Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 32 - Go NOW

Hi Mom :)

I am doing great!! Things this week were pretty good. I think the best thing about this week was the beautiful weather we've been having! It went from negatives to 40's and 50's!! We were so blessed. There were also some pretty cool miracles that happened this week.

Out enjoying the "warm" weather today, I just had to snap this pic of black Jesus
So one of the investigators on date wouldn’t answer the phone or answer the door for the last couple of weeks so we decided to just ease off and see what happens. One day we were driving around her neighborhood going to another appointment when something said, "Visit her now." I thought it was just me being me and I thought, "I need to get to this appointment right now. I’ll do it after."

But it came to me again saying, "Go NOW" so I literally flipped a U-turn and went immediately to her house. As we pulled up she was just about to leave her house. We were able to talk to her and figure things out! Listening and heeding the promptings of the Spirit should always trump other things that we had planned at the time. And we still made it to the appointment on time as well!! BLESSINGS!!

At home
Your schedule sounds hectic! But when the Stake Presidency receives revelation then we must follow the revelation they receive as swiftly as possible, and Go NOW. I bet it was great to see all the youth! I know you love that. 

Haha and Helam is 24 daaaaaaaang!!!! Sad I missed his bday but from the pics it looks like you guys had enough good company around. So fun to have the whole fam there except Harry :) And that sneaky Aunty Nei, always paying for stuff, though I never complained haha. Tell her hi from me and that I love her!! How are the little families doing? I’m loving the pics of the babies :) 

This is my study area. I've gotta add the pics of the babies!
It is such a blessing to have chapels to meet in and worship in. Being in Utah we have the extraordinary blessing of having them almost on every street, and in Woods Cross, some of them are literally right next to each other! However, we must be careful not to take those blessings for granted. I love seeing members here because they drive from long distances and everywhere to come to church. And having the opportunity to clean that place is yet another way we can show our gratitude to God for the gift we have been given. I’m glad you and Dad had a chance to teach Harry about this blessing :)  I kinda miss those times. When I would do all the work and he would play with the toys in the nursery haha. 

Trying to practice uke and sing every once in a while...of course it was a church song!
Speaking of chapels, another cool miracle. We were practicing how to conduct a church tour. Elder Ellsworth and I were about halfway through when a member walked in and said, "Are you doing a church tour?"

"Well we are practicing for one."

Then he said, "Well me and my friends are going to take a walk around the city and they aren’t members. You think you could give them one real quick?"

We both were shocked because we had no plans of teaching anyone or giving a tour anytime soon. But of course we said yes. It was a really spiritual tour and the couple loved it. Another example of how to just go and do as the Spirit directs. This couple live in a different ward’s boundary but I know the Spirit they felt will help them. In the Lord’s house is where His Spirit can abide, and I’m sure that’s why we love church buildings, chapels and temples, so much!!!

Things have been going well. We have been able to teach alot and we have a baptism this Saturday!!! I’m so excited. Also Ellsworth is doing really well and he has come a long way!!! Things are starting to look really good in this area and I’m so grateful for the many tender mercies God shows us every single day!!

I hope things keep going great! Love you.

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

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