Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Week 73 - James 3

Hey Mom!!!!!

Wow Kiegans first BDAY!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!! Haha that's so awesome. And not to mention your wonderful bday was also this week, and yes we did get that situation all sorted out :) haha It was busy and hard but we got it all figured out. And is there a link or a video of Helam's senior tribute? I'd like to see Helam's last home game at WSU!!! What a stud. He's one of the best football players to me. 

Tell Aka congrats from me!!! I'm soooooo excited for her, she will kill it! Poly sisters are always the coolest, too :) And no drama, haha!! You're all going to NZ without me, huh? Haha I guess it's okay, I'll forgive ya this time ;) Well again mom you are very busy, and again I'll just say be careful! You're not as young as you use to be, haha Especially the way Aunty Lani portrayed it. Oh my goodness she just cracks me up!

Well this week has been full of Zone Conferences! 

Monday- So we did our office stuff then went right to campus. We had a lesson with A which went well. We gave her a restoration movie to watch and to think about till we met again. She is awesome and has a lot of potential. We are hoping to put her on a baptismal date soon. After the lesson with her we went to lunch with Brandon who's a member. He took us to get some burritos at a place called Moe's.

It was really good! After lunch we headed to a meeting with President to discuss Zone Conferences and Transfers. It took a while but we were able to talk about a lot of things. Afterwards we had a lesson with E. Now he has been trying to come to church but he can't get work off to do it. We are praying that he finds a way, so we have to push his date back until he can come :( But it's all good. He is solid and he is loving the gospel. We were sharing the restoration with him when his friend came in and starting to listen in as well. As we explained that we can receive direction through a living prophet today, he looked at us and said he wanted to learn more!!!!! We are so excited to teach him!! He has a problem with working on Sundays too and he has a hectic schedule, but we are going to keep trying to work with him.  Anyways the lesson went well and we gave E a restoration movie because all of our Book of Mormons were gone! We handed them all out earlier that day so we didn't have any left for E. We went to FHE and then finally to bed because the next morning we had to drive all the way to Bloomington which is an hour and a half drive.

Tuesday- We had Zone Conference in Bloomington. It went well. A lot of good training about how to be effective. Elder Redmond and I gave 2 trainings. One on teaching simply and effectively, and the other on Dignity. Dignity is a big one for us because it's not always just the way we act in public but also the thoughts and the very words we say reflect a lot of our dignity. James 3 talks about how a tongue is a fire. The tongue is a blessing and a cursing in and of itself. With our tongues we can either help light a burning desire within people's hearts or we can burn down bridges, relationships, and people's own self esteem by that same tongue. Both cannot occupy the tongue at the same time, so what are we using the tongue for? What are we lighting? A fuse that will blow up, or kindling that will light up those around you? It's up to us. We talked a lot about how rumors are an example of igniting that fuse. As we have been instructed to "Not speak evil of the Lord's anointed" At first I thought it was just leaders, but I think personally (or, in other words, Elder Heimuli Doctrine) that all of His children are anointed, so we are literally commanded not to speak ill of one another. So we trained on that and the missionaries reacted well to it. After the conference we headed back to Indy and we had to finish some more office stuff and then finally went home.

Wed- Zone Conference. This one was in Franklin Indiana, and the Columbus zone was there :) Elder Pau'u is now serving there so it was good to see him again!!
After the Zone Conference we had that thing go down then we had dinner with Bro Toney. Elder Wimmer, Elder Taka, and Elder Cruz were also there so it was good to see my comp again! Elder Wimmer is awesome and he is just doing amazing being back out in the field. 

Thur- More Zone Conferences. This time it was in Lafayette and it went very well. The thing about zone conference is that it's the same things we train on for 6 conferences!!! Haha so next Tue, Wed, Thur we will be doing the same thing. After that conference we were supposed to go see E but the traffic got so bad that we couldn't make it so we had to cancel :( But we decided to meet with him Friday Night.

Fri- Day after zone conference is nice because it's a little breather. So to take advantage of that we hit the streets. For most of the day we went to East Side Indianapolis and helped out that area. We got in contact with some LA's and helped strengthen some Recent Converts. East side gets A LOT of converts. They are in a lower income part of the state and it's pretty cool to see the devotion and the faith of these new members. They are awesome!!! After that we went on campus and found 2 new investigators. Here's a cool experience. We were grabbing lunch at Qdoba's (we are always travelling so we eat out a lot) and I had this prompting to talk to some random guy in the corner of the store. I kept putting it off because it's kind of weird to say hi to a random guy who's trying to eat while everyone else around him are too. Then Elder Redmond had a prompting to talk to another guy and just left me sitting there eating lunch. Finally I decided to talk to the guy...and it was awkward...but I did it. Eventually he expressed how he was looking for a church and didn't agree a lot with the teachings of his church. So we talked for a while and then we swapped information and now we are in contact with him. But just like E he has TONS of work and school. So we are just going to leave it up to the Lord to help us. But it's cool what you do when you follow the promptings of the spirit. After campus we went to have a lesson with E and we talked about the restoration movie. He enjoyed it, and he asked if we had a copy of that book!! WE DID!!! Haha, we taught him about it then we gave him the Book of Mormon. He was so sincere and handled the book very gently in his hands. He told us he would take care of it and read it. We were so touched and so happy that he was willing to do that! We returned home and finally got to get some rest. 

Which leads us up to now! We worked out this morning with a member from Beech Grove!
He's really cool, and we were sooooo tired afterwards. But it felt good to get a good sweat in because this whole week we haven't been able to workout because of all the conferences. Oh and did I tell you apartment gyms and Instruments were banned? Yeah I was pretty bummed about it, but God really does watch out for us! We actually acquired some weights and a weight rack from members, like that one form Beech Grove! So now our apartment looks like a mini gym haha! That's about it for this week. I am loving Indiana and I am loving the work!! Love you mom and tell the family I love them!!

Ofa Lahi Atu

Elder Heimuli

P.S. Oh yeah and I got the packages :) Thanks so much mom! Elder Redmond and I always wear those hats haha!
 And also I talked with Coach Anderson and he said we can take care of it in the spring!

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