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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 46 - Where Can I Find the Manager?

Hey mom!!!

Yeah I did get my "healthy" package, thank you so much!!! I loved it and especially the letters in it from the YM and YW in the ward and from Harry. My goal is to actually write some letters back to everyone at home :) it's been like 10 months since I last did so I think it's about time haha!!

The best thing that happened this week was MLC. It's weird being on the other end of it. But it was cool because I learned so much from the Zone Leaders who I was supposed to be "teaching" haha! One thing I really got out of it was leadership and what it really is.

Yes, that is Elder Heimuli lifting up the other elder at MLC
Elder Clark (my comp) told a great story. So his friend owned a theater for musicals and what not. His friend one night saw that the floor was dirty and even though he was the boss he decided to get into his overalls and start mopping. As he mopped a teenager came in and  said, "Where can I find the manager? I want to apply here as a lighting specialist."

His friend replied, "Well, come mop with me and we can talk."

The kid looked puzzled, he again inferred that he was looking for the manager and wanted to know where he was. Again, Clark's friend said to come mop and they could talk. The kid became frustrated and walked up onto the stage where Clark's friend was mopping. He asked the kid again, "Can you help me mop?"

This time the kid looked at the ground, looked back up at the man, and said, "You don't understand. I'm a lighting specialist.....I don't do this."

Finally, Clark's friend turned to the kid and said, "I am the manager here, and I'm mopping this floor."

The kid was stunned. After an awkward pause of silence, he left and never got the job.

So as leaders are we above the rest?  Are we above the "common" things? No. As leaders, we need to be the examples!!! That means if someone's mopping the floors, we mop, too. Sure, responsibilities will change and situations will arise in which we can't do it, but we must be humble enough to do everything. Christ was not above anything. He washed the feet of the apostles. He spent his time with social outcasts. Are we any different as members or leaders?

I'm learning so much Mom. As my comp Elder Clark trained I just kind of sat back and wondered when I ever did what that lighting specialist wannabe did in my mission? Because I know I have, and I know I need to change.

So how does this apply to each of us? How can we change? How can we be humble and be the right kind of leaders? What an awesome training he gave!

Anyways I'm excited to talk to you tomorrow Mom!! I wish I could email you pics but my camera is dead and I don't have the charger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I will find a way to send pictures next week:)

Love you mom!!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

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