Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 28 - So Many New and Really Weird People


My New Years was great. We had New Years off because everybody in Indy are still drunk from the night before haha!! We got to have a new years football bowl so I was pretty happy about that!! But I’ve been super sore because I haven’t played football like that in a while! Afterwards we went to the chapel and played even more sports!!! We played bball for like 3 hrs and you all know how good I am at bball :)
With Elder Howard (he's a crack up) and Ellsworth playing bball
Then we all went out as a zone and got some good pizza at a cool restaurant. Then we returned home and did the next best thing... we slept :) so it was very laid back. But the next day me and Ellsworth hit the streets hard haha. No success but we just gotta keep going after it.

It seems like New Years was pretty eventful for you guys :) It must be crazy now because everyone of course has not only our family, but their other side, and their own family. I also miss that Japanese New Years meal tradition!!! Haha maybe you should send that left over Poke my way ;) jk everyone probably ate it all!! But you are right, time goes by so fast out here I shouldn’t let a moment slip by and I am still trying to grasp that. I’m not as experienced as you all in Life but I will do my best to not let it just go by without me noticing. 

So this last week we've still been struggling. I’m still having a hard time finding accountable investigators. However I just have to grin and bear and like you said, I can’t let anything slip by me. But I’m getting used to the city. In fact it’s a lot of fun!!! You meet so many new, and really weird, people!! Haha what a joy it is!! My boy is doing good. So of course his name is Elder Ellsworth and he's from San Bernardino, California. He's doing really well now and he's grasping the way to work quickly. Yet we are both learning as we go, both growing more and more daily.

My boy Ellsworth and I on our bikes. He's freezing. I don't think they have this kind of weather in California. I don't think we even have this kind of weather in Utah! It's cold.
Yeah I was also excited to hear Stanford beat Iowa!! They deserve it, and I shot Coach Anderson an email about a month back to see how he was doing! He didn’t reply but I knew it’s because he's very busy!!!! 

Oh and yes mom, I am doing my best to lead the District. It’s stressful but it’s okay because there’s only room to grow right? The ward provides great support and the bishop is awesome!! He expects a lot from the missionaries so it makes me step up my game just a bit more. 

And again New Years is one of my favorite memories because I always know that Grandma and Grandpa are there :) I miss them alot and I love them ALOT!!!!!! Please tell them that when you hear from them. I hope and pray for their health and all the families!!!

This upcoming week we have a goal to put 1 person on baptismal date and 2 progressing investigators. So please pray for us in reaching this goal :) 

Love you mom!!
Ofa Lahi Atu!! 

Elder Heimuli

PS. I got my camera back. Here are some Christmas pics!

Reading my Christmas letter from the Fam

LOVE the Robinson Family!

Thanks Dad for the belts!

Huntington and I were so happy to open our Christmas packages!

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