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Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day, Dad, Papa

[Note from Mom:  Sunday morning I got this quick message from Elder Heimuli while I was headed home from having Father's Day breakfast with my Dad.]

Hey tell dad to check his email haha! I know he doesn't do it a lot but I wanted him to see my email before he went to work! Love you Mom!!

DAD, PAPA by Elder Houston Heimuli
D is for "dorky" -- you always make us laugh;
A for effort because you try.
D is for "Dad-things" you always do with a smile.
P is for "poi"(ick!) you and Mom would eat.
A is for "apple," now, that's a good treat.
P is for "practical" whenever you teach.
A is for "asking" me to go grab that thing.
Oh Dad, Papa,
You are so cool, so cool to me.
D is for the grades you probably got in school.
A is for "athletic" cuz you were really cool.
D is for "dumbing things down" for me.
P is "providing" and I'm so grateful.
A is for "always making sure we were full."
P is for "pain" you always run through.
A is for "aspiring" to be just like you.
My Dad, my Papa,
I'm so grateful for you,
Cuz you're so cool, so cool,
You know, cuz you're so cool to me.
D is for "direction" you always provide.
A is my...bum...when you kick my behind.
D is for the "drills" every single day; run every detail, every single play.
P is for the "power" you hold in your hand.
A is for "able-bodied man."
P is for "prayer" you taught us to pray.
A is for "absolute" in every single way.

Oh Dad, oh Papa, 
I said, you are so cool.
Let me just say, that I hope today is a great day for you
Cuz you means a lot to me.
Happy Father's Day!

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