Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 47 - Just Listen

Hey mom :)

Sorry, it's been a hectic week but finally I can write haha! But it gets hectic tomorrow again because of zone conferences now. However I'm sorry to say, I have no photos BUT i did get the package today so thank you mom :)

Well it's good to hear that Harry is loving camping, and dad too haha. Golden Moore is the BOMB! I wished I would've gone on more campouts. Hopefully Harry realizes how lucky he is to have such great leaders in the ward, and that he should go to all the activities.

Kiegan looks like she is having a blast in Disneyland, look how beautiful she is :) Is everything going well with everyone else?

Well this week was very busy, we went on exchanges with a lot of different zones. We went to Terre Haute and I got to go on exchanges with an Elder Johnson and an Elder Kretcshmer. It was weird tracting in a trio, however it was fun! But during this experience we had a little teaching by the spirit moment. So their service project dropped us so we decided to look around for another service project. As we walked around we decided to tract around for a service opportunity. As we knocked on a door a lady came out, apparently bothered by the fact that we knocked. Before she could shut us down I told her that all we were there for was to serve her. She paused, looked at us and decided to come out and talk to us. Now as missionaries we inherently want to just boldly spit out a lesson and invite people to be baptized. But we all had the feeling to JUST LISTEN. As we listened, she was able to express that she was confused about why there are so many churches. So then we taught her according to what she needed.

As we listen and teach according to the needs of the other person we gain insight and revelation from the spirit. Of course we have to be worthy of the spirit and willing to do everything we can to keep the spirit with us. So in a nutshell, studying, praying, and going to church increase our knowledge and worthiness to be guided by the spirit. Then when we listen and teach according to the other person's needs, we are able to teach with power and with the spirit. Anyways that's my little insight :)

I'll try to write you more tomorrow. Gotta go!!! Love you mom! Ofa Lahi Atu!!

Hi mom I'm back!! Thanks for the cute pics of Hendrix, that's awesome how he twists his tongue and wrinkles his nose.

Just a little cool thing we found out this past Sunday. So yeah I met Hipa and it was crazy that he was friends with Tolu! We then just sat together through sacrament and listened to the talks. We asked him if he knew about jamesthemormon and he didn't just know about him, he actually knows him! He even texted him during church. It was soooooo cool, so me and my companions freaked out because they like jamesthemormon too. Anyways just my fun little schpeel :) Haha well here are two pics I wanted to send to you finally!

Us pretending to rap just in case jamesthemormon comes to Indy and needs some backup. He will probably pick the good looking one on the right, haha :)
The trio of me, Elder Clark and Elder Wimmer. Love these guys.

Elder Heimuli

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