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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 72 - Always Go Forward

Hi mom!!!

I saw the video of Kiegan, and she is adorable haha!!! I'm so grateful to have such great family members and a really adorable niece and nephew :) I hope that Hema's interview went well, I'm sure dad loved having Hendrix there. And I also hope dad starts to feel better :/ You too mom! Get better! Don't worry, I'm all good out here :)

Elder Redmond and I get along just great! We have the same mentality when it comes to a lot of things, so it's awesome. 
A member in our area is a huge Colts and Cubs fan so we had to put on his stuff
God has blessed us alot and I know He will continue to bless us if we can stay obedient and dilligent. So here is what happened so far this week:

Monday- There is a member in Terre Haute who served a mission in Ireland and was close with Elder Redmond. He invited us to his house for Halloween because we are not allowed to proselyte that night. So we just spent time down there and had a great time. We also talked alot about how resistant people are to the gospel. Bro Ryan noted how in Ireland people were Catholic but no one wanted to listen, no one seemed receptive. It kind of made me think back on all the times I've gotten bashed by people and I wonder why they can't just listen. I've come to understand that when something is right and true, Satan tries to stop it. The greatest truth is always accompanied by the greatest resistance. In life too, if we aren't trying to progress, then we are only going backward. Because Satan is always pushing against us, always resisting, and we must always go forward. 

Tuesday- We had a lot of office work. We also met a new couple who are serving in the office. Their names are the Brecks. They are from Spanish Fork and they are awesome. We love our senior missionaries! We were with them when we met up with M. She is an investigator we met on campus. She's Muslim but questions some of their beliefs. We were talking about her beliefs when out of the blue Nina (a member) walked up just to say hi! God literally provided us with a member to be at this lesson. So we had a good lessson and M said she wanted to meet up with us again on Thursday. It was awesome! Afterwards we went PCing and another miracle occurred. We were waiting for the walk signal to let us go and it was taking forever. So me, being impatient, darted across the street and left my companion standing on the opposite side of the street. While I waited for him, I noticed a girl reading a book on Chinese people. I asked what she was reading (I'm not very good at striking up profound conversation-starting questions). She told me it was a book on Chinese people (haha) and we just started talking. Elder Redmond eventually came over and we told her who we were. She didn't really seem that interested but she agreed to meet with us again. We got her phone number and set up an appointment.
PC'ing on campus
Then we proceeded to go to a lesson with G who is an investigator on date. While we were waiting we tried to call G but it went straight to voicemail. We were getting nervous because we were thinking, "What if she stood us up and was just being nice to meet with us?" Then we received a prompting to go to the bottom floor where we had met her the very first time. And POP! There she was. She told us her phone had died and she just had the feeling to go to where we all first met! We had another lesson with her about the Book of Mormon and how it can truly bring her closer to God and Jesus Christ. She accepted the Book of Mormon and said she would start reading it :) After that lesson, the other lesson we had planned fell through. But we had to go to a meeting anyways so that ended up being a little grace from God. The meeting was to plan for upcoming MLC and Zone Conferences. So it was overall a great day!

Wednesday-  We were at the office for awhile because a lot of stuff kind of blew up. But it was all good!

After all that work we went to our area and PC'd for a couple hours. We found some potentials but not any new solid investigators yet. After PCing we had a lesson with a LA who has been coming back to church. She is awesome. We just chatted for a bit then we talked about remembering our testimony. She expressed to us that when she was converted her family members were all against it. Sometimes it's hard to do what's right when everything else is pushing against us, again a reminder of Satan and his opposition. We asked her about her testimony and how she came to know that the Book of Mormon is true. She told us that when she prayed about it, it just felt right, almost like a warm feeling. We told her that's exactly how it should feel, and we encouraged her to let that feeling always be her guide because that feeling comes from God and the Holy Ghost. It's a lesson for all of us that as you reflect on and remember your testimony, you will always feel good, and you will always be able to resist Satan. After the lesson with her we decided to swing by H because she got into a car accident last week. We stopped by and she seemed to be doing great. However as we asked her about the Book of Mormon she told us that she won't read it. Then she said she was wondering why we were always coming by to check on her. She told us flat out she won't ever convert and she expressed to us that it would be better for us to do our job with someone more receptive than she. It was really sad but we simply smiled and replied, "Well, our job is to be your friend." It's true. After all is said and done, our job is to be like Christ. It doesn't matter if others believe or not. Our job is to care for and minister to everyone, believer or unbeliever. So now we are just going to continue to do our best. We will just keep helping her and keep doing what Christ would do.

Thursday- We had some work being done on our apartment so we decided to go study at the church in the morning. After our studies we went to our area and we were very busy. We had 3 lessons set up and we had to prepare our training for MLC which was scheduled for the next day. We had a lesson with E who is doing great. In fact he told us that he asked his boss for the 19th off so he can be baptized!! The only problem is that he can't be baptized unless he comes to church,  and he can't come to church because of work. So that's still in the process but he is doing good. We taught him the rest of the Plan of Salvation and it went well. He asked questions about Hell. Is there a Hell? Where do we go after death? All good questions. He seemed satisfied when his questions were all answered in the lesson. So please keep him your prayers! He is trying hard and we need him to come to church if he wants to be baptized. After the lesson with E we had a lesson with G but she had to cancel :(  That gave us a bit of time to get some food and PC while we were at lunch. We talked to about 3 or 4 people at lunch and got a couple of potentials. After that we had that lesson we had scheduled with M. It was a brief lesson and we talked about the Book of Mormon. It was funny though. She actually told us she had asked her parents what they'd think if she converted to Christianity. Of course, her parents did not like that idea but it did help open their minds. It was a brief lesson because we are going to be meeting with her again. After that lesson I decided to call A. She was the girl who was reading the book on Chinese people from Tuesday. When I called she said that she was already at the meeting spot and was waiting for us! We did not think she was that interested so we headed over there to meet with her. On the way to the lesson we actually found a member just chilling so we took her with us to this lesson! God always provides. The lesson went well. We talked about the restoration of the gospel, and the main difference between our church and the ones she has been to. She seemed genuinely interested and we can't wait to meet back up with her again. God just keeps on providing for us and it's humbling. 

Friday- Mission Leadership Council went well. Just a lot of training and a lot of instruction on policies and rules. Speaking of, musical instruments are not allowed anymore so I'm leaving my uke in the mission home for when I finish my mission. Can you believe it's only about 6 months away. I'll grab my uke when it's time and take it onto the lane haha! But for reals it was good. After MLC we had dinner with some members in White River and then went home.

MLC always leaves us drained because of all the stuff we do to set up, coordinate, get started and teach. So not a very exciting day for us haha! 

Well today we have a lesson with E and we are hoping it goes well! Please pray for us. Thanks for everything you and dad do for us kids. Tell everyone I love them!!
Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

On P-Day we had a nerf way with the elders in the office. You know who won of course :)

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