Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Week 45 - Did Your Siblings Serve Missions?

Hello again!!!

Yup it's pretty busy here haha. It's weird because we are on a different schedule than the other missionaries. We study whenever we have the chance because we are usually in the office by 9am and doing all the work we can. 

My first day on the job with Elder Clark. What d'ya mean there's a rule that says I can't wear aloha shirt and shorts?

Dinner with the office missionaries before transfer day. 

Cleaning up after dinner with Elder Mortensen (Morty) and Elder Wimmer.

I must be good luck (that's why everyone's got a hand on me)?

Dinner before Morty left to go back to Utah
Then whenever President needs to change schedules or assignments or anything we immediately drop everything and do it right then and there because he receives revelation for the mission. We usually come back home around like 9 or 9:30pm at night. So it can be a pretty long day. We travel to different areas as well to help out, deliver stuff, go on exchanges, or conduct meetings. It's a lot of fun and just a little bit tiring. But probably not as tiring as having to write a son who never writes you back, huh mom? haha!! Seems like work never stops for you. And you are giving that stake talk too, huh? Your email kinda cut out so I kinda missed some things. 

Hema gradutated!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for him! The first graduate too!! First missionary, first father, first in a lot of things. I'm proud to have an older brother like him and just all of my older siblings in general! Whenever I'm with other missionaries and we are with members they always ask all of us, "Did your siblings serve missions?" 

Most of the missionaries say that they're the oldest so not yet, or that their siblings didn't choose to go on missions. And I always am proud of the fact that all of my older siblings did. I love to tell people about Hema, Helam and Hevynn because I'm thankful for their examples and everything they did! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be here if not for their examples.

I love the temple! As APs we get to go with the departing missionaries to the temple :) So I get to be in the temple more than I have ever been before!!! Which is great! There's alot to learn in the temple. I hope that your inspiration comes, mom :)

As for things I need, I don't need anything. So don't worry about sending a package or anything like that because you already have a lot on your plate. The investigator in Niles did get baptized last week :) i was soooooo happy!! No investigators to pray for so far, just pray for us to find opportunities to teach. Oh and as for Mothers Day I can call you:) What time would you like me to call? 

Tell Aunty Lani that I love her!! I pray for her and the family! Tell Hannah congrats from me :) I tried to write everyone handwritten letters but my handwriting was horrible so I'm going to have to just email everyone:) haha!! Sorry this letter is so short mom but you know I gotta run. Love you!

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

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