Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 36 - I Know All About the Mormons

I’m doing great out here! It’s the last week of training Elder Ellsworth so it’s pretty crazy how fast time flies!!

Wow, another little Heimuli coming and around Hevynn's birthday!! That’s great!! Haha tell them congrats from me and that I love them. 

What great scriptures you shared. Keeping God’s commandments brings blessings, ESPECIALLY during tribulations. That’s where many people who leave the Church believe God has abandoned them. But I testify that God will never abandon us, usually we abandon Him. Scripture study and prayer will definitely get us through the different trials we are facing. It’s when we stop doing those things that we start to lose our faith and start to fall in the midst of our trials. It’s all like one giant circle, but to sum it up, prayer, reading, and keeping the commandments will ultimately bless us and keep us from straying from the path.

I was just thinking about Aunty Lani when I read Alma 26:27 where it talks about how when we bear with patience all of our afflictions, God will give us success. This means that even if we have all the diligence and obedience in the world, we will still have to bear the challenges we are facing. Again, God never abandons us. He provides ways for us to get through these trials through the love we receive from our family, good friends, leaders, His Gospel, repentance and the Plan of Salvation. 

When loved ones pass, it’s sad. I’m so sad for Uncle Tom and Aunty Ana and glad you and dad are going there to support them. We all know how they feel because we have all felt it. Nephi felt it in 2Nephi 4. But instead of letting it shake his faith, it increased his faith. Read this scripture, it will help. And I will keep everyone in my prayers!!

Tell Harrison, Congrats!! I’m proud of him, he is killing it right now haha, even if he doesn’t think so. That’s good that he didn’t lose on asparagus ;) And what’s a carafe? Did you feed that to him for dinner the next day like you did with me and asparagus haha.

Well this week we had a pretty cool experience. So we were biking to an area about 7-9 miles away from our house and halfway to that area my tire like blew up!!! So we stopped. No one could give us a ride for like 4 hours. So we looked at each other and half-jokingly I said, "Well God wanted us right here since he popped my tire so let’s work." We really did believe we needed to be there. So we tracted for 3 hrs. Finally on the last house a woman came out and answered the door. I told her we were missionaries and she said, "Oh you’re Mormons!! I know all about the Mormons!!"

We both thought in our head, “Oh crap, she knows ‘all about’ the Mormons.....then she surprised us when she said, ‘I love them.’

She then told us the story of how when she was about to die from a clot when her neighbors, who were Mormons, prayed and checked up on her constantly. She lived, much to the surprise of the doctors, and she was grateful to our Church. So we were able to teach her and we are going to see her again this week! Anyways just a reminder of how charity goes a long way. That’s pretty much the highlight of my week. I am still reeling from how fast this is going! Love you mom and tell everyone I love them as well!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

P.S. haha GHS!!! What a lame high school [Elder Heimuli got this picture of Harrison at the District Spelling Competition held at Viewmont]

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