Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Indianapolis Indiana Temple
Indianapolis Indiana Temple

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Week 51 - Keep the Mission Together

Hi MOM!!!!:)

How was Washington DC? Did Dad and Harry survive without ya? haha jokes, all jokes! Wow Hevynn and Bo bought a house!? Where? I wish I could help fix it up. 

Thanks for the Lagoon pictures! I hope everyone enjoyed Lagoon day! Family Lagoon days were the BEST! And Kiegan and Hendrix look so cute!! Their pictures made me smile. In one picture Hendrix touches Kiegan, then the next photo she looks like she's bothered by it haha! I love those two babies! 

Thank you for the halfway package mom! I did not see any of that coming! Haha I was shocked to see both of my companions in the photos. They didn't even tell me. But thank you soooo much :) I loved Harry's little adjustments haha!

[Note from Mom: to commemorate Elder Heimuli's halfway mark coming up next week, we sent this sign to family and friends around the world and got back over 80 photos, including pics from his companions and mission president!]
Halfway photo from Sister Welling, who took this the day she entered the MTC!
Halfway package included half-sized bottles of cologne like Polo Sexy. Not a mission-appropriate label. Harry relabeled it Polo Saintly. 
Oh this past week we dropped off the last batch of missionaries. Elder Clark was on that flight :( Wimmer and I are trying to do our best, but it's kind of weird not having Clark's help. He was awesome. And the next bunch of missionaries leaving will be sad for me too [Note from Mom: the next group to leave will include Elder Freeman, Houston's trainer.] 

Just dropping off some missionaries from the airport
We are having a farewell conference for President Cleveland next week, so again more goodbyes that are gonna be rough. When I get the address to their homecoming I will give it to ya so you all can hopefully attend for me! President Carlson will be coming in June 28th. So time is ticking away VERY quickly. Pray that we find the strength to keep the mission together lol!

We finally got to work an area. Ohh, we are so excited!
Anyways our area is great! Right now campus is dead, because school is out so me and Elder Wimmer have been visiting members and less actives around Indy to help strengthen them. The most effective missionary work is not always pounding on doors, but instead it's making connections with LA's, members, and just being friendly. So we are hoping that even though we can't always be in our area 24/7, the members can help us. I've never relied so heavily on members before. But that's one of the greatest lessons I've learned -- relying on members and relying on the Lord. Members are such a huge contribution to missionary work. True conversion comes through coming to church, feeling the spirit, being baptized, AND having people around you who share your same beliefs and who bear you up. There's no way we get through this life alone, and missionary work is exactly the same concept. 

But yeah, a year has just flown by! People have been telling me that now it's gonna really start picking up. And I'm feeling that already!!!!! I promise to just keep working hard until the Lord says my work is done. So please just pray that we can find someone to teach, and that we can have the strength to keep pushing through. Thanks mom :)

Till we meet again (next Saturday!) Love ya!!

Ofa Lahi Atu!

Elder Heimuli

Funny "only in Indiana" story. We pulled up to our apartment and it was late. With everything we have going on now, we get home late. Then we saw a possum sitting in front of our door..... so naturally Elder Wimmer (he's really athletic) went and caught the possum haha! 

Me with Elder Caulderwood, one of the other Fishers elders. I love this kid!

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