Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 27 - First Christmas in Indiana

Dearest Mother :)

I had a great Christmas after we skyped! We got to spend time with families in our ward and we got some much needed rest which we never get haha! But the best part of Christmas and the best thing that happened to me this past week was definitely being able to talk to you guys and skype!! 

Skyping Elder Heimuli on Christmas Day - he looks skinny
Getting the package with all the gifts and letters was a close second. (Elder huntington says ... hello)  

Nevermind Elder Huntington...focus on the guy in the background who just opened up his Christmas package and couldn't read all the Heimuli family Christmas letters fast enough. He looks happy!

Sorry I left my camera in another elder's car :( so these are the best I got but when I get it back I will make sure to email you all the pics on my camera! I'm sorry!! 

And I’m sorry if I was weird.... haha

He looks the same ha!
I didn’t know how to skype everyone so if it didn’t seem very personal, my apologies!! Good thing Hema was there to help. Next time around Mother’s day we'll have some more one on one time haha! I loved seeing the whole family there at home. I loved talking to Hevynn, I miss my sister, even though it was a little weird to see Bo there in our living room on Christmas morning but I’ll get used to it haha. It was great to talk to my brothers and sisterinlaws. I had to keep reminding myself that I’m a missionary and I couldn’t just jump on a plane to be there. I REALLY LOVED seeing Hendrix and Keagan for the first time....they are the cutest babies ever, like their handsome uncle in Indiana. I wish I could have talked a little longer. I’ll admit I teared up when Hema sang. And it was kinda hard for a bit afterwards. I’m missing out on so much but seeing all you guys made it all fine for me :\

So Elder Quick told me about Mo’s mom passing on Christmas morning. My prayers and love go out to Mo and his family. But you’re right, what makes the gospel beautiful is knowledge. Knowledge in knowing where we are going, what’s going to happen, and ways we can apply Christ’s Atonement in our life. Christmas is about Christ’s birth, but the reason why His birth is so significant is that only He could become a mediator and bridge. Mediator because He is the Only One who could satisfy the laws of justice and mercy, and Bridge because He is the Only One who could bridge the gaps in our lives. In Alma 7 it talks about how Christ will succor His people. He knows what our pains are and what were are going through. But I can’t just tell people about it. They must apply it themselves by offering up prayers and earnestly seeking to do whatever the Lord asks. If we do this we WILL find comfort. So mom give my love to Mo, and tell him I will always be praying for him and his family. I love the Manu family.

My companion and I are doing better. He's starting to pick things up pretty fast so I hope that he is able to start doing stuff on his own. It’s kind of like trying to teach a baby the alphabet. And I’m talking about myself. I need to be more simple in my training methods and stop trying to throw everything at once on him. The work is slowly coming together. Sadly, Sunday night 2 investigators pretty much dropped us.... so I was pretty bummed out. And it’s been raining a lot, so biking is interesting haha!! I need to be more grateful about the challenges I face. I know better. What you told that Helam said about the loads we carry is interesting and true. Earlier this week I was listening to David A Bednar’s talk about Burdens. In his talk he speaks about how his friend got a truck and decided to grab some wood up in the mountain. It was snowing hard and unfortunately he got stuck. He tried and tried but he couldn’t get unstuck. Instead of just sitting there doing nothing he decided to go ahead and load up the truck with wood. After loading it with all the wood that would fit, he decided to start the truck one more time and try it again. Because of the added weight he was able to get unstuck and move. The weight that we carry isn’t always a burden. In fact, like you mentioned before, these trials will help us in the end. They will give us the momentum we need to go forward.

Anyways, thank you again for everything mom. Please thank dad for me, too. I’m so glad he drew my name :) Thank you for the packages but most of all thank you for the great family that you and dad raised. So many amazing examples that I fortunately got to see and use many of the things I learned from them right now in my life! Love you ALL.

Ofa Lahi Atu,

Sincerely, Elder Heimuli

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