monday, we had a mission conference with Elder Nash! It was great!! It was a spiritual experience that’s making me rethink how I serve my mission. He recounted a story about his son who left for a mission to Nicaragua. Before boarding the flight his son proceeded to say his goodbyes to all the family, starting with his Mom (of course), then making his way down amongst all the siblings. Made me tear up just thinking about my own goodbyes to my family and the many times I had been through that exact same thing before with Hema, Helam and Hevynn.
Houston saying goodbye to his sister Hevynn when she left on her mission to Japan in 2013. 
Elder Nash just watched and marveled at the sight of his son saying his goodbyes. As his son finally reached him the flight was ready to go and his son was the last one to board. So Nash hugged his son and said, "Son, don’t hold anything back." Now fast foward 2 years later and Elder Nash is now waiting for his son to come off his flight. He looks and catches the sight of his son rolling down the hall with his bags. Nash goes over and embraces his son. And at that moment his son turns and says, "Dad, I held nothing back."
As a missionary and as members are we holding back? In our callings and duties, are we shirking them? Are we letting those in need of God’s word and His gospel float right by us? We should be ready and willing to do whatever it takes to spread this glad message to all those around us. In Lehi's dream the Iron Rod extended along a river and led to the Tree of Life. Lehi beheld many people coming to the tree to partake of God’s Love. However a Mist of Darkness came and confused many people. Eventually many were lost, but some still pressed on through the dark by holding onto that Iron Rod.
The mist is the uncertainty and the confusion Satan tries to create. But if we hold fast to the word of God and adhere to the counsel contained in the scriptures we can partake of God’s Love! Sadly, many don’t know that there are ways to answer the questions of the soul, a way to escape this confusion. The word of God can change people’s eternities, and our duty as memebers and as missionaries is to help get God’s children on the right path so they can eventually feel His love just like we do.
Many other topics were discussed during this meeting, ways to help our own testimony grow, a way to help other people’s testimonies grow. It was such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see what changes will come from this.

Aside from that last week was kind of frustrating. Our baptismal dates fell through, many investigators dropped us and half of the zone is sick. So the work has slowed down a bit, but we will keep pushing!! We just need to be positive and willling to work, like in D&C 64:34, which says:
34 Behold, the Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind; and the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the land of Zion in these last days.
Being willing and obedient will go a long way. Following the commandments and doing them willingly are sure to bring blessings.

Love you mom and tell the family I love them!!
Ofa Lahi Atu
Elder Heimuli

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