Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Week 74 - What Would That Question Be?

Hi Mom!

The kids all went to see a Harry Potter-ish prequel? haha sounds fun! And those pictures of the babies playing are cute :) I'm so glad Harrison finally cleaned out that Hollow!!! Wow, 50 coats, 200 weekend food packs and 60 BOMs? That's amazing :) Those young women in the NSL Legacy Stake are awesome!!!! You're right, we have a lot to be grateful for :)

How are you Mom? You seem to be running around a lot, is work okay? Is Dad feeling better?

Well mom let me give you the run down of the week:) 

Mon- We had to drive to South Bend for Zone Conference the next day. So on the way we decided to go PC Purdue campus again.

Unfortunately the ZL's were really busy so we couldn't PC with them, however, the sisters were out PCing. So we decided to PC by the sisters and whatever investigators Elder Redmond and I found we would give over to them on the spot. And a crazy miracle happened! I was walking around and some girl was just hanging out by herself looking at a book. On campus it gets awkward trying to contact people because college kids are really busy, a little selfish, caught up in themselves and don't really like people interrupting what they are doing. Actually I think I just described most of us :)

Well I decided to interrupt her, and she was really nice. We got to talking about school and eventually into her beliefs. I asked her a question that I just love asking to people on campus, "If God said to you that He would answer just one question, right here and now, what would that question be?"

She paused for a minute and then asked, "What about the people who don't believe in Christ? Where do they go?"

Wow, I'd never heard someone on campus ask that question. So I explained to her the Plan of Salvation. And I told her it was like getting a second chance. As soon as I said that her eyes just lit up!! That's exactly what the Atonement offers. Second chances. A chance to do it again and grow into someone better than who we were. She really took this to heart and as soon as I finished I called the sisters over and introduced them. They set up an appointment the next day with her. After PCing on Purdue we headed up to South Bend for Zone Conference the next day.

Tue- Zone Conference in South Bend. Got to see my bro Elder Quick so it was good to catch up with him.

Oh and I ran into Sister Hapairai, the one whose husband is related to Russell Hansen! She was really nice. She and the Stake Relief Society fed all of us missionaries there at zone conference!
The conference went well. After the conference we just packed up and drove all the way back down to Fishers to prepare for the next day. 

Wed- Zone Conference in Indy North. Great conference! Afterwards we just did planning for transfers.
Elder Redmond, Elder Pau'u and me at zone conference
Thur- Zone Conference in Indy West. Yet another great conference. 

Front row, second from the right
After the conference we were finally able to get in contact with G one of our investigators who used to be on date. We took her off because she was busy and we were busy so our schedules didn't line up :( However she is still progressing. We talked to her about church, then during the lesson Elder Redmond and I both received a prompting to ask her about her prayers. We asked how they were going, and if she felt like she was talking to God. She said no, she felt like she was talking AT God, but not TO Him. The spirit helped us to find her need. We explained to her that real prayer means real intent. It's easy to spout out a prayer and call it good, but then you're only talking at God. If we take time in our prayers to speak to God, He will communicate back. She seemed to understand that. We talked more about prayers and understanding our relationship with God. She was happy with what she learned and we are going to help her come to church this Sunday! After that lesson we went back and prepared for Transfers.

Fri- No Zone Conferences! It was good to have a break. By break, I mean we had lessons and service planned all day haha! We had a little lesson with a member from our ward. We just talked about increasing our faith and lifting our vision. After that lesson we had lunch with Todd and Loretta the awesome RC's from Columbus :) They were in town for the day so we decided to have lunch together!

After Lunch Elder Redmond and I left to do some service with Bro Toney. It was fun to see him again and to catch up because with all the Zone Conferences going on we haven't been able to meet up with him for awhile.

After the service Redmond and I had a lesson with E. When we showed up, his friend D was there, and E was still at work. We gave D a lesson on the gospel and again we had a prompting. We were explaining faith when we asked if he believed in Jesus Christ. He answered yes. We asked if he believed that Christ suffered for us to deliver us from sin? He didn't. He never knew that Jesus suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane. He didn't know Christ was resurrected either. All he knew was that He died on the cross. When we explained to him all that Christ did for us he understood, and even asked us what he needed to do to please God and Christ! "Because Christ did this for us," he asked, "What can we do?"

Oh my goodness, we both almost fell out of our chairs!! After the lesson we invited him to be baptized and he accepted a date for Dec 17th. E came in after the lesson and we put them both on a date for Dec. 17th. Now E and D both work alot, however E has work off this Sunday :) And he will be coming to church! We are so excited!!!! After putting them both on date another friend walked in!! His name is S. As soon as S walked in, I turned to E and said, "Is there anymore we should be aware of?" Haha!! After the lesson we went back to the office and worked on transfers some more. 

Which leads us up to today :) Transfer Call Day!!! We have been working all morning to get transfers ready and we still have a bunch more to do. Time is just flying by and it's crazy how much there is still left for me to do. 

Love you mom! Thank you for everything. Sorry for the short letter :/ Not a very eventful week, haha. Next week is gong to be busy as well with transfers, new missionaries and departing ones. Elder Wimmer goes home next Tuesday :(  I can't tell you how crazy it is seeing all of my comps go home ,especially the ones who have helped me out a lot!

Anyways Love you mom :) Tell Dad, Hema, Norma, Hendrix, Helam, Alyssa, Kiegan, Hevynn, Bo and Harry I love them too. Haha our family is getting big. Tell Heels good luck today on his last college football game.

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

P.S. Pics!  They came to church!

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