Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday? Quadpanionship

Hey mom!!!

So I will be emailing you on Saturdays from now on haha. Because I'm an office missionary now (yay :/ I think) but the office staff and everyone here are great! It was funny because President called me on Thursday during lunch and told me I was to leave immediately and go to Fishers Indiana... so that was a quick transfer in Niles Michigan! So now I'm here and now I am SUPER busy lol. I will just apologize in advance right now if I have shorter than usual letters mom. However funny thing is I am now in a Quadpanionship.... haha, only for this week because next week one goes home and then I'll just be in a trio. Which is probably best because funny things happen when you have 4 missionaries together!!

Quadpanionship: Heimuli, Mortenson, Wimmer & Clark

Thank you for sending the videos and photos of Hendrix and Kiegan! I am loving them haha. I constantly watch them now! They are just the cutest babies I've ever not seen haha. As for this week we were able to have one of our investigators get his baptismal interview done and he will be getting baptized tomorrow :) yayyyyyyy!!!!! 

Also I received some letters from Uncle Hema and his family. It made me super happy to hear from them. Tell them thanks for taking the time to write to me. The kids are all studs from what I hear! Congratulations also to Leah, she will kill it over at BYU Hawaii!! 

How are things going at home? How's work? How's the family? How your calling going?

Sorry for the short letter mom. I will make sure to send pictures and a longer letter this week! I promise!!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

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