Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 29 - Move On

Hello Dearest Mother:)

Indy has some beautiful sights
This Sunday was crazy because it snowed. Since it snowed the roads are iced over. The mission cars got grounded when we were actually at church, and when cars get grounded we can’t use them because of weather. But we needed to take the car back home. So I decided to take the car back and drive very carefully. Well when we were literally just down the street, I slid into the curb and broke the tire.... Haha so that happened.

It's so cold over here
But other than that, this week was great. There were a few BEST things that I’ll share with you. So we helped move a couple who felt they were "wronged" by the church. They seemed kind of standoffish but by the time we were done they were happy and talking to us and I could see how the service we rendered softened their hearts. The next day we had interviews with President Cleveland, and it was fantastic! He helped me understand much better the principles of Patience, Faith, and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. But one thing I really grasped was Forgiveness. We all try to repent of the sins that we have made in the past, realizing that we ALL make different mistakes. But when we linger on those mistakes they become a burden. Repentance is an important step in feeling clean, however, we need to understand that afterwards we need to move on. By being able to look forward and try our best, only then are we truly sanctified. So if we said somehing we shouldn’t have, we must repent and try to make it right. And then MOVE ON!! This reminds me of Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah. Remember how Lot’s wife looked back and turned to salt? She was about to go forward, but then she halted…and she looked back. So learning from that I came out of the interview ready and willing to put forth more Faith. The next day Elder Ellsworth and I put 3 people on baptismal dates! All are progressing right now and we just picked up 2 new solid progressing investigators this week. It’s been a miraculous week and it’s all because we put forth A LOT of faith. He will always come through when we are willing to show our faith through our actions (aka hard work!).

We also had Zone Conference in which I had to do a musical number on the uke... 
With Elder Pau'u before we performed our Christmas dance
Haha that was fun, but one of the greatest things that happened at the conference was that I got 2 letters! One was from Brother Smith and the other was from President Gordon. It was so great. They are so kind to think of me. It was their Christmas cards and it made me feel sooo happy! So next time you see them tell them I love and miss them and that I am so grateful for what they did for me!

Elder Ellsworth is doing very well! I made him teach some door lessons without me helping at all haha!! I just looked at him whever he tried to pass the conversation on to me. But he did very well and things are looking better! In fact Cruz, Huntington and Ellsworth and I were all on our way to a dinner appointment. 
The 4 of us
Ellsworth and I were supposed to go teach a referral but Cruz and I decided to send the two greenies to go do it :) 
Elder Cruz
Haha they were freaking out but I called up a good ward member to come to the lesson and we pretty much left those two to do it! The member reported to me after the lesson that they did very well. So Cruz and I were like proud and happy dad because our sons were able to teach that lesson. If you think about it, if this gospel wasn’t true, then putting the bulk of its fulltime preaching in the hands of 90,000 18- and 19-year olds would probably not be the best decision. But the Church IS true, and God loves His children, and the Holy Ghost testifies of truth, so thank goodness we can’t mess it up! As long as we are worthy of the call and the companionship of the Spirit nothing will stop this work from progressing. 

Whoa Hendrix is already 6 months and Kiegan is 2 months today? Time really is going fast. Thank you for the family's prayers. They make such a difference and they help my companion and me sooo much. Again I love and miss you guys so much!! As for things to send me you know you don’t have to :) I’ll be fine! I pray for you all! 

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

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