Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 31 - Missionaries Don't Convert

Mom, I am doing GREAT :)

So the best thing that happened this week? Well first off we had a missionary training session that was broadcast from Utah. Elders Bednar and Oaks were the Presiding Apostles at it and it was a training session to all the missionaries in the world. And what a blessing.
Missionary Training Session with my District
They taught a lot about teaching repentance and letting the Holy Ghost be our guide. Because if I learned anything from this conference, it’s that missionaries DON’T CONVERT. We baptize the converted. Weird right? But think about it, why baptize them unless they have expressed true repentance? If they have applied the Atonement in their lives and felt its power, through the Holy Ghost, then they will be converted. We as missionaries must have the Holy Ghost be with us constantly in order to help convert. A missionary brought up the point that the Spirit brings the truth into the investigator’s heart. But Elder Bednar stopped, and said "Well yes the spirit can bring it UNTO, but into." People need to accept it for themselves. We merely bring it unto them, right outside the gates of their hearts, and furiously knock on the doors. But the most crucial step in conversion, is letting it in. So in order for all this to happen we need to have the companionship of the Spirit through diligence and obedience. 

Also this week we had 2 of 3 investigators on date come to church :)  Ellsworth and I were so happy!! In fact we had 4 total investigators at church and our ward set a record for the most people at church ever. So it was pretty cool. However I will not forget that the Lord had His hand in having them all there. I mean, this IS the Lord’s work!

I did not know Hevynn was working there at the temple! That’s great, and you got to spend some time with your 2 favorite grandchildren too! Hendrix is getting so big and handsome like his uncle, and Kiegan is sooooooo cute :) 

Hevynn and Bo spoke in their ward? Well, put two spiritual giants together and you are bound to feel the Spirit then! Bo's story about obeying the Lord’s will is so applicable to missionary work and everyday life. I know that in order to give that blessing Bo must have been really in tune with the Spirit, meaning that Bo had to have been obedient and diligent, ready to be that vessel for the Spirit. As members we should always strive to stay worthy of the companionship of the Holy Ghost. That way when the opportunity arises for us to go and bless others, we will know what to say at the very hour and minute we need it. 

Now follow that up with Hevynn singing a musical number!? I wish I was there!!

How’s Harry doing? How are Hema and Norma? How are Helam and Alyssa? And how are Hevynn and Bo? How is the whole family doing? If there is anything I can do, I will do. I love everyone and miss you all! I worry about dad also. He's not as young as he used to be and I know he's constantly working his butt off just to provide for us, but don't let him kill himself doing it. 

I received the packages and thank you :) haha spam and rice is the bomb!! And there’s nothing you need to send me mom. Don't worry about sending packages and stuff. Just keep me updated on the family and that will be more than enough for me :)  I’ll manage just fine!!!

Elder Ellsworth is still going! He's starting to pick up the aspect of missionary work, but one of the most noticeable part about training him is that I've realized there’s not only a lot to improve on for him, but even more so for me! My district is great! 
My District is the best!
We are leading the mission so far, we just gotta keep working and keep praying! Oh and transfers are tomorrow! Of course I’ll be staying for 6 more weeks but Elder Moli and Elder Tafuna will be moving in just 4 miles from our house and into our zone! Haha, so 2 more Polys.
Elder Cruz is transferring. I'm gonna miss him!
Love you mom and thank you for everything:)

Ofa Lahi Atu! 
Your favorite Elder Heimuli, right Hema and Helam? :)

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