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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 33 - Crazy Awesome Day

Hey MOM:)

Yeah I actually was at a member’s house and they "accidentally" left the game on. We told them we couldn’t watch it and they refused to turn it off. So we decided to give up and watch the first half and have dinner haha!! 

Then after that we left before half time and went home and got things ready for P-day. Anyways that’s what we did yesterday.

The Hodson family used to live in Hilo. The asked me what I like to eat and I said I love Spam. They went all out with Spam musubi, poke, spam, rice, pineapples and li hing mui. Then they gave me all this Hawaiian food to take home with me so I probably gained 20 lbs at their house. Don't send me any more food please haha!!!! I was soooooo happy that night!
This week was very busy. Tuesday we did service pretty much all day so we were exhausted. 
Chopping wood. That's right, with my bare hands...
We decided to head to a Taco Bell and have lunch. While we were there, there was a girl who was just staring at us. Finally we turned, and her dad who was standing next to her said, "Oh Elders!!!" Haha the girl was wondering who we were because we were all dressed up and stuff! She didn’t see our tags. We found out she was looking for the YSA ward here. She lived in Italy and her dad was visiting to help move her stuff in. So we chatted and got her on her way to the YSA ward and the chapel. 

But the busiest part of this week was Caitlin’s baptism! 

At Caitlin's baptism (I can never get a serious pose!)
Ellsworth and I were so happy to see her baptized and confirmed the following day. It’s a funny story. She was baptized before but she was never confirmed because after the baptism the family actually fell away from the church for 3 years. 

With Caitlin's awesome family
We finally contacted her again and she was baptized! The other elders in our ward also had 3 baptisms so we had a total of 4 baptisms!!! We were at the church from about 10am to 4pm just getting thigs set up and taking things down. What a crazy awesome day. 

Other than that things have been pretty good. The weather isn’t freezing anymore and we are able to tract alot now that things are warmer. However please keep the other 2 investigators who are on date in your prayers please. They are struggling and we need all the help we can get! 

Things are still busy as usual back at home huh? But it looks like the family is still going strong!! Oh and by the way I got a package from Helam and Alyssa :)

Care package from Helam & Alyssa
Tell him thank you soooo much and I got the pics of baby Kiegan! Now they are hanging up on my wall! 
My wall's looking better!
Kincade emailed me and told me about Coach Wall. How blessed I was to be part of such a great football program and to be taught by such a great coach! I love him and the whole coaching staff! I wish the best for Coach Wall and I can’t wait to hear who the next coach will be. I’m guessing Coach J :) Tell everyone on the staff I said hi and thank you. Again, congratulations to them for overseeing such a great program and for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to play football there and at the next level.

Anyways the biggest thing I’ve learned this week was about Faith. Faith is a power, not just a passive belief. And if we want to use this power we must first strengthen our faith. This is all through diligent scripture study and prayer, obedience to god’s will and commandments, and praying sincerely and honestly. I promise you, this will bring miracles if we are willing to do these things. Where are you lacking? What lack ye yet in these areas? I challenge you all to find one of these areas, and work on it!!! 

Anyways I love and miss you all!! I pray for you guys and wish the best for everyone in everything!!

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

Got 2 bloody noses during my studies, so I took care of that problem!

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